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About The Energy Wave  Released On 11.11.11

We are living in such exciting times of change on subtle levels. A great portal was opened on 11.11.11. by Ra, the Lord of the Sun. As our sun circles around the great central sun, Alcyone, it reacts to the varying pulls and pushes of other stellar bodies and space influences by releasing or withholding varying amounts of its gases and radiation, according to which quadrant of the Universe it is travelling through on its 26,000 year cycle.  Ra calls these gases and radiation combinations the "Helios" energy.  The particular Helios energy that was radiated out from the sun’s surface on 11.11.11. will continue to be sent out on into January 2012. It is an energy for balancing and re-harmonizing male and female energies, via the four sacred elements. This has not been possible for many thousands of years, since the separation of the complete human into male and female genders. Since that time the sexes have gradually moved more and more mentally and emotionally apart from each other. Men in general have become more left-brained, analytical, aggressive, active and insensitive, and women in general have become more right-brained, sensitive, intuitive, passive, dependent and emotional. There will be a calming of the over-active male principle, which can lead to over-aggression, intolerance, extreme domination, weaponry development and war. And there is a return of the lost active female principle, which will lead to women being more forthright, creative and active, to be perceived as equals of men, and judged by their talents and character, and not by their gender. 

About the 11.11.11 Essence

This unique environmental essence was made on the Great Pyramid of Giza on 11.11.1., despite great challenges on that day. Those few of us who were blessed to be there could feel great energy light waves travelling through the pyramid from the sun, as we were surrounded, and on occasions harassed, by military guards and tourist police. This very special essence was made with the aid of a clear quartz crystal in white spring water, carried all the way from Glastonbury. It’s healing message was reinforced a day later with thanks to a group of 50, who toned for two hours in the King’s chamber within the Great Pyramid. 

What to use the 11.11.11 essence for

Keywords: Integration and balance of male and female energies, balancing and stabilising emotions, overcoming duality, achieving life purpose, tolerance, intuitive awareness, linking to one's twin soul, reinstating the four sacred elements, re-instigating subtle functions of the codons.

This essence is for those who wish to unite their male and female energies on an emotional and mental level, through the balancing of the four sacred elements of earth, wind, fire and water.  The 11.11.11 energies are designed to balance, but not suppress, the emotions that are expressed through these four sacred elements. Balancing all four of the sacred elements within one brings emotional stability and an end to duality. Thus it opens the door to the fourth dimension. This 11.11.11 essence increases intuitive awareness, past life recall and channelling prowess. It enables stronger links to be made with our twin souls and with beings from higher dimensions such as angels, guides, ascended masters and benign space visitors. This essence empowers one to fully realise one’s life purpose, unhampered by the emotional limitations of what is expected of one’s gender.   Use this essence to decrease bullying tendencies and promote tolerance of others. It can also be used to contact one’s inner spark of consciousness to overcome victimisation. As a more androgynous state of being begins to occur, both sexes can expect an increase in empathy and tolerance of others on the one hand, and an increase in the ability to stand up for what is right on the other hand

How the 11.11.11. Helios energy will achieve the integration of male and female energies. 

The physical body is composed of the four sacred elements. Fire governs digestion, wind governs breathing, water governs the circulatory and waste removal systems, and earth governs our basic structure of bones and tissues. However on an emotional level, males and females are governed primarily by only two of the elements each.  From channelling, the two primary female emotional sacred elements are Fire (hot and dry) and Water (cool and wet). The two primary male emotional elements are Earth (hot and wet), and Air (cool and dry). Each of the sacred elements have a strong or weak effect in a given emotional experience. As each of the genders have only two primary sacred elements each they tend to swing or see-saw between the emotional extremes of one or the other to a greater or lesser extent, depending on their star sign. When humans return to having four fully functioning primary emotional sacred elements there is much more emotional stability and control, and a move away from the perceived duality of human existence. 

This essence, which holds the 11.11.11 Helios energy, helps to boost the balanced integration of  male and female energies by creating over the heart chakra a subtle level four armed cross, combining all four of the sacred elements. The crossed arms of the four sacred elements form the shape of the symbol for a kiss. So the more the 11.11.11. essence is used the stronger the exchange of sacred  element energies will be with our twin souls.  As the element arms cross over each other at the heart chakra, the fifth sacred element of Ether is created in the centre. The Ether element the creates a line of energy straight upwards from the heart centre via the pineal gland and the crown chakra to link with spirit. Spirit responds by sending a line of energy straight down through the Ether line to create the Love energy line, which moves down through the heart chakra in the direction of the solar plexus chakra. Many people who have felt a deep longing to return "home", but didn’t know where "home" was, will soon experience a re-linking to Source within them, and so will no longer feel that unexplained lonlieness.  The four sacred element energy lines, plus the Ether and the Love lines, form a six pointed star, which, when you place the number one on each of the end points, makes six ones  - 11.11.11. Some think of this six pointed star as being the Seal of Solomon or Star of David. However this 11.11.11 six pointed star is not the Seal of Solomon or the Star of David. It is not the symbol of any particular country.  It is the symbol of balanced male and female energies, known as the Merkabah or vehicle of Ascension. 

The two strands of human DNA are composed of four proteins, Guanine, Thymine, Cytosine and  Adenine.  The two DNA strands are linked to each other like a zipper, and together they are subdivided into 64 sections, called codons. Each of these codons is composed of three DNA base pairs, which make up the individual genetic instructions to control the development and functioning of all living beings. The separating of the original human into male and female genders many thousands of years ago caused the shutting down of the codons which would have led to the development of both male and female characteristics within one human being. A side effect of this separation of male and female characteristics caused only codons one to twenty to remain activated. Unlike codons one to twenty, codons twenty-one to sixty-four contain genetic instructions for the development and functioning of our subtle intuitive abilities and an inner realisation of our link to spirit, as well as other useful physical functions. Through channelling, it would appear that switching off the instructions for the development of both male and female characteristics in each human being, by adding an artificial codon stop code, caused a break in the ability of the living being to read and therefore make use of the total codon sequence. No humans since then (except those created with the assistance of higher dimensional DNA), have been able to jump the codon sequence break. So over the last several thousand years human beings as a whole have gradually lost their intuitive abilities and link to Source. The Helios energy held in the 11.11.11. essence helps to initiate an electromagnetic light encoded message to stimulate the speedier dissolving of the artificial stop codon between codons 20 and 21. Then the  mental and emotional "androgenation", integration and balance of the male and female energies can begin as desired, together with the re-initiation of the subtle level functions. These subtle level functions will bring greater intuitive awareness, access to past life knowledge 

Links to: higher dimensions and entry to the Akashic records, depressive states 

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This Divine Light Template Essence was made at Glastonbury in red and white spring water with Alabandite, Anandalite, Auralite 23, Diamonds and a Quartz heart in an alabaster bowl, with added French Rose essence, and Ajoite, Cryolite, Diopside, Morganite, Rainbow Lattice Sunstone, Seraphinite and Tibetan Black Quartz gem essences.

KEYWORDS: Twin Flame Divine Love, bliss, male/female polarities, spiritual evolution, vibrational shift, Alta Major chakra development, Alpha brainwave, expanding consciousness, spiritual advancement, dimensional shift, chakra realignment, removing emotional programming, blocking mind control, stress relief, meditation enhancement, overcoming emotional extremes, grounding, stress relief.

Our Earth was created from a blueprint (template) for the purpose of existing in the 3rd dimension. But included in its design was the plan to rise into a higher dimensional existence within a given time frame. However, the Earth's original blueprint was interfered with and catastrophically damaged, thus slowing down the naturally planned progression for all life,including us; its guardian beings. In recent years much work has been done by higher dimensional beings to disentangle the Earth and her inhabitants from the limitations placed upon them, that have held back consciousness expansion and spiritual advancement. A new template was created to restore and re-activate the Earth's original template. This new template, the Diamond Light Template, is composed of myriads of sub-microscopic, higher dimension light filaments that sparkle like diamonds, and also have the ability to exhibit all the colours of the rainbow within a clear matrix. The Diamond Light Template is one of several templates or blueprints that have been added into the inner fabric of the Earth, in order to throw off the alterations and distortions to its original DNA genetic key patterns.This Diamond Light Template naturally purges many thousands of years of imbalance, distortion, belief patterns and manipulations that have been perpetuated within the Earth's crystalline structure and in within the human DNA and its records. As the Diamond Light Template restores and replaces the original Earth blueprint it also naturally reactivates the original divine human genetic key patterns, through the intake of all food and drink that the Earth provides.

However, certain obstacles have been put in the way of the Diamond Light Template's speedy activation of our original human genetic key patterns. These include the worsening imbalance between our left and right brain hemispheres, with the masculine side becoming more and more dominant, the "calcifying” of our Pineal glands though the intake of fluoride, leading to an inability to use our inner intuition and advance our consciousness, strong electromagnetic currents from cell phones etc., that interfere with our brainwaves' ability to recognize the Schumann Resonance, which regulates our brainwave speeds, (particularly the Alpha brainwave which instigates an anxiety-free, calm, relaxed and meditative state), the DNA-inherited control implants, mass brainwashing and the introduction of vibration-lowering toxins into our bodies through medical, environmental and food sources.

So the Diamond Light Template combination essence has been created to enhance and augment the beneficial action of the Diamond Light Template that is implanted in the Earth. 

Tibetan black quartz essence is a very powerful protector. It creates a bubble of light around the body, that allows only positive vibrations to penetrate the auric field. It helps one to integrate and use higher dimensional light for whatever is needed for spiritual growth. It  also clears psychic debris from the auric field, allowing more high frequency light to pass through. It balances all the chakras and the meridian system.  It is also very soothing and helps one to enter a meditative state. Alabandite and Tibetan Black Quartz keep one centred and grounded though this time of change, so that one can act in an orderly and coordinated manner, for calm and sensible decision making. Clear Quartz essence removes thought forms, seals the aura and protects one against adverse environmental influences. The essence made from the sparkly white Crylite crystal purifies the subtle bodies, so that higher states of awareness can be achieved with ease. It overcomes indecision and frees one from constraints of outmoded belief systems or emotional programming. It blocks mind control, and clears etheric pests, implants, and lower astral plane parasites.

This combination essence also has the equally, if not more, important task of helping to draw the higher dimensional Twin Flame divine love energy into our beings.

When Human twin souls encounter each other for the first time, it results in a great multi-dimensional flame of ecstatic divine love soaring upwards and out of the Earth's atmosphere into cosmic space, where it is gathered and stored for future use. This Twin Flame divine love energy, from ours and other planets in our galaxy, is currently being directed into our 3rd dimensional beings, to assist our timely and long awaited ascension process into a higher, less dense, less negative dimension. The Twin flame energy enters our beings through the Alta Major chakra, situated at the back of the skull.

One of the first purposes of the Twin Flame divine energy is to restore harmony to the function of the Amygdala. This tiny almond-shaped organ, sitting below the hypothalamus in the brain, is responsible for processing emotions that have arisen from external stimuli. It immediately stimulates the appropriate response using instinct or learnt memory, to elicit the right response to fear, anger, sadness or pleasure. For instance; the Amygdala stimulates the production of serotonin in response to a positive, pleasurable stimulus, or the production of adrenaline in response to a threatening, frightening stimulus.  Electromagnetic pollution, and the introduction of harmful pharmaceuticals and heavy metals into the body have caused the amygdala to become negatively hyperactive, as it is instinctively forced to keeping firing-up the production of adrenaline in response to an invisible, artificially produced, electromagnetic enemy and/or being poisoned by an imbibed toxin, both of which interfere with the body's well-being and function regulation. This leads to a base line of negative emotional states in people, who find themselves living in a constant state of adrenaline-fuelled high alertness, that eventually leads to continuous irritability, anxiety, tension, stress, anger, aggressiveness, lack of sleep and utter exhaustion.

However, every ordinary human has an overriding need to be loved, nurtured, cared for and valued. This need is exactly what the Twin Flame divine love energy provides. The ability to receive and benefit from this wonderful gift is assisted by the Ajoite, Seraphinite and Rainbow Lattice Sunstone essences in this combination. They open the floodgate (the developed Alta Major chakra) to enable one to receive the maximum amount of incoming divine love, and to lift one's emotions and spirit up to a higher plane. Ajoite and Auralite 23 essences calm excessive anger, anxiety, fear and over-active thought processes. The Seraphinite essence carries divine love, in the form of divine harmony, into our crystal light bodies and our subtle DNA. The essence made from the beautiful, diamond-like, pink Morganite crystal strongly connects with the Twin Flame divine love energy, bringing it into our conscious awareness. It also encourages compassion for others and replaces anxiety and stress with peace, joy and inner strength. Auralite 23 initiates the creation of  a cosmic anchor between the core of the Earth and the Galactic centre, in order to build up the levels of higher dimension light on Earth, in readiness for our entry into higher dimensions. It de-calcifies the Pineal gland to increase one's consciousness, and protects one against the invasion of one's mind by others' negative thoughts or beliefs. Diamond essence acts as a transducer to make the Diamond Light Template and Twin Flame high dimensional energies more available to 3rd dimensional consciousnesses, in order to speed up enlightenment and aid spiritual evolution. It heals holes in the aura, counteracts toxins and facilitates new beginnings. It also clears one's aura of density and infuses all energetic levels of one's being with a full spectrum of light energy. Alabaster makes one aware of  unseen negative energies, so that one can avoid them where necessary, and so prevent the Amygdala from triggering the anxiety-causing fight or flight response.The essence made from the magical, naturally iridescent Anandalite clear quartz cluster activates the soul star and stellar gateway chakras. It purifies and aligns the whole chakra system to higher frequencies, and harmonizes the new higher human vibrations with the New Earth, by integrating duality (male/female energies) into unity. It gently rebuilds one's energy patterns to accommodate the massive energy shift into enlightenment here on Earth. In doing so it enables crystal beings and plant spirit essences to anchor into and imbue every part of our beings with the new Diamond Light Template and Twin Flame divine love higher dimensional energies. This action causes the deconstruction of any detrimental older energy structures. Diopside is a very special clear, green crystal. It has a strong connection to Mother Earth. It assists Anandalite to reconnect one to the healing energies of the plant and animal kingdom. Diopside essence's strong energy helps to synchronize planetary and personal energy fields through the heart. It instills deep peace, contentment and tranquility. The red rose is a well-known symbol of love. The Languedoc red rose essence draws the twin Flame divine love energy deep into our beings. It also carries a memory of the natural Earth energy vortex it was potentised above. So it works with the Rainbow Lattice Sunstone essence to strongly attract the Twin Flame divine love energy though the Alta Major chakra  into the heart chakra. Then it circulates in subtle waves though us within the newly formed Universal Light network, until it passes through the Earth Star chakra into the Earth below our feet. It swirls on downwards (due to gravity and the spin of the Earth) until it is safely pulled into the Diamond Light Template. Then it is drawn back up into our beings again via the food and drink we consume, to help us move more quickly through our spiritual advancement cycle, that will lead to a vibrational shift from the 3rd dimension into a higher, less dense dimension, as planned from the very start of our existence on Earth. (As above so below!) 

N.B. The Diamond Light Template essences are especially good at calming the mind, so that we can reach a relaxed meditative state in which to easily contact our higher selves and spirit guides, for assistance and guidance when we need it.

Links to: allergies, Alzheimers, anaemia, arteries, brain nerve ganglia, brain function, muscle spasms, Crohn's disease, excess fluoride, glaucoma, circulatory system, DNA, intestinal imbalances, thyroid, balanced hemispheres, ulcers, energy congestion, heart, blood clots, IBS, metabolism, myelin sheath, nervous system, Pineal gland.

ENLIGHTENMENT (Sacred Place Essence)
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ENLIGHTENMENT (Sacred Place Essence)

This was the very first of the Gaia Sacred Place essences range to be made. The main ingredient in the spring water and brandy base of this essence is potentised water from a very special crop circle in wheat It was discovered south of West Kennett, on the 22nd July 2011.(Mary Magdalene's feast day). Its illuminating and consciousness-expanding effect has been further enhanced with the addition of Azeztulite, Eudialyte, Gold Azeztulite, Herderite, Jade, Natrolite, Phenacite, Sodalite, Satyaloka Azeztulite and Tugtupite gem essences, for the purposes of spiritual awakening, light body activation and frequency change assistance.
Keywords: Consciousness expansion, enlightenment, harmony, frequency change assistance, higher frequency light assimilation, illumination, intuitive perception, light body activation, love, peace, psychic enhancement, spiritual understanding.
A brief word about Crop Circles in general
Every year new crop circles appear in the Wiltshire corn fields. Most are too large and too technically complicated for the average human to have made without being noticed by the farmers or the many people who nightly ascend the Wiltshire hills in the summer months, in the hope of seeing a crop circle being made. There are many things that point to the crop circles being made by a very technically advanced being, such as the presence of radiation in newly formed circles, the skilful weaving and bending of brittle crop stems, the presence of minerals that can only be formed following a nuclear explosion, the total distortion of the crop’s normal intercellular structure at the nodes, and the tricky creation of true outer circles with off-kilter centres. Crop circles seem to be being made to help, inform and entertain us. They hold multi-level meanings and messages for mathematicians, sacred geometry specialists, symbologists and psychics to unravel. At the 2011 Marlborough Crop Circle conference, Francine Blake (the organiser), illustrated her talk with photos of water taken under the microscope. These showed tiny images of the main features of those crop circles where water samples had been placed in their centres for 20 minutes each. On gaining access to a crop circle, many people instinctively make their way to the centre and sit or lie in the middle for a period of time. The tissues that make up a human being consist of around 70% water. Are the images and also the messages of the crop circles being imprinted inside us too?
About this Particular Crop Circle
This stunningly beautiful crop circle has been made to help us with the frequency changes that are happening on earth right now, and also for the purpose of greater consciousness expansion and the enlightenment of humankind. The centre of this circle shows the head of Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent god of the Mayans, Oltecs, Toltecs and Aztecs. In some ancient pictures of him he is shown as a blue-skinned rattlesnake with wings. He is the ancient Meso-American god of creation, death, resurrection, culture, civilisation and calendars, with rulership over the winds. He is also thought to be linked with the planet Venus, which is the planet symbolising love. The plumed headdress of Quetzalcoatl in the centre of the circle represents wisdom and enlightenment. The crescent moon, which represents hidden knowledge that is now being made available, curves around a circle, which highlights the third eye area of the forehead. This represents the awakening of the third eye faculties of intuition and awareness of the unseen. Another way it can be looked at is a planetary body with just a crescent of light showing on the horizon, like an eclipse, symbolising a return to the light. The beautifully crafted spider’s web around Quetzcoatl’s head represents the weaver. The weaver holds creator energy to support and nurture all of life on earth, as it evolves. The spiders’ web can also represent a network representing the interconnectedness of all mankind on a higher level, as well as representing the current entrapment in third dimensional programming, belief systems and modern technologies, that keep us from evolving towards higher level frequencies. The 20 stepped pyramids around the outside show us how to escape from the lower frequencies of third dimensional entrapment and become enlightened. The stepped pyramid represents the pineal gland. This pinecone-shaped gland sits in the centre of the brain, directly below the crown chakra. It regulates sleep patterns on a physical level, but on a spiritual level it has long been known as the stimulator of consciousness expansion for light body awakening and spiritual advancement, which ultimately leads to enlightenment. The zigzag pattern of the pyramids also represents the pattern on the back of the tropical rattlesnake. This is representative of the serpent god Quetzalcoatl again. Rattlesnakes shed their skin as they grow larger, so this represents the shedding of the old ways to make way for a new beginning. It signals the coming revival of our inner gifts. Each of the crop circle pyramids have five steps to the top. Some of the older Oltec pyramids in Guatemala also have five steps to the top, as has the Egyptian temple at Saqqara. The five steps represent the five senses. As the regulator of the five senses, the Pineal gland employs a spectrum of hormones to provide each of us with an individual perception of the world around us. Now we need to develop our sixth sense through opening the Pineal. To initiate the opening of the Pineal gland on a subtle level meditate regularly, visit sacred sites, take flower and gem essences, work with crystal layouts, listen to sacred sound/activation CDs, practice spiritual techniques, be compassionate towards others, and/or take monotomic gold powder. These cultivate and enhance the sixth sense, increase inner awareness, expand consciousness and whole picture wisdom, and eventually activate the light body/Merkaba through the stimulation of the suble Pineal gland function.
What to use The Enlightenment Essence for.
Quite a lot of people are experiencing physical symptoms as their bodies are trying to adjust to the frequency and vibrational changes occurring on earth at this time. This is being mentioned by many well-known people, including Dolores Cannon in her new book, "The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth". The uncomfortable symptoms may include palpitations, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, joint pain, depression, high blood pressure and muscle ache, for which no medical cause can be found. Whilst these energetic frequency changes are taking place, the symptoms may last from several days to several months, or more commonly disappear and re-occur in waves. This Enlightenment crop circle essence, together with the "Ascension" gem essences, helps us to re-attune our liquid crystal body matrix. This will enable higher dimensional light frequencies to be more easily assimilated into our consciousness, so that the new body of spiritual light, (called the light body), can be incarnated within us. The light body aids the Ascension process. The essences harmonise the light body with the nervous system, to enable it to cope with an influx of higher light vibrations. Then the nervous system can be stimulated to higher levels of sensitivity, to initiate the awakening of the pineal gland on a subtle level. Another important function of assimilating higher light frequencies is to dissolve limiting patterns, such as fear, guilt, resentment, dissatisfaction, jealousy, greed, aggression, self-deprecation, self-doubt, anger, animosity and poverty/scarcity-consciousness, which cause blockages in the emotional body, leading to degeneration and functional distortions. This uplifting essence stimulates the spiritual functioning of the pineal gland, which enables one to face difficult situations with intuition, wisdom and fearlessness. This is because stimulating the subtle function of the Pineal gland changes the way we perceive the world through our five physical senses too, thus providing the ability to be able to see things from a higher perspective. Stress and anxiety are reduced, as all levels of the self are raised to a higher vibration, and linked into universal consciousness. This essence opens, clears and balances the heart chakra, so that love can be expressed through every act and thought. Empathy, peace and compassion are instilled within one. It activates, aligns and charges the upper chakras, to promote spiritual evolution and the expansion of consciousness. It promotes self-esteem and a feeling of self-empowerment. A sense of confident serenity is provided, which helps one to overcome the emotional turmoil caused by the ups and downs of everyday life. It is a stimulator of the higher heart chakra, third eye, crown and soul chakra, plus the 8th to 14th chakras above the head, which promote psychic and memory enhancement. It improves concentration levels, balances the emotions, encourages empathy and compassion, and instils a drive for truth. It can transform an touchy, oversensitive and defensive personality by releasing core fears, phobias, guilt and control mechanisms. It eliminates intellectual bondage and promotes forgiveness. Finally, Enlightenment essence facilitates the sending of love to the world, helping to heal war zones and sites of ethnic conflict from their emotional wounds and feelings of resentment.
Links to auric field, blood, blood pressure, brainwaves, cellular hydration, fluid retention, hormones, insomnia, lymphatic system, metabolism, nervous system, radiation, S.A.D., throat and vocal chords.
SEKHMET (Sacred Place Essence)
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SEKHMET ESSENCE - Face your Fears (Sacred Place Essence)

This Sekhmet essence is combination of an essence made from a programmed crystal at Sekhmet’s sanctuary at Karnak in upper Egypt, together with Fire Agate, Fire Opal, Crimson Cuprite and Ruby gem essences.
Keywords: Fearlessness, strength, courageousness, alchemy, empowerment, transformation, inner conviction, dynamism, vigour, action, releasing inhibitions, leadership, sacred purpose, kundalini.
About Sekhmet

Although relatively unknown until recent times, the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet is fast becoming one of the most prominent archetypes of our time. Her name means "the power" or the "mighty one", and this lady of the flame is a fierce guardian of the truth and the hidden divine feminine power. Sekhmet was a popular goddess in ancient times, but nowadays there are only a very few undamaged statues of her to be found in Egypt. At Karnak her eight foot tall basalt statue has stood in her sanctuary there for at least 3,500 years. With prior permission we were able to visit her statue in its heavily guarded chapel within the Luxor complex. This statue of Sekhmet definitely has a presence, and stares out at one in the dim light with eyes that seem to be very much alive, as if there is a being within the stone of the statue. Sekhmet is a daughter of the sun god Ra, and in some legends she is described as being the alter-ego of the goddess Hathor, a godess of the Milky Way and sender of the yearly inundation of the Nile. Legend says that Ra asked Hathor to rid him of some enemies, so in order to do this she turned herself into the warlike, lioness goddess Sekhmet. Sekhmet enjoyed killing so much that no-one could stop her. So Ra asked Thoth, the Ibis-headed god of air and writing, to help him stop Sekhmet’s killing spree. Together Ra and Thoth got the fields covered with red dyed barley beer, containing soothing, calming herbs. Thinking it was blood, Sekhmet drank all the beer and fell into a drunken sleep. Then Thoth put a magic spell on her to return her to her old gentle Hathor self once again. This is perhaps a garbled story of what happens when the elements get out of balance. When there is too little water and too much heat the land is sucked dry of moisture, and turns to red desert. Then the plants die , followed by the animals and the people. When the annual inundation of the Nile arrives, the water turns red as it flows over the desert sand. Then the barley can grow again to feed the people, and the fresh herbs can be gathered to cure illnesses.
From channelling, Sekhmet describes herself as the consciousness of the sacred element of fire. She holds the key to the lost divine feminine power, that of transformation through the alchemy of fire. It is she who plants the seed of one’s sacred purpose within one’s heart. She will not leave one in ignorance, and so with fierce compassion, she burns away emotional and mental blockages held within the chakras and the emotional bodies, that stand in the way of truth and higher consciousness. Her gift is sacred fire, which raises the sleeping kundalini serpent up through the chakra column, to create the sacred marriage between the heart and the mind. She transforms one through her alchemy, instilling fearlessness, empowerment, dynamism, inner conviction and courage. She reveals one’s sacred purpose and restores intuitive talents.
What to use the Sekhmet essence for
Sekhmet awakens our inner fire. She enhances the right use of personal power. Use this essence for clearing emotional or mental blocks, to overcome inhibitions and to promote inner conviction and personal achievement. Use it for instilling fearlessness, courage, strength, dynamism and vigour. Use it achieve progress, challenges, new goals or for making big changes in life. This essence opens the channels of creativity and encourages action. It can be used for stepping into a leadership role, learning something new, starting a new career, moving to a new area, inventing some new gadget or technology, changing the way a country is run, or when writing music or a new book , or creating a piece of art. Sekhmet reminds us of our sacred purpose, so that when we consciously align our deepest heart’s desire with the desires of our higher self, a transformation occurs, that creates a change of destiny towards success. This essence helps one to make decisive decisions and to find the courage to take risks. It stimulates the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras, as well as stimulating and balancing the heart chakra and intuitive functions of the pineal gland. It aligns the mental and spiritual bodies. It can be a catalyst for the activation of the kundalini, but cannot be used for raising the kundalini on its own. Try this essence for clearing emotional and mental blockages, which are a prerequisite of the process for raising the kundalini. Special breathing and visualisation techniques are needed to actually raise the kundalini. It is recommended that proper professional instruction should be taken on methods of raising the kundalini, if desired.
Sekhmet’s essence links to the abdomen, adrenal glands, blood, cell memory, chi, circulatory flows, copper, gold, intestines, iron, lower back, magnesium, metabolism, nervous system, pelvis, pineal gland, reproduction, sexual organs, silicon, stamina, thymus, tissues, triple burner meridian and Vitamins B, C and E.
Directions for use: Sekhmet represents your own inner alchemy. Ask her for help with what you want to achieve, within the context of what this essence offers. Take a few essence drops under the tongue, or add the drops to a glass of mineral/spring water to drink. Dowse or muscle test for the number of drops and doses needed, and for how long it should be taken for. You can also rub a drop or two of the essence into your heart chakra and/or into your third eye or crown chakra. If you wish to clear emotional and mental blockages, especially those due to fear of using one’s intuitive talents, take this essence as you press with one finger on the tiny bump in the middle of the back of your skull. This can be located best by bending your head forward and feeling your way up past the top of the spine,and up past where the base of the skull begins to just below where the skull starts to bend around towards the top of the head. You will find a tiny bump, which could feel slightly tender. Press on it with one finger, and straighten up your head again as you take this essence. Then breathe in and out through your mouth very fast (pant) for as long as you can, pushing your abdomen out and in with each breath, with the intention of releasing the fear. Repeat a few times, over several days, and if there is any tenderness on that point it may gradually disappear over time.
£ 8.25

THE BLUE ROSE -Transformation

This powerful Sacred Place combination essence was made in Glastonbury spring water on Glastonbury Tor with Rose Aura Quartz, Sceptre Quartz and Apatite crystals. Added to the Glastonbury Tor essence are the 11.11.11 Egyptian pyramid sacred place essence, Egyptian pink granite, Glastonbury Holy Thorn, Hawaiian Ohia Lehua, Yellow Ginger and White Lotus, Provencal Rose, Amphibole Angel Wing Phantom Quartz, Ancestralite, Black Aura Spirit Quartz, Brandberg Amethyst, Bumble Bee Jasper, Cathedral Quartz, Chlorite, Eilat Stone, Erythrite, Faden Quartz, Mahogany Obsidian, Labradorite, Lemurian Seed Quartz, Quantum Quattro, Que Sera, Ruby, Sichuan Quartz, Stromatolite and Sunset Aura Quartz flower and gem essences.

KEYWORDS: Expanded consciousness, transformation, self-empowerment,sovereignty, soul fragment reintegration, male/female balance,negativity transmutation, vibrational power shift, calling in higher beings and archangels, Akashic record atunement, Universal love, subtle body recalibration.

THE BLUE ROSE -Transformation

This powerful Sacred Place combination essence was made in Glastonbury spring water on Glastonbury Tor with Rose Aura Quartz, Sceptre Quartz and Apatite crystals. Added to the Glastonbury Tor essence are the 11.11.11 Egyptian pyramid sacred place essence, Egyptian pink granite, Glastonbury Holy Thorn, Hawaiian Ohia Lehua, Yellow Ginger and White Lotus, Languedoc Rose, Amphibole Angel Wing Phantom Quartz, Ancestralite, Black Aura Spirit Quartz, Brandberg Amethyst, Bumble Bee Jasper, Cathedral Quartz, Chlorite, Eilat Stone, Erythrite, Faden Quartz, Mahogany Obsidian, Labradorite, Lemurian Seed Quartz, Quantum Quattro, Que Sera, Ruby, Sichuan Quartz, Stromatolite and Sunset Aura Quartz flower and gem essences.

KEYWORDS: Expanded consciousness, transformation, self-empowerment, sovereignty, achieving the almost impossible, soul fragment reintegration, male/female balance, negativity transmutation, vibrational power shift, calling in higher beings and archangels, Akashic record attunement, Universal love, subtle body recalibration.

The real Blue Rose originally grew strongly on the plains of Venus. It became a symbol of the Order of Melchizedek when he travelled through the Veunusian star gate to open the hearts the advancing civilisation of Lemuria. Later, in Atlantis, the order of the Magdalenes established temples of light to teach the heart-centred techniques of the Venusian Blue Rose order and its accompanying healing and prophecy techniques for the advancement of mankind. Today the heart of the Venusian teaching remains in some of Earth's inhabitants, to be recovered subconsiously or consciously with the help of the Blue Rose essences, whether that knowledge was gained in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Judea, through the Essenes in France, Spain, Britain, Quan Yin's Buddhist Temple or the Indian Land of Lakshmi. It doesn't matter though now, if one has not received any Order of the Magdalene training. With the sincere intention to work with the light of the Blue Rose this powerful essence combination allows you access the Akashic Records subconsciously or consciously to receive the Venusian teaching to help mankind to expand their consciousness.

Humans are going though a major evolutionary leap at present. This is the 2nd of the recent evolutionary shifts, starting on the 11.11.21, with the first shift happening on 11.11.11. The first vibrationary shift was designed to harmonize male and female energies by balancing the four elements of earth, wind, water and air within our make-up. The second vibrationary shift is designed to remove anything from any lifetime that stands in your way of moving up towards to state of intuitive self-empowerment, akin to the Lemurians, to match that of the Earth's ongoing evolutionary process. Like the 11.11.11 vibrationary shift, this new, even stronger 2nd shift may stress your physical body even more than the 11.11.11 shift, and may lead to a variety of symptoms, including flu-like body aches, joint aches, headaches, emotional swings, digestive distress, ringing in your ears, difficulty with muscle co-ordination, being unable to think clearly and a sense of your whole body going through some kind of metamorphosis.

THE FLOWER OF LIFE - Vibrational Shift
£ 8.10

This Flower of Life combination essence contains Holywell Bay Spring water, plus Ajoite, Trigonic Quartz, Brandberg Amethyst, Anandalite, Quantum Quattro, Kutnohorite, Paraiba Tourmaline, Smoky Elestial Quartz, Garnet, Leopard Skin Jasper gem essences and the 528 Hz sound essence.

The Flower of Life symbol is a geometric and mathematical representation of the creation of life on Earth. Its 19 overlapping circles embody the 5 platonic solids, Metatron’s Cube, the Golden Mean, the Star of David and Pi that govern all patterns of creation. The 12 overlapping circles around the outside of the symbol represent the 12 DNA strands embedded in the original mankind. The aim of this Flower of Life environmental,sound and gem  essence is to initiate, enhance and speed up the holographic reactivation re-coding process of at least two of the ten dormant DNA strands at Light Body level, for the benefit of humanity at this time of vibrational change.

Keywords: Holographic DNA re-patterning,  immune system, spiritual evolution, consciousness expansion, etheric blueprint repair, protection from psychic attack, paranormal harm, ill-wishing, hypnotic command implants, soul fragment re-integration, releasing outmoded beliefs, thought forms, psychic implants, karmic release, calming and stabilising emotions, compassion, inner strength, spiritual evolution, soul fragment integration, vibrational uplift.

Spring water from a holy well dedicated to St. Cuthbert was collected on the Gaelic fire festival of Imbolc, which is dedicated to Brigid. This goddess is often depicted stirring steaming hot water over a fire. This represents her sacred work in purifying the karmic and toxic dross from human souls, so that each is made ready to ascend to a higher vibration. The holy well spring water was then potentised under a pyramid in a glass etched with the flower of life symbol.

Each of the following 10 gem essences and 1 sound essence was then added to the potentised spring water from the holy well. Seven of these gem essences are designed to safely assist and prepare us for the holographic subtle  DNA re-patterning and vibrational uplift gifted by the 5 "power” essences in this combination.

The essence made from the orange/multi-coloured Leopard Skin Jasper attracts success and guards the individual against holding on to pessimistic attitudes. It heals and protects the soul, and supports one in times of emotional stress, bringing stability and strength to many who are experiencing chaotic energies in these times. It promotes compassion and attracts situations and people that will heighten one’s spiritual energies.

The essence made from the deep red Garnet instils the stamina to complete the individual’s transformation, plus protection, hope and power to succeed in difficult situations. It opens the heart seed chakra to help one with forgiveness of the self and others, and to dissolve karmic wounds and mental constructs that block the way to achieving spiritual evolution.

The essence made from the soft turquoise Ajoite crystal acts as a vibrational runway to begin the process of spiritual awakening and expanded consciousness. It induces profound calm and helps one to reduce stress and anxiety. Then it cleanses the auric field, aligns it with higher chakras and draws out any toxic emotions, thoughts, beliefs, constructs or blockages that have prevented influxes of higher energies. It stabilises the subtle cell structure and immune system in preparation for a new vibration.

The essence made from the attractive turquoise Paraiba Tourmaline lights up your inner being to release bitterness of the heart, resentment and pollutants from the subtle energy bodies. It helps you to forgive yourself and others.

The essence made from the gentle pink candy-floss-like Kutnohorite stabilises the emotions and instils patience and endurance to promote the right mental state for the return of any lost soul parts. It discourages anxiety, irritability, aggression and resentment. It dissolves emotional wounds and ingrained beliefs and corrects etheric and Karmic blueprints.

The essence made from the naturally sparkly Indian Anandalite quartz cluster prepares the central nervous system for a vibrational uplift. It purifies all chakras and attunes the energy bodies to a higher frequency.

The Smoky Elestial Quartz essence re-programmes memories held in subtle levels,  restructures energy fields and aids the full potential of the holographic DNA to be activated. It facilitates karmic and etheric subtle bodies purification. It is a transmuter of negative energy and dissolves addictive patterns, toxic emotions and outgrown soul imperatives.

The essence made from the stunning bright turquoise and indigo blue Quantum Quattro is the first of the "power”crystals because it provides enormous protection for the soul undergoing a vibrational change and because it calms a catharsis or healing crisis that could on rare occasions temporarily be provoked by essences made from more intense crystals if the individual is not accustomed to taking gem essences. It instils the desire to help one work with focused intention for the highest good. personal and manifestation power. It heals unresolved grief and the pain of abandonment. It releases blocks to seeing clearly, as well as hypnotic commands implanted in the present time or in other lifetimes. It repairs subtle DNA information and genetic programming and clears negative patterns in order to optimize subtle 12 strand DNA activation. It discourages irritability, aggression,anxiety, stress, resentment, hostile attitudes and grudges. 

The unique Brandberg Amethyst is hand-mined in the desert region Brandberg mountain in Namibia. Its essence emanates infinite compassion to help one to release past hurts, heartbreak and trauma. It  protects one against ill wishing, psychic attack and paranormal harm. It balances all levels of being and has the ability to release thought forms, mental constructs and implants put in place by dark forces. It promotes the production of new subtle neural pathways for increasing the limbic brain function. It activates the Higher Crown, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway chakras to elevate consciousness to the highest level. It reinstates the individual’s core vibrational patterns and reactivates the original DNA etheric blueprint. 

The sound essence made from the 528 Hz DNA Repair Tuning Fork was made using a Tibetan singing bowl for optimum effect.

The most potent essence in this combination was made from a Trigonic Quartz point. Trigonic Quartz is a rare clear or milky large quartz point, with the faces of the crystal point etched with many small, etched, downward pointing triangles. 
The triangles are cosmic DNA soul encoding, gifted by star beings to assist in the evolution of humanity in order to raise our consciousness to higher dimensions.  The essence helps us to restore our original energetic configuration. It releases blockages and toxicity from the energy bodies, realigns our energy systems and brings our chakras into alignment with the Earth's meridians. It reintegrates soul fragments and removes psychic attachments and implants. It activates the higher heart soma, soul star and stellar gateway chakras to enable us to move up to a higher frequency.  It integrates soul fragments lost through trauma, black magic, drug or mental imbalance. It initiates the potential for a restructuring of beliefs and realities, lost through interference or disconnection from the pineal gland, which governs our inner understanding of external reality and the understanding of what behaviour is expected to be a compassionate member of the human race.

Links to: immune system, T-cell production, subtle DNA reinstatement, red and white blood cells, RNA, cellular nutrient absorption, acid/alkali balance, disturbed sleep patterns, tonic, cellular memory restructuring, opens the heart seed chakra to stimulate unconditional love, spiritual evolution,  neurotransmitter re-calibration, brain, lymphatic system, kidneys, cellular and inter-cellular structures, blood and circulation, insulin production, metabolic processes, ears, lungs, heart, digestive tract, pineal gland, etheric blueprint, cellular tissue, genetic disease patterns, stiff and swollen joints.

THE HATHORS (Sacred Space Essence)
£ 8.25
THE HATHORS ESSENCE (Joy Bringers) (Sacred Space Essence)

This Hathors essence contains a programmed Hathors crystal essence from Dendera temple in Egypt, together with Green and Pink Aventurines, Blue Chalcedony, Cherry Opal, Citrine, Peridot, Pink Danburite, Seraphinite, Sunstone and Green Tourmaline gem essences and a Dorothy Perkins rambler rose flower essence.
Keywords: Light heartedness, smiling, laughter, fun, joy of living, grace, goodwill, gratitude, optimism, warming, positive attitude, heart-soothing, emotional recovery, goodwill, generosity, self-love. Dispels melancholy, gloom, misery, grief, desperation, heartache. Releases emotional baggage.
About the Hathors
The Hathors are an extraterrestrial, fourth dimension race of beings. They travelled through the Sirius star portal in ancient times and settled on Venus and Marduk. Channelling reveals that on one of their visits to Earth they came to help the Egyptian civilisation around the time of Ahmose, the first pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty. At this time, between 1550 - 1500 BCE, the Egyptian and Hyksos settlements in the Nile delta had been buried in a blizzard of ash and pumice from the eruption of the Santorini volcano in the Mediterranean. Much of the rest of Egypt experienced a giant tidal wave, heavy rain and floods, resulting in a catastrophic loss of life. The Hathors created third dimension bodies for themselves and brought highly nutritious, hydroponically grown food (manna) from their crafts to feed the survivors. They also bought animals, foods and seeds from other lands that were not affected by the ash cloud, such as Ethiopia. The Hathors taught those who would become the future priestesses how to stimulate the essential qualities of the Goddess Hathor. The Goddess Hathor offers grace (selfless service without the expectation of repayment) to stimulate the frequencies of love, gratitude and joie de vivre within human hearts. The Hathors came to restore joy and enhance intuitive skills needed for survival, through singing, making music, dancing, toning, monatomic gold powder, chakra balancing, subtle body balancing and other intuitive healing methods. They taught the females how to promote love and enjoyment of life. They instilled determination and resourcefulness in them and taught them advanced midwifery and healing skills They taught them how to overcome grief and trauma, and to how to heal mental, emotional and physical imbalances. The Hathors came to restore civilisation. They taught the men how to survive using intuitive skills to hunt for food, how to find suitable land for crop growing, how to call in rain, and how to write with a new form of simplified pictograph hieroglyphs, so that they could record these methods and techniques for future generations. Food crops such as millet underwent genetic modification to increase the yield. The Atlanteans and the Egyptians had kept wild animals such as lions and cheetahs as pets in earlier times, but later on some genetic modification was carried out on wild cats and other creatures by earlier extraterrestial visitors, to make them more suitable for domestication. The Hathors encouraged further modification and breeding of these domestic cats to create a very much smaller creature, more suited for the much needed companionship role in those times of scarcity and loss. The symbol of the Hathors became the "Bennu bird" or the phoenix, which rose again from the ashes, after it was thought to have died. It is believed that most Egyptian temples, at least all of those dedicated to goddesses, would have originally had a side temple dedicated to Hathor, where the knowledge gained from the Hathors could be taught and applied. Each of the Hathor temples had had a birthing chamber above ground and an initiation chamber below ground. Some temples, like Dendera in upper Egypt, which is where the essence for this Hathors essence originated, also had a healing pool as well. The goddess Hathor is is associated with childbirth, due to her function as a goddess of water and the breaking of the amniotic sac at the moment of birth. Most of the statues and carvings made by the Egyptians show the Hathors with enigmatic life-like smiles. The Hathors say that gently turning up the corners of one’s mouth has a beneficial psychological effect upon one’s feeling of well-being. They had a little saying too. They taught the children who survived the cataclysm at that time to say "Little smiles every day makes the pain go away."
What to use the Hathors Essence for
The Hathors essence is designed to create a light-hearted and uplifting effect upon the emotions and nervous system. It opens the heart chakra to instil feelings of optimism, enthusiasm, courage, joy, gratitude, stability and zest for life. It cleanses and balances the etheric, emotional and mental subtle bodies, to dispel gloom, dark moods, desperation, melancholy and fearfulness. It discourages apathy, self-destructive tendencies and victim mentality as it absorbs, transforms and dissipates negative thoughts and emotions, and dispels bad dreams. The Hathors essence promotes an understanding of the need to create of a harmonious balance between work and leisure time to create a full and true enjoyment of life. The essence cleanses the chakras to dispel touchiness, grudges and resentment. It promotes success, fun, laughter, love, good will and benevolence. It counters fear of change and helps one to overcome thorny problems with fortitude, but with no unnecessary drama. It discourages one from making life more difficult or complicated for oneself or others. It promotes clarity and resourcefulness when making decisions, and it deters one from expecting the worst outcome.
The Hathors "essence links to the adrenal glands, amygdala, cartilage, cholesterol, red/white blood cells, bone marrow, circulation, ductless glands, endocrine system, eyes, gall-stones, heart tissue, iron, liver, lymph, menopause, menstruation, mucus membranes, muscle tension, pineal gland, prana/chi flow, nervous system, radiation, S.A.D., sinuses, spine, spleen, thyroid, thymus and vitamins, A, C , E and K.
Directions for Use
A few drops of The Hathors essence can be taken under the tongue or added to a glass of water to drink. Dowse or muscle test to find out how many drops and doses per day should be taken, and for the length of time the essence should be taken for. A drop or two of the essence can also be put on the crown chakra on the top of the head and/or on the heart chakra. You can also rub a few essence drops into the middle of the soles of your feet. Try placing the index finger gently above the middle of the top lip and the thumb gently below the middle of the bottom lip, immediately after you have taken the Hathors essence. And then smile for an immediate uplifting effect!
THE LABYRINTH - Equalizing Male and Female Energy Flows
£ 8.25
Equalizing Male and Female Energy Flows

The great need of our time is for people to be connected to spirit; for people to be connected to a feeling within themselves that makes their lives vital and full of meaning." - Harold Stone

This Labyrinth essence was made in the centre of the Chartres Labyrinth in France. It was potentised in a quartz bowl containing a large amethyst crystal point. The benefits of this Labyrinth essence have been assisted and augmented with the addition of Anandalite,  Amber, Blizzard Stone, Eye of the Storm, Poppy Jasper and Rainbow Lattice Sunstone gem essences.

Keywords: Balancing and equalizing male and female energy flows, Spiritual growth, Lightbody activation, Ascension, Alpha brainwaves, Schumann Resonance, Universal Energy, alien implants, genetic manipulation, overcoming anxiety, stress and indecision, calmness, agitation, energetic well-being, EMF protection, Alta Major chakra development, mental focus, grounding, concentration, meditation, disturbed sleep patterns, unexplained aggression or irritability, mood changes.

This Labyrinth essence is designed to restore the proper equality between between the left and right/male and female brain hemispheres. At the present time, although each hemisphere has its own individual functions, the male or yang hemisphere has mental and emotional dominance over the female or yin hemisphere. To keep a balance between the two unequal hemispheres, nerves connect them together so that they are able to constantly pass messages to each other to ensure the balance needed for controlling and regulating, not only body functions, but thoughts, emotions, decisions and actions. But if the male or yang hemisphere becomes over-dominant, due to external factors affecting the life of the person, both males and females may exhibit over-aggression, violent behaviour, extreme sexual desires, and suffer from anger, anxiety and stress, and suffer from an inability to relax and sleep well. Fuller details of the problems caused by a lack of inequality between the two hemispheres are given below and marked with**  

The Chartres labyrinth is said to the largest known surviving labyrinth in the World. It has two hemispheres like the brain, and its convolutions also resemble the outer ridges of brain tissue. It has 11 circuits. The sacred master number 11 represents male and female equality, and it also carries a subtle vibration for transmuting one's personal power up to a higher, more spiritual level. There is a circular space in the centre of the labyrinth for meditation. In the centre of the brain there is a space where the Pineal gland or Third Eye, the organ of human consciousness, resides. The Pineal is essential, not only for regulating circadian rhythms, but also for recognizing and using the alpha brain wave state to achieve a meditative state, to hone intuitive talents and to connect to higher dimension beings.  

Many aeons ago an advanced race of predatory beings arrived on Earth, with the intention of altering and distorting the genetic patterns of the original human inhabitants, to suit their own wishes. Original human beings were designed to have  perfect equality and balance in energy flows between the two hemispheres of their brains. This meant they were peace-loving and able to live in harmony with their fellow beings and their environment. But the alien race made the energy flow of the male or yang hemisphere stronger and more dominant than the energy flow of the female or yin hemisphere. Humans, and especially the male of the species, then became aggressive and sought domination and control over others through money, power, sex and war, much like their alien masters. 

In times past great Avatars such as the Buddha, Krishna and Lao Tse were able to find the way to overcome the negative aspects of male dominant energy flows through enduring long periods of intense training in meditation, yogic and breathing techniques, mantras and fasting. This enabled them to slip into their Alpha brainwave state at will, which eventually meant their beings were so attuned to spirit they were ready to be imbued/overlit with the higher dimension Matreya or Christos energy, and then with the Sophia energy. This returned them, for the remainder of their mission, back to the original human genetic blueprint with dynamic and equally balanced male and female energy flows.

In later times, people found that gentle perambulations back and forth within a labyrinth, like a mother rocking a baby to calm it, would also enable them to move into an alpha brainwave state during their time in it. They were able to release their fears and worries, their anger and dark moods, and replace them with a mental clarity and calm, positive state of mind. They could meditate and achieve a trance like state to expand their spiritual awareness and communicate with higher dimensional beings.

So, locking into the Alpha brainwave state is the key to rising above lower vibrational energies, anger, desires, fears and beliefs. The Alpha brainwave is one of five different speed wave lengths generated by our brains to control and regulate not just our body functions,but also our behaviour, emotions and actions. It is a scientifically proven fact that an external force called the Schumann Resonance regulates the speed of our brainwaves, as well as other bodily functions. The Schumann Resonance is a quasi-standing, slow speed,standing wave-length, that alternates between the upper atmosphere and the Earth's surface. It is created by the interaction between the Sun and Earth's geomagnetic energies during daylight hours. However, man-made electromagnetic (EMF) emanations from cellphones, wifi etc. are on much faster wave lengths, and are interfering with the brain's ability to easily perceive the much slower Schumann Resonance. Some of the newer EMFs can also interfere with the speed of the Schumann Resonance too. Heavy metals, such as Mercury found in fillings, some fish and also in vaccines, act like electrically charged aerials, attracting and amplifying the effects of EMF pollution.

All brainwaves have a stimulating and regulating effect on the right and left hemispheres. However the Beta brainwave has the stronger effect on the male (yang) hemisphere to initiate action, aggression, alertness, the production of adrenaline, fast logical judgement and quick-fire decision-making, whilst the slower Alpha brainwave length has the stronger affect on the female (yin)hemisphere to instigate a normal, calm and relaxed attitude, good mental co-ordination, abstract thinking, good moods, emotional stability, compassion, the production of serotonin, tolerance of others, meditative states and the potential for spiritual advancement. The Alpha wave length, which is also responsible for regulating blood oxygenation and the immune system, is the closest in speed to that of the Schumann Resonance, and is the worst affected by EMF pollution and any irregular man-made changes in speed to the Schumann Resonance wave length.

A lack of balance between the Alpha and the Beta brainwaves causes the Beta brainwaves to promote and dominate negative behaviour, feelings, actions and emotions which are governed by the left brain.
**Both women and men are negatively affected by the EMF waves' interference on the regulation of their brain waves, but men seem to be particularly adversely affected by this lack of balance between the Beta and Alpha brainwaves. It can cause over-alertness, extreme agitation, anxiousness and fear, violent behaviour, mental confusion, an increased desire to dominate others and their opinion, anger management issues, intolerance of others, fuzzy-headedness, loss of short term memory, lack of focused attention, irritability, an inability to relax, to get to sleep, or to make calm, logical decisions. It may cause a loss of life purpose as well as the loss of the ability to meditate or make contact with higher dimensional guides.

**The Labyrinth and the added gem essences neutralize the negative emotional and behavioural effects described above, caused by an over-dominant left brain hemisphere. Alabandite, Blizzard Stone, Poppy Jasper and Rainbow Lattice Sunstone gem essences screen out EMF pollution, so that the Alpha brainwaves can be perceived as easily as the Beta brainwaves. Blizzard stone essence neutralizes ancient alien implants that have prevented human advancement towards Ascension. The Labyrinth essence and Amethyst and Eye of the Storm essences instill a calm state of mind, help lessen sleep disturbances and re-instate the ability to meditate and connect with higher vibration beings. Poppy Jasper essence strengthens the biomagnetic shield (aura) against damaging environmental agents. Amber and Poppy Jasper essences promote a positive mental state. Anandalite relieves anxiety, stress and obsessive behaviour. It activates the Soul Star and Stellar Gateway, expands consciousness and activates the lightbody, to bring about evolutionary change and spiritual advancement. It gently rebuilds one's energy patterns to accommodate a massive energy shift, and in doing so, de-energies any detrimental older energy structures. Alabandite essence is extremely grounding. It instigates mental balance so that one can act in a calm, co-ordinated manner. Blizzard Stone essence restores peace to the soul and works on the psyche to eradicate hatred, violence and oppression. Amber essence stimulates the intellect, enhances memory recall, brings balance, encourages decision making, and helps to ground positive energies into the body. Rainbow Lattice Sunstone essence has an amazing job to do. It promotes the development of a minor chakra called the Alta Major chakra, which is situated at the back of the skull, into becoming an important major chakra. When fully functioning, universal energy will flow through this chakra (also known as "the Mouth of God”) into a new subtle, magnetic time-clock network linked to the heart, from where the Universal Energies can be distributed throughout the body, to regulate all its functions, so acting as a replacement for our regulation by the Schumann Resonance. It also equalizes the right and left hemisphere polarities, and builds up the auric field strength.

**Links to central nervous system, toxins, sleep disturbances, digestive imbalances,  tissue oxygenation, heartbeat irregularities, dizziness, Earth Star, Soul Star, higher chakras, subtle behavioural DNA, adrenal glands, fight or flight responses, immune system,serotonin, melatonin, immune system, airborne allergies, cataracts,migraine, dizziness, sticky blood, circulatory system, mucus membranes, brain fog, dark moods, mental balance, cognitive impairment, Pineal and Pituitary glands.

THE MYSTIC CHALICE - Haven of Unconditional Love
£ 8.25
THE MYSTIC CHALICE - Haven of Unconditional Love

This essence was made with the help of the Mystic Chalice vision that appeared and was photographed on the top of Glastonbury Tor on 12.12.12 and with Rose Aura Quartz and Sceptre Quartz essences made on 12.11.21 on the Tor.  The complementary and further energetic enhancement of Amphibole phantom Angel Wing, Ajoite, Anandalite,  Auralite 23, Cathedral Quartz, Celestite,  Danburite, Fire and Ice Quartz, Flame Aura Quartz, Eye of the Storm, Labradorite, Malachite, Mystic Merlinite, Selenite and Sugilite gem essences and Hawaiian Acacia, Glastonbury Holy Thorn, Pink Yarrow and White Phalaenopsis orchid flower essences were also added to this very special combination essence.

KEYWORDS:Haven of calm, defrazzler, sanctuary of peace, protection, grounding,gentle bliss, feeling you're not alone without help, protection from negative energies, energy vampires and negative thought forms,releasing long-serving patterns, standing in your own power, letting go your worries and stress, providing a boost of unconditional love.

Purpose of the Mystic Chalice essence:  This essence has two main purposes. First, it creates a protective aura of sanctuary around one, in order to block out distracting thoughts, negative feelings, worries, stress, dark energies in order to create a safe place for unconditional love to enter one's being.Then within this protective shield one is enfolded with much needed unconditional love from higher realms, to enable one cope with the difficult conditions being experienced on the Earth plane in present times.

Directions for use: It is a gentle essence, despite containing powerful, higher dimensional energies.It will takes around a few days to a week of daily use before it starts to make its benefits felt. The best easy way to take this essence is either at bedtime or before starting a meditation. Another way it can be used is to find a beautiful, growing flower or an attractive plant that you like. Take the Mystic Chalice essence under you tongue and then stare at the plant/flower for a while. When you're ready, send it love, tell it how beautiful it is, and how lucky you are to experience its beauty. As you send it love, the unconditional love energies of the Mystic Chalice essence will flow though you into the flower/plant, and you will notice its colour becoming brighter, more saturated or softly glowing. You can practice the same procedure on a person or animal too. You may not notice an increase in colour, but you may sense an aura of calm enveloping them. Around 12 drops of this essence can also be added to room temperature spring water in a small atomiser to be sprayed in places or on animals lacking in unconditional love. Also, when you have take a certain amount of this Mystic Chalice essence it is possible, with intent, to pass Yeshua's gift of unconditional love on to someone just by giving them a big hug or holding their hands. It is then that person's subconscious choice as to whether they choose to accept that love or or not.

It is said that Joseph of Arimathea carried Yeshua's drinking vessel from the Last Supper with him to Glastonbury, where the King Arivagus had gifted him 12 "hides” (a hide was about 120 acres of land.) for him and his kin to settle there. At the Last supper Yeshua shared his wine vessel and pieces of bread with each of his apostles,symbolically using the vittals to represent his blood and body. It is said he imbued them with a source of higher dimension unconditional/universal love through sharing his wine and bread to help them to maintain an emotional balance and to tolerate the difficult times they would face after his crucifixion.

The chalice stayed with Joseph and his heirs for several hundred years. It was filled with blessed water and used in baptismal rites until a time when there were numerous invasions from foreign lands and the power of the Roman church was increasing, so it became increasingly likely to be destroyed or  stolen. So the legendary Merlin took it into a higher dimension out of harm's way, and the lost chalice became known as the "Graal”.

However,according to Dion Fortune, in her book "Glastonbury - Avalon of the Heart”, the Mystic Chalice or Graal is still in Glastonbury. It is held in a higher dimension right above St. Michael's tower on the Tor, and that's where I was standing when I photographed the magenta pink chalice with a wonderful multi-coloured flame arising from it. At the time I was using a  little camera filter that is designed to reveal magnetic Earth energies on sacred sites. But Earth Energies all show up as plain, vertical, broad, coloured stripes arising from the Earth, not objects.

I did a shamanic journey to ask permission for the Mystic Chalice's unconditional love energies to be imbued in the water I placed over the Chalice picture, and combined that with the Rose Aura Quartz and the Sceptre Quartz I potentised up on the Glastonbury Tor on 12.11.21, and then further preserved and enhanced its power with 19 other complementary flower and gem essences.
Links to: insomnia, emotional balance, protection from dark forces, negative attachments and energy vampires, removes hatred and prejudice.

THE OSIREION ESSENCE (Sacred Space Essence)
£ 8.25
THE OSIREION ESSENCE - Flower of Life (Sacred Space Essence)

This unique Osireion essence is a powerful environmental essence that was made at the ancient Osireion temple in Egypt.
About The Osireion Temple
The Osireion is probably the oldest Egyptian temple ever discovered. Dated at 12 -18,000 BCE, it is said to be even older than the Great Pyramid or the Sphinx. The temple is situated behind the temple of Abydos, which is 145km north of Luxor in upper Egypt, on the West bank of the Nile, near to where the earliest Pharaohs were buried. Seti 1, an eighteenth dynasty Pharaoh, who lived between 1306 and 1290 BCE, either sought out the ancient Osireion or came across it when he was building his own Abydos temple . Whatever the truth is, Seti’s temple was built in an unusual L-shaped configuration. This is the only Egyptian temple so shaped, because the subterranean Osireion building blocked further progress to the completion of Seti’s temple in the usual ancient Egyptian pattern. The Osireion is a full 50 feet below the level of Seti’s temple and is almost unique in Egypt, being composed almost entirely of unadorned, enormous oblong monoliths of Aswan red granite, weighing 50 to 100 tons each. It is dedicated to the God Osiris, the husband of the Goddess Isis. Legend says that his head was buried there. The valley temple at Giza, dedicated to Isis, is the only other Egyptian temple built in a similar style to the Osireion. In the legends, Set, the brother of Osiris, is said to have murdered him and then cut his body up into pieces. The distraught Isis put the pieces of her husband back together by magic for one last act, which created their son Horus. Osiris then became known as the Lord of the underworld, resurrection and regeneration. There are a number of faint Flower of Life symbols on the inside of one pillar, drawn in what is thought to be a red Henna pigment. These are thought to have been added to the Osireion later when the Greeks ruled Egypt, because of the remains of faded Greek writing next to the symbols. One of these reads "Osiris Lives".
Making the Sacred Place essence at The Osireion
An environmental essence was made at the Osireion using red and white spring water brought from Glastonbury Chalice Well. The height of the water table has risen in recent years, meaning that the floor of the temple is almost always flooded nowadays. The temple is guarded by tourist police, but we had special permission to view the Osireion from the outside and above it. Channelling revealed that the site of the temple was a sacred place, where the veil between the earth dimension and higher dimensions was thinner than other places on earth. Priestesses would regularly chant mantras to clear the space, protect it and keep it free of negative energies emanating from the lower astral realms. The temple was used for healing those with serious mental or physical problems, or terminal illnesses. Highly trained priestesses would receive the afflicted person in one of the 17 chambers off the main part of the building. First of all, a little white Monotomic gold powder would be placed on the patient’s tongue. Then, using very deep trance techniques and special oils, the priestess would guide the soul of the person to the gates of the spirit world. There the person would be asked if they wished to complete their life purpose in their current incarnation, or if their body was damaged beyond repair, whether they wished to move out of their body permanently. Each person’s body was then left in limbo for three days, where their life force remained temporarily suspended, to allow healing at cellular level to take place, or for the disengagement and disintegration of the etheric and emotional bodies, to allow the release of the soul body into higher realms. Part of this procedure involved placing the person’s body into a shallow bath of healing mineral water from a nearby source, to which a small amount of Natron had been added. Natron kept the tissues free of bacterial attack. The body was coated in a combination of honey and oils to prevent damage to sensitive tissues. (During the 18th dynasty a much stronger solution of Natron in water was used for mummification after death, to dry out the tissues and prevent decay). After three days the priestess would guide the person’s soul back into their body, if the person had been successfully healed and had made the choice to live. She gave them the breath of life to revive their physical body. (The Flower of Life pattern symbolises the breath of life). Then she placed a small amount of red powder upon their tongue to open the chakras and enhance the resonance between the brain and the heart. In later times the Osireion came into the ownership of priests with negative intentions. They set up a vortex to trap souls of the departed in lower dimensions for their nefarious purposes. More than a thousand years later Mary Magdalene, who was training to become a priestess of Isis, encountered these "entities" and was able to clear the vortex they were held in. The Light energy she used in her clearing work still remains, held within the granite columns of the temple.
What to use The Osireion Sacred Place essence for.
KeywordsEnergetic repatterning, releasing subtle level encoded programming, removing emotional blocks, elevating spiritual consciousness, opening third eye, psychic vision development, finding a spirit guide, divine inspiration, spiritual transformation, emotional body balance, subtle body alignment, connection to inner realms. Passion and zest for life, positive thinking, motivation, promoting chi flow, calming nerves, releasing subtle level stress, manifestation of one’s needs. It can also be used to clear artificial, negative vortexes from the Earth,combined with a visualisation light energy with the intention to clear them. 
This Osireion sacred place essence, has been further empowered with the addition of Atacamite, Amblygonite, Gold, Ruby and Shattuckite gem essences. Its key functions are energetic repatterning and the elevation of spiritual consciousness. The Osireion essence brings one back into dynamic balance by removing glitches or programmes that have created fixations or subconscious emotional blockages. These block or sabotage one’s progress to achieving goals, good health, happiness or sustainability. The glitches arise due to one’s programmed mental or emotional responses to stressful situations These responses are generally created in the first place as a result of shock, fear, past life or childhood trauma, relationship issues or cultural, religious, ancestral or parental beliefs. Because of the stress caused, that original memory is then "hard wired", programmed or energetically patterned into the subconscious memory banks, where it triggers the same response every time the situation arises, and so creates fixed belief patterns, that are not necessarily correct in every situation for the rest of one's life. These fixed belief pattens can be for example: - "I never have any luck in relationships", "I can never do that", "I‘m not clever enough to do that", "I always/never get…", "I’m never lucky," I’m not good enough, "I've always been poor/sad/ill etc", "I’m not deserving", "our family never do that", "I never have any success so I won’t even try it", "I‘m too clumsy to do that" or "everyone in my family always dies of ….". The Osireion essence may also clear past life curses, hypnotic commands or past life vows of secrecy, humility, poverty or chastity that no longer serve a useful purpose. This essence stimulates, strengthens and balances all the chakras, to evoke desire, zest and will. It overcomes deeply repressed emotions and internalised grief and melancholy. It awakens the creative mind and allows one to make a fresh start. It frees up one’s creative energies to manifest one’s needs and enjoy creative activities and challenging enterprises, unhindered by emotional blockages that stem from past, unconscious programming. It aligns the mental, emotional and spiritual subtle bodies, overcomes emotional paralysis, promotes positive thinking, enthusiasm for life, courage and the determination needed to accomplish difficult goals or overcome life’s challenges. It helps one to cope better with intense mental activity or having to achieve deadlines. It reduces negative thinking, counteracts spaciness, promotes positive dreams, and protects one against negative energies and fear-induced nightmares. In meditation The Osireion essence stimulates the desire for spiritual development and illumination. It promotes inner transformation and elevates spiritual consciousness. It is strongly protective and keeps out negative energies, as it promotes a powerful spiritual connection to the highest realms. With intent, it helps you to find your spirit guide if you have not yet made the link. It also intensifies connections to your higher self and to the purest, highest possible dimension spirit guides. It helps one to channel information from the higher spheres of existence outside planet earth, and to transform and process the channelling of information from these higher dimensions.
The Osireion essence links to adrenals, bile, blood sugar, body acids, brain, breathing, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, silica and Vitamin E absorption, circulation, digestion, dizziness, endocrine glands, fear based toxins, legs and feet, life force (chi), immune functions, lymphatic system, hot flashes, kidneys, Heavy Metal, Petrochemical, Radiation, Sycotic, Syphilitic and Tubercular miasms, muscles, nervous system, neural conductivity, pancreas, reproductive organs, skeleton, spleen, subconscious cleansing, subtle level genetically- encoded information, tissues, tonsils, thymus and thyroid glands and weight.
Methods of Use
Place a few essence drops under the tongue, or add the drops to a glass of water. Around 12 drops can be added to small atomiser with water to spray through the aura. Drops of The Osireion essence can also be rubbed into balancing points. These are the base of the spine, the crown chakra and the base of the skull, where the spine joins the back of the neck. Or, if you know the acupuncture meridians, you can add a drop of essence to the appropriate meridian points associated with the heart. When one is suffering from energetic overload rub a few drops into the heart chakra, the thymus, the base of the skull where it joins the neck, the base of the spine and the soles of the feet. A few drops of essential oils such as Frankincense, Sandalwood, or Palo Santa can be added to warm water in an atomiser, together with a few drops of The Osireion essence, to spray through your aura to calm the mind and further enhance meditation techniques. A few drops of this essence can also be added to spring/holy water in an atomiser to spray on the Earth over the site of a negative vortex.
THE PHOENIX - New Beginnings
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(Sacred Place Essence)

New Beginnings

This Phoenix Sacred Place combination essence contains the Avebury High Priestess Stone environmental essence together with Anandalite, Astaraline, Cacoxenite, Cryolite, Fire and Ice Quartz, Heliodor, Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Libyan Gold Tektite, Kyanite, Peacock Ore, Rainbow Hematite and Rainbow Lattice Sunstone gem essences, and Glastonbury HolyThorn, Sacred Lotus, Lilium Longiflorum, White Cattleya Orchid and Yellow Phalaenopsis Orchid flower essences.

"Your past doesnot equal your future unless you choose to live there” - TonyRobinson

Keywords: Endings, new beginnings, the Great Awakening, leaving the past behind, death, resurrection, rebirth, ascension, Osiris, the magician, the High Priestess, Ra, appropriate use of will, abundance,joy, enlightened leadership, transition, light energy grounding,descent of the dove, activation of the Divine blueprint for vibrational ascension, protection of light body gestation,consciousness expansion, spiritual awakening, freedom, light body activation, enlightenment, new universal energy pathway, harmonizing duality into unity.

The legendary Phoenix bird, also known as the Bennu by ancient Egyptians, was used by early Christians as a symbol to represent Christ's death and resurrection.Its next rebirth, out of the ashes of its former self, is said to be taking place on the Winter Solstice of 2020, when the planets of Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction in 0 deg. of Aquarius, It heralds a new beginning with the full entry of the Earth and her inhabitants into the age of Aquarius. The rebirth of the Phoenix also signals the return of the High Priestess (Isis, The Magdalene) and the Magician(Osiris,Yeshua), who will disseminate the sacred teachings of the Way once more, to help expand our consciousness, in order to transform duality into unity in preparation for our ascension into higher dimensions.

On a personal level this Phoenix flower and gem essence combination is for guiding us on our own journey towards Ascension. It can provide a direct link through our higher self to the 5th dimension and beyond, in order to call upon assistance from Enlightened beings along the way, and whenever we need help to achieve our soul purpose goals. (Remember to protect yourself in the usual way from negative entities in the 3/4th dimensions before you link to higher dimensions.) This essence instils courage and passion, love, joy and compassion to help us with what we are about to go through, as we move into a new era, ultimately achieving a higher dimensional state.

The beautiful Phoenix bird, with its flashy feathers of indigo, red and gold, is represented in this essence by the multi-hued Peacock ore crystal. It's alchemical properties help to transform our whole being into a higher vibrationary state, The High Priestess essence was made in  one of the large stones in the stone circle at Avebury. She is the guardian of the subconscious mind and the teacher of sacred knowledge and hidden mysteries. She instils spiritual enlightenment, inner illumination and wisdom. The Magician (representing male energy/Christos consciousness) is the conduit of positive intent and is the guardian of the conscious mind and the tangible World. The Libyan Gold Tektite presents endings and new beginnings. It carries the alchemical powers of the Magician due to its transformation into a clear golden crystal when a meteorite collided with the Earth in a fiery explosion. The Glastonbury Holy Thorn flower essence was made from the Holy Thorn on Wearyall Hill. It represents resurrection. It was said to have sprouted from the wooden staff of Joseph of Arimathea when he pushed it into the ground. Similarly the sweetly scented Lilium Longiflorum appears in pictures of Mother Mary at the time of her conception, and is often the flower chosen for for funerals and during the lead up to Easter. The DNA of Orchids is the most evolved of any plant on Earth. Because of this they have the ability to align one with one's soul purpose. Lapis Lazuli essence blocks psychic attack and stimulates enlightenment. Astaraline essence activates our divine blueprint for vibrational ascension and provides protection for the gestation of our light bodies. Rainbow Hematite essence stimulates the activation the Rainbow Body of light. It is wonderful for the ordering and proper placement of the new higher dimensional energies that are coming in now. It can also help to alleviate any ascension pains. Cryolite essence purifies the subtle bodies, and frees one from any constraints of outmoded belief systems, to allow more higher dimensional light to enter ones being, to help raise one's consciousness. It blocks out mind control and clears away any etheric pests, implants or energetic parasites. Cacoxenite essence raises the vibrations of one's physical self. It grounds the highest spiritual light, heightens spiritual awareness and increases receptivity to new ideas The Fire and Ice Quartz crystal essence represents opposites coming together in perfect unity. It promotes the assimilation of Christ consciousness energies. Kyanite essence grounds spiritual vibrations and aligns all the chakras and subtle bodies. It cuts through ignorance and dispels illusion, anger, frustration and stress, as well as helping one to leave the past behind. Heliodor essence links with the energies of the sun God Ra. It instils in one the Celestial ray of knowledge and learning. It banishes ignorance and opens one's higher consciousness. Rainbow Lattice Sunstone essence opens the Alta Major chakra and initiates the building of a whole new subtle network for regulating our physical functions, which is designed to replace the Schumann Resonance wavelength. Anandalite essence initiates multiple levels of spiritual awakening. It also assists with planetary alignment to stimulate the vibrationary evolution of the Earth. It integrates duality into unity. It harmonizes the new vibration in our beings so that our complete self benefits from the quantum uplift. It rebuilds one's energy patterns to accommodate a massive energy shift into enlightenment on Earth. It deconstructs detrimental older energy structures and activates and harmonizes the lightbody, to prepare the central nervous system for a vibrationary shift. The Sacred Lotus essence enhances the action of any other essences it comes into contact with.

Links to:Adrenaline regulation, hormones, anaemia, brain function,electrolyte balance, nervous system, blood sugar management, Crohn's disease, IBS, stomach upset, metabolism, crown chakra, chakra alignment, DNA, RNA, pineal and pituitary glands, cell stabilisation, immune system, red and white blood cell de-clumping, inflammation alleviation, muscular system, rashes, excess of fluoride, respiratory system, reproductive organs, ulcers, urinary tracts, heart, yin-yang balance.

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The Roseline Essence - Balancing male and female energies

"Everything in the Universe is electricity and magnetism within a field" - Tesla

 Today is Imbolc. The 1st February is the Celtic feast day of Brigid, the Goddess of fire and water. After weeks of research, it seems a fitting day to launch the Roseline Essence. The Roseline Essence was potentised in 2 places on the Roseline telluric energy line in Paris. This "ley" line was originally initiated by Mary Magdalene and Jeshua, using  the principles of "As above, so below" that Mary had specifically trained for in Greece. The Roseline's primary purpose is to balance the male and female energetic divisions of the brain and body in the individual, through connecting the heart and mind, and thereby expanding human consciousness. These two yin/yang energies function like a battery. Their energies fuel one's life force. Out of balance male/female energies within the individual lead to a lack of well-being.  When these energies are out of balance it may eventually result in one-sided muscle tension, headaches, extreme aggressiveness, manic or clinical depression, sinusitis, runny noses, lack of emotion, lethargy, disorganisation, fluid blockages or heart attacks.

About the original Roseline On the 1st February, a couple of thousand years ago, Mary and Jeshua opened up a new portal. Their intention was to initiate a new telluric energy line for the benefit of mankind to come. It would reach up to Dunkirk on the Northern coast of France and down past Rennes Les Bains in the South. In Paris, they stood in a sacred grove with it's tall Three Sisters menhirs and healing spring, and were surrounded by the burning torches of their Druid guardians.  

The stars of the Cygnus (the swan) constellation, in its clipped winter form, were clearly visible on the N/NW horizon in the dark sky. The swan is the Goddess Brigid's power animal. Imbolc was celebrated as the return of the (Whooper) swans from Celtic lands to their breeding grounds in the Arctic, thus bringing a promise of new life. The Cygnus constellation is sited in the middle of a dark strip (the Dark Rift) within the Milky Way. Ancient peoples believed that, after death, souls returned to the sky world through the Great Rift. A star in the Cygnus constellation sends out irregular bursts of radiation towards Earth. It is the only known distant stellar radiation, outside our own, to pierce the  Earth and decay underground as visible flashes (called "cygnets") on the retinas of those saw them, causing a them to experience a sensation of bliss. Some now link the timing of the radiation bursts to periods of accelerated evolution in  mankind's history. 

Opening the portal created a diurnal, telluric current to flow within the Earth. It started to flow northwards towards the central stone of the Three Sisters menhirs, carrying with it Mother's Earth's "heart bliss" energies accessed in the portal The telluric current also picked up the energies of the healing crystals Mary and Jeshua had placed on the ground to guide its pathway. As the current passed under the middle stone of the Three Sisters menhir it was drawn up to the surface by the spiral energies in the menhir. The spiral was created by the crossing points of a world-wide W/E and S/N linked, electro-magnetic Earth energy current and a sacred healing stream. Mary and Jeshua touched their palms to the menhir to joyfully absorb its combined, beneficial Earth energies, before imparting their arcane knowledge into the telluric current. This knowledge would provide those who chose their the gift of attaining balance in the left/right side, male/female energies of their brains and bodies, in order to expand their consciousnesses. Then, due to the piezoelectric properties of the menhir, the combined currents were pulsed back down the spiral into the Earth, and to carry along a pre-prepared course to Dunkirk. 

At dawn the following day, the yin energies of the Roseline current then began to flow southwards through a fault line in the Paris basin. Mary and Jeshua began the long walk southwards too, removing any blocks to the flow of the Roseline telluric current along the way.  On the Roseline's southward journey, especially as it re-passed the site of the central menhir of the Three Sisters, this Earth yin energy current attracted the yang energies of the sky, known today as the Schumann Resonance. The Schumann resonance is a diurnal, pulsating, quasi-standing wave, created by the interaction of the sun and the Earth's magnetic fields. It's 7.9Hz pulses are said to b  the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Our brain frequencies exactly mirror those of the Schumann Resonance. They are essential for our well-being. Artificial Schumann Resonators had to be installed in space stations to prevent astronauts from making increasingly irrational decisions, getting migraines, and eventually suffering from serious mental imbalances.

How the Gaia Essences Roseline Essence was made. The Gaia Essences' Roseline essence was made in Paris. The essence's first potentisation was on the actual Roseline, using spring water from a source connected to the original Celtic sacred grove spring. Crystals were placed around the site to draw in The Schumann Resonance current. Then the water was taken to a second Roseline site, right next to the original portal. The first Roseline potentised water was further potentised in a rose quartz bowl carrying a heart- shaped rose quartz crystal, to enhance and concentrate Mother Earth's deep, nurturing love for life on it's surface. The Roseline's currents, its original added crystal energies and Mary and Jeshua's programmed messages to enable the balance of male/female energies were enhanced within the essence water, even after 2,000 years, because of the electrical conductivity of a brass line that ran right over the same path as the original Roseline.

Uses of the Roseline Essence Deception is currently at an all time high. In this environment of fake news and lies spouted out from all communication channel and by politicians, scientists, drug companies, health establishments, educators, food manufacturers and religious leaders. Never before have we needed to expand our consciousnesses so much to enable us to confidently differentiate truth from lies. The programmed messages that Mary and Jeshua added to the Roseline current are designed to balance the individual's male/female energies for our well-being and the for expansion of our consciousnesses. 

This Roseline essence benefits truth seekers by promoting the expansion of consciousness, to enable us to confidently make the right important, personal life and everyday decisions, knowing that the information we choose to believe or act upon will enhance and enrich our happiness. The essence promotes calm objectivity in a crisis. It balances the intellect with the emotions to bring inner stability. It enhances our perceptive intuitive faculties to a level where, eventually, more and more of us will be able to see or sense deception or lies in the aura surrounding the perpetrator, so that those who practise deception will no longer be able to benefit from doing it. 

Mary and Jeshua added the beneficial energies of Obsidian, Clear Quartz and Magnetite crystals to the Roseline current. Obsidian is volcanic lava, with a dark, glass like quality to it. The presence of Obsidian energy in the Roseline essence makes it strongly protective. It expands consciousness by acting as a psychic vacuum cleaner which removes unconscious thoughts and patterns that inhibit one's spiritual growth. It grounds spiritual forces into the physical plane, making it possible to manifest spiritual talents on Earth. It repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts.. It promotes objectivity and clears confusion and constricting beliefs.  Within the Roseline essence Magnetite energies connect one's base and earth chakras to the nurturing energies of the Earth, to sustain and balance the subtle life force running through the meridians. Clear Quartz is a superb conductor and enhancer of energies within the Roseline and its essence. It raises one's energy to the highest possible level,  to access higher frequency energies that expand consciousness, and help one to become a vessel for the light of the Divine.

Because most of us don't sit around meditating and fasting in caves, and our weaker brain waves have to put up with living in a confusing network of stronger electromagnetic energies emanating from communication systems in the sky and on the ground, the Roseline essence effects are likely to be subtle at first. But gradually you'll notice that your intuition, perception, compassion and love of nature are increasing. You'll also sense when someone really needs your help, or whether you need to avoid them because they are energy drainers. Eventually a point will be reached where your individual male/female energies generally remain in an improved state of balance, and your consciousness has expanded to a state where you no longer have any need for the Roseline essence.

Directions for use: Regularly take up to ten drops daily by mouth or in a glass of mineral water, either before meditating or before retiring to bed. 

Links to: one-sided muscle aches, cramp, sports injuries, fatigue, asthma, sadness, digestion, aggression, migraines, heart problems, hardened arteries, circulation, sinusitis, apathy, immune system. 


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This Venus Transit/Glastonbury Tor Sacred Place essence was made on the 6/6/12 at Berry Head in south Devon. This point faces East over the sea, where we had the best chance of seeing the sunrise. We caught glimpses of the sunrise as the clouds came and went, whilst the subtle energy of Venus crossing the Sun's face was captured by a large, beautifully carved rose quartz heart crystal placed within a bowl of red and white Glastonbury Chalice Well healing spring water.Then we needed to connect with the energy of the divine feminine at a sacred site, so we drove to Glastonbury, with its strong links to Mary Magdalene. First we walked with this essence around the Glastonbury Labyrinth at St. John's church, and then placed it next to the sacred well in the Chalice garden.Then the final environmental potentisation was completed in St. Michael's tower on the top of Glastonbury Tor. The Holy Thorn flower essence, made in 2009 from Joseph of Arimathea 's Holy Thorn on Wearyall Hill was also added to this essence,
What to Use The Venus Transit/Glastonbury Tor essence for
Keywords: Promoting love and respect for the divine feminine and for the earth and nature, balance, enhancing ability to work with earth energies and elementals, emotional protection, living life to the full, making the most of what you have, overcoming heart ache and pain of rejection, overcoming judgement, seeing the bigger picture, balancing the heart protector meridian.
Links to element of fire, allergies, bleeding, breast, cold/hot extremities, eyes, hot flushes, hypertension, heat stroke, menstruation, motion sickness, palpitatations.
Full details coming soon.
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WAKE UP CALL - Mind, Body Spirit Re-connection

This Sacred Place environmental, gem, flower and tuning fork combination essence was initially made in June 2021 to aid in reconnecting one' s mind, body and spirit through the re-opening of our third eye, Pineal glands and Alta major chakras, in order to reinstate a fully functioning link between our intuitive and intellectual faculties, and to remind us that we are spirits having a human experience. On the Michael and Mary energy lines at St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall and on a Michael and Mary line cross-over point at Burrow Mump, Amethyst Trigonic quartz, Mystic Merlinite, Stromatolite and Tree Agate high vibration crystals, plus resin-rich pine needles were chosen to collect and anchor the Michael/Mary Earth energies within the essence spring water, in order to link us in to the consciousness-expanding energies that Mother Earth is now carrying through those energy lines.  She continues to be flooded with high-vibrational energies from the higher dimensional beings and the Universe, and has also been gifted with the Diamond light Template set deep within her being in order to advance the spiritual evolution of all her inhabitants. (See Diamond Light Template essence details in the Sacred Place Range) Following further research, Bach Flower Aspen essence, Chlorite (Phantom Quartz), Fire and Ice Quartz, Fluorapatite, Holly Blue Agate, Larimar, Pietersite, and Quantum Quattro gem essences, and the Third Eye opening tuning fork essence were added later.

In past times the church sought mind control over people during the time of Inquisition. Today it appears that World Governments are now striving to gain mind control over their populations through the use of political propaganda, emotional blackmail, A.I., statistical misinformation, pseudo-science, media enchantment and fear-mongering Their agenda is designed to result in mass mind programming and a closing down of original thought, individual choice and the use of balanced intellect together with intuition.

The Pineal gland is known for its regulation of circadian rhythms through the  production of serotonin and melatonin. But it also plays a very large part in governing our reality and view of the World around us, starting from a very young age. With the help of the Alta Major chakra at the base of the skull, it collates our individual and unique memories and experiences to provide us with a logical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive answer to any views and beliefs we have come to experience as being correct and moral, and which will influence our decision-making abilities on a daily basis. At a time when humanity is said to be taking a leap in spiritual progress and evolution, with the Alta Major chakra playing a major part in accelerating and expanding consciousness through channeling higher dimension vibrations into our being via the Pineal, damaging A.I., EMF pollution, fluoride, radiation, defence transmissions etc. are now negatively affecting the ability of our sensitive Pineal glands to provide us with the mental and emotional discernment and spiritual guidance we need, so leading to confusion, anxiety, fear and emotional imbalance, and resulting a greater need to rely on authority to tell us how to think and what to believe.

KEYWORDSRestoring third eye intuitive functions, subconscious fear release, speaking your truth, removing artificial constructs, evolutionary progress, subtle genetic programming repair, soul protection, consciousness evolution,war gene dis-encodement, cleansing, energy blocks release, spiritual awareness enhancement, dissolving hypnotic commands and entrancement, entity detachment, inner guidance, psychic attack guard, centring, grounding, common sense., hypertension.

AMETHYST TRIGONIC QUARTZ is a crystal that has been programmed by higher vibration beings to assist in the spiritual evolution of humanity, by fully opening up higher dimensional chakras such as the Alta major chakra at the base of the skull, to prepare humanity for an influx of higher vibration energies. Trigonic Quartz essence dissolves the "war” gene encoded within humanity and re-integrates soul fragments lost through extreme trauma. The Amethyst element in this essence balances and connects the physical, mental and emotional bodies by linking them to the spiritual. It enhances memory, calms the mind, facilitates the decision-making process and enhances common sense and spiritual strength.
MYSTIC MERLINITE (AKA Indigo Gabbro) - Mystic Merlinite essence resonates with the third eye to increase intuitive and psychic abilities. It strengthens one's connection to the elemental realms and nature spirits. It releases deeply held emotional patterns and wounds, and outdated contracts and beliefs that are acting as a barrier to spiritual growth. It is a grounding essence that allows us to channel the beneficial energies of the earth in order to create a protective energetic shield around us.
RESIN-RICH PINE NEEDLES - This essence releases feelings of guilt, worry,self-blame or confusion that may be the result of others' use of deliberate, repetitive emotional blackmail e.g.: calling one "selfish” or "irresponsible” when not doing what the the blackmailers illogically demand.
STROMATOLITE is a very ancient fossilized form of algae, that once thrived in shallow, tropical seas. Stromatolite assists with Earth cleansing and healing by repairing and activating the Earth's meridians and energy lines. Stromatolite essence is an excellent support for us during difficult times of challenging changes. It aligns us with the natural balanced flows of the Earth to remove meridian blockages, alien attachments/implants, spells, ill-wishing, artificial patterns ,enchantment, hypnotic commands, and harmful mental programmes that have been deeply ingrained within one. It helps you to stand your ground and maintain your view when others around you have fallen for the illogical propaganda of politicians, media and quack scientists who are insisting on global conformation to their agenda.
TREE AGATE is an Earth and environmental aid to mental and emotional balance. Tree Agate essence has a powerful connection to the nurturing energy of nature and nature spirits. It instils a feeling of safety in the most challenging of situations, imparting strength and perseverance,
ASPEN Bach flower essence releases unconscious fears, and emboldens you to make decisions in your best interests.
CHLORITE (PHANTOM QUARTZ) is a soft green mineral held with clear quartz crystals as they began to form. It resonates with Raphael, the Archangel traditionally linked to healing and purification. Chlorite essence is is a good environmental purifier. It smashes apart alien constructs, detaches entities, and removes implanted symbols and visual templates. It energetically removes toxins at every level,such as fluoride found in toothpaste and treated water, that can cause calcification of the Pineal gland, which is said to lead to the loss of all intuitive senses, and is also claimed to play a part in causing dementia.. Chlorite gem essence alleviates anxiety and panic attacks, and helps to re-programme subtle cellular memory to assist one's highest potential
FIRE AND ICE QUARTZ - This essence is a light bringer for opening the Third Eye, activating expanded consciousness and assisting in the evolution of the Earth and its inhabitants. It works through the Pineal gland to rebalance the etheric, causal and higher spiritual bodies. It is an essence for new beginnings and profound spiritual growth.
FLUORAPATITE is a catalyst for change and is a useful tool in conflict resolution. Fluoropatite essence enhances the properties of other gemessences when added to a combination with them. It realigns thespiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies, buffers the demandsof the external World, and provides one with the ability to channelcosmic energies through one's being. It also instils clarity ofthought that helps one to make the right decisions.  
HOLLY BLUE AGATE is a gentle soft blue stone. Its essence stimulates the higher crown chakras to connect with the heart and Third Eye chakras to increase intuition and spiritual insight. It opens the Alta Major chakra at the base of the skull, and grounds high spiritual vibration energies coming into one from other realms, so that they can benefit the material World. It removes karmic encrustations, alien implants and outdated ancestral programming.
LARIMAR gem essence connects to the Earth Goddess and stimulates evolution of life on Earth. It opens the Third Eye, raises one's consciousness and harmonizes mind, body and spirit to new higher vibrations.It empowers one to speak the truth from the heart, with assistance from angelic realms and communications from higher realms. It removes attached entities and energy blockages, ameliorates emotional extremes and promotes clear and constructive thought.
PIETERSITE- Links everyday consciousness to the spiritual, reminding one that you are a spirit having a a human experience. Pietersite essence stimulates the Third Eye and the Pineal gland to enhance intuitive abilities. It removes beliefs and conditioning imposed by those in authority, It helps you to recognize the truth or lies of others. It dissolves stubborn blockages and dispels confusion. It releases one from vows and promises made in the past, and promotes walking your own truth. It energises the meridian pathways of the body.
QUANTUM QUATTRO - a green, blue and turquoise combination of Dioptase,Malachite, Shattuckite, Chrysocolla and Smoky Quartz, grounds spiritual energies onto the planet ,allowing information to flow freely from all levels of one's being. Quantum Quattro gem essence neutralises and protects one from negative energies and pollutants.It breaks unwanted ties and outworn patterns. It removes hypnotic commands, reverses destructive emotional programming and releases the need to control others. It is especially helpful when you do not know what to do next.
THIRD EYE TUNING FORK – The vibration of this essence opens the Third Eye to enhance psychic vision and the ability to recognize deceit, lies and misinformation.
LINKS TO: Pineal and Pituitary glands, endocrine system, all higher chakras, brain, lymphatic system, fluid balance, cartilage, throat, joints, blood, circulation, immune system,lungs, heart, digestive tract, subtle 12 strand DNA activation, reproduction and urinary tracts, anxiety and panic attacks, cellular memory, metabolism,liver, feet, legs, food absorption, bones, Thymus, headaches,dementia, Parkinsons, psychiatric imbalances, blood oxygenation, T cells, blood pressure, fatigue, shock.