Bach Flower Essences

A. CALM DOWN - Bach Flower Essence Combination

Calm Down - Bach flower essence combination

This Bach Flower combination essence contains Beech, Cherry Plum, Clematis, Elm, Holly, Hornbeam, Pine, Impatiens, Rock Rose,Star of Bethlehem, Vervain and White Chestnut flower essences.

Keywords:emotional and mental calmness, emotional stability, panic, dread,tension, dynamic equilibrium, inner peace, tolerance of others, taking positive action to improve one's emotional state

Dr. Edward Bach believed the flower essences he chose had particular beneficial effects on human emotions, to enable a person to return to a state of dynamic equilibrium, that if not remedied, might otherwise eventually lead to a physical imbalance.

This Bach flower essence combination is designed to alleviate states of deep anxiety, great fear, persistent worry, irritability, short temper, panic, trauma,shock, over-emotional states, intolerance of others, obsessional fears, getting up tight over small matters, fear of going mad, over-effort, hypertension, burn-out or hysteria. It alleviates over-exhaustion, a feeling of being overwhelmed by one's responsibilities, or the need to constantly criticize, change, control or blame others when things go wrong. It grounds and centres one, overcomes tension and and instils mental and emotional calmness. It instigates an inner resolve to take positive action, the ability to endure and cope with day to day annoyances and challenges, and the ability to let go of deep discontent or destructive impulses/obsessions. It brings relief from incessant mental chatter and discourages one from dwelling on unresolvable internal arguments.

Links to: - Exhaustion, break-down, insomnia, violent temper, aggressive unhappiness with one's life, digestive system, nervous system, adrenaline, adrenal glands, amygdala, pineal gland, brain hemispheres.

AB. LIGHTEN UP - Bach Flower Combination


This Bach Flower essence combination contains Agrimony, Autumn Gentian,Elm, Gorse, Hornbeam, Larch, Mustard, Oak, Olive, Pine, SweetChestnut, Walnut, Wild Oat and Wild Rose essences.

Keywords:  Black moods, despair, melancholy, hopelessness, distress, despondence, all hope abandoned, dread, powerlessness, pessimism, dissolution, perseverance, discouragement, optimism, confidence, light-heartedness, will to live, desire to overcome challenges.

Lighten Up combination Bach Flower essence is for these difficult times when many are feeling are feeling distressed, discouraged, despondent, out of sorts, fearful and disempowered. It is designed to alleviate dark thoughts, anguish, deep despair, gloom, inner turmoil, apathy or extreme pessimism. The essences replace those negative emotions with light-heartedness, the ability to laugh, have confidence and the faith, perseverance and optimism that one's challenges and problems will be overcome.

Links to SAD, dark thoughts and depressive moods, emotional equilibrium, lack of energy, mental imbalance, digestive problems.

AC. RECOVERAID (Bach Flower combination
RECOVERAID - (Contains Cherry Plum, Clematis, Rock rose, Impatiens and Star of Bethlehem)
15ml flower essence in mineral water and brandy.
Can be used for all emergency situations. Recoveraid essence is for alleviating shock, anxiety, fear, worry, panic, traumas etc. Take one to six drops every ten to thirty minutes under the tongue, or add the drops to a glass of water, until a calmer state of mind is achieved. Where it is not possible or advisable to take anything by mouth, rub a few drops into crown of head or forehead, on the palms of the hands, and if possible on the base chakra at the base of the spine. For animals either add a couple of drops to their drinking water, put the essence on a pet biscuit, or add a few drops to the palm of your hand to stroke through fur or feathers.
NB: The 8.1.12 Daily Express "Insider" business section reported that the combination of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Rock Rose, Impatiens and Star of Bethlehem Bach flower essences can provide comfort and relief from "e-anxiety" caused when Smartphone users cannot get on-line!
AGRIMONY (Bach Flower)
AGRIMONY - Hidden anxiety, inner turmoil, restlessness, over-sensitivity.

Essence promotes peace and inner calm in those who hide their anxiety, restlessness and distress, brought about by dislike of conflict or argument. Outwardly they appear to be jovial and robust, but because they are unable or fearful of expressing their sensitive natures, they may have found themselves turning to alcohol, drugs or comfort food to anaesthetise their inner turmoil, and maintain their outer mask of constant cheerfulness.
ASPEN (Bach Flower)
If you wish to make an order for Aspen, just place your order in the usual way. If you want to order either CENTAURY or CERATO essence instead, please send me a message that you want either Centaury or Cerato essence in the shipping box on your order form.

ASPEN - Unknown fears, hysteria, dread, confusion, vulnerability, feeling overwhelmed.

For those who are easily panicked, who have nightmares or feelings of unexplainable dread. Essence brings an ability to face the unknown with courage. It encourages calmness, especially in emergency situations. Breaks pattern of habitual fear.

CENTAURY - Timid, submissive, weak-willed, self-critical, disempowered.

Centaury is for the type of person who is timid and submissive, and often has difficulty in saying "no" to the demands of others. They tend to work beyond their strength in an effort to please others, and are often victimised. Essence helps to instigate clear self-boundaries, and promotes a healthy understanding of one's own needs.

CERATO - Indecision, lacking in concentration, lack of confidence, self-doubt.

For those who are over-dependent on the opinions of others, and who are lacking in self-confidence. Essence removes indecision, and stimulates self-confidence and trust in one's own judgement.
BEECH (Bach Flower)
BEECH - Intolerance, arrogance, judgemental, narrow-minded, over-sensitive to social environments, inflexible, hypercritical of others.

For those who are judgemental, narrow-minded and critical of everyone and everything around them. Essence encourages open-mindedness, and tolerance and acceptance of others' differences and imperfections.
If you want to order either Chicory or Holly Bach Flower remedies please make an order for Beech but add a message in the shipping instructions box that you want to order Chicory or Holly essence instead.
CHICORY (Bach Flower) - Attention-seeking, possessive, needy, self-centred, controlling, manipulative, over-critical, emotional blackmail.Chicory types are needy, interfering, over-possessive, critical and attention-seeking. Essence instigates a sense of emotional security. It fills in the black hole of neediness and brings an understanding of others' needs. It releases the need for dominance, and encourages the ability to give love without expecting anything in return.

HOLLY (Bach Flower) - Anger, jealousy, suspicion, envy, aggression, mistrust, pessimism, forgiving, generosity.Essence releases envy, mistrust and jealousy, and encourages calm acceptance, forgiveness, generosity, tolerance, compassion and understanding of others, Holly alleviates hostility, bitterness, and rage which have dominated the personality due to disappointment, loss of love and lack of success in life.
CHERRY PLUM (Bach Flower)
CHERRY PLUM - Fear of loss of self-control or sanity, delusions, nervous breakdown, irrational or compulsive thoughts, uncontrollable temper, hysteria, inner peace, serenity 

Cherry Plum essence is for those who are afraid they might lose their self control or their sanity due to extreme stress, trauma or pain. It's for those who feel desperate, irrational or suicidal. They may have obsessive fears, uncontrolled outbreaks of rage or destructive impulses. They can be prone to mental breakdown, and may find it difficult to let go of a problem.The essence provides strength to deal with and release fears or fixations. It instils a feeling of being guided and protected by a higher power. It promotes a calm, stable, resilient state of mind, despite experiencing extreme stress.
CHESTNUT BUD (Bach Flower)
CHESTNUT BUD - Repeating mistakes, inattentive, slow learner, forgetfulness, fixations.

For those who repeatedly make the same mistakes in life, due to an inability to learn from experience. Essence stimulates focus and observation, and the ability to learn from past errors. it releases bad habits and helps one to get the best out of life.
CLEMATIS (Bach Flower)
CLEMATIS - Poor memory, lacking in vitality, vague, absent minded, day dreamers, sleepy, inattentive, spaced out, clumsy, dizzy, impractical idealists.

This essence is for inattentive, absent-minded, day-dreamers who have little interest in present-day life. It encourages attentiveness, alertness, focus and renewed interest in what is happening around one.
CRAB APPLE (Bach Flower)
CRAB APPLE - Self-revulsion, feeling unclean, over-sensitive, fussy, over-attention to detail, obsessed with impurity.

Essence releases fixations about cleanliness and helps those who are over-fastidious, who feel impure or dirty, or have a sense of self-disgust for bodily functions. This has sometimes arisen due to upbringing, or to being abused. Essence initiates self-respect, releases self-harming tendencies, itchiness and an obsession with impurity. Links to toxins.
ELM (Bach Flower)
ELM - Feeling inadequate, despondent, exhausted, overwhelmed by responsibilities.

Essence releases feelings of inadequacy brought on by being overburdened by duties, too much work or family demands. It brings the realisation that one is not "superman". Elm reinstates faith and confidence in oneself to cope with life's challenges and ignore unrealistic demands on one's time or abilities.
GORSE (Bach Flower)
GORSE - Hopelessness, resignation, discouragement, despair, optimism, will to live.

For those people who feel such hopelessness and lack of energy they give up and refuse to try again. Essence re-instils faith, hope and optimism, and a desire to overcome challenges.
HEATHER (Bach Flower)
HEATHER - Self-centred, poor listener, self-absorbed, vociferous desire for attention.

Essence helps those who hate to be alone, but soon find themselves disliked due to their over-concern with their own problems, and lack of interest in others' lives. Essence promotes emotional self-sufficiency, inner tranquillity, and balanced communication skills.
HOLLY (Bach Flower)
HOLLY - Anger, jealousy, suspicion, envy, aggression, mistrust, pessimism, forgiving, generosity.

Essence releases envy, mistrust and jealousy, and encourages calm acceptance, forgiveness, generosity, tolerance, compassion and understanding of others, Holly alleviates hostility, bitterness, and rage which have dominated the personality due to disappointment, loss of love and lack of success in life.
HONEYSUCKLE - Nostalgia, stuck in the past, regret, pining.

This essence is for helping one move on from past regrets, sorrow, longing or past emotional attachments. It encourages the release of unhappy memories, and stimulates enthusiasm for current issues. It comforts people and animals who don't adjust well to change.
HORNBEAM (Bach Flower)
HORNBEAM - Disinterestedness, mental fatigue, procrastination.

For those are stuck in a rut, who get that "Monday morning" feeling upon rising, and who feel that the daily tasks are an overwhelming burden. Essence reinstates zest and enthusiasm for life.
IMPATIENS - Irritated by others, snappy, quick temper, highly strung, fidgety, frustrated, intolerant, inner restlessness, co-operative, Brings patience, understanding and calm acceptance to those who quickly get irritated with others who are slower than them. Ameliorates snappiness, bad temper, intolerance, frustration and fidgetiness. Alleviates intense mental suffering. Links to intestines, hot flushes, digestion.
LARCH (Bach Flower)
LARCH - Inferiority, lack of confidence, self-censorship, shyness, nervousness, perseverance, self-determination.

Larch re-kindles hope and confidence in those who feel inferior to others, Essence encourages willingness to try new challenges, and stimulates perseverance in those who expect to fail.
MIMULUS (Bach Flower)
MIMULUS - Every-day known fears, nervousness, phobias, courage.

For those timid, shy people who suffer from everyday, known fears, who say little but find that many things in life frighten them. Essence instils courage to confront fears.
MUSTARD (Bach Flower)
MUSTARD - Sudden gloom, melancholy, S.A.D., powerlessness.

Essence brings emotional equilibrium, serenity and lightness to those who are prone to deep gloom or black moods, seemingly without cause. Also helpful for moody teenagers and those adversely affected by the weather.
OAK (Bach Flower)
OAK - Over-conscientious, inflexible, striving beyond one's limits, shouldering burdens of others.

Oak helps those who are continually striving beyond their endurance, due to their sense of duty and over-conscientiousness. Essence brings acceptance of one's limits, the ability to delegate and to use available energies more wisely.
OLIVE (Bach Flower)
OLIVE (Bach Flower)
OLIVE - Chronic Exhaustion, over-worked, feeling drained, rejuvenation.

For those who are chronically exhausted and have no reserves of strength left, following a long illness or prolonged stress. Olive essence stimulates renewed vitality through re-connection to inner sources of subtle energy and life-force (prana).

PINE (Bach Flower)
PINE (Bach Flower)
PINE - Guilt, self-blame, low self-esteem, self-criticism, self-forgiveness.

Pine helps those who suffer from guilt, low self esteem, and unworthiness. They blame themselves for others' mistakes, and find it difficult to accept praise or gifts from anyone. Essence stimulates self-worth, and brings freedom from inappropriate guilt and self-blame.

If you wish to order Olive or Pine Bach flower essence please order the Oak Bach Flower essence and then put in the shipping details tab on your order form that you would like to have either Olive or Pine flower essence instead. Or email me at with your request to exchange the Oak flower essence to Olive or Pine essence instead.

RED CHESTNUT (Bach Flower)
RED CHESTNUT - Smother love, over-protection of others, fearful anticipation of the worst.

Essence aids those who worry excessively over the safety or well-being of their loved ones. They tend to smother their loved ones with obsessive over-care. Essence instils trust in their loved ones to manage their own lives in a safe and healthy way, and to expect a positive future for them.
ROCK ROSE (Bach Flower)
ROCK ROSE - Hysteria, panic, terror, paralysed with fear, nightmares.

Stimulates courage when facing challenges. Aids those who suffer from known fears, phobias, hysteria, panic, terror, nightmares, fear of death or fear of fear.
ROCK WATER (Bach Flower)
ROCK WATER - Self-denial, martyrdom, over-discipline, rigidity, spontaneity.

Rock Water is the only one of Bach's essences that is not a flower essence.It made from spring water, but not just any spring water. Bach suggested that Rock Water essence is best prepared from spring water with particular qualities that have led to it being known for its healing eg: Lourdes, Glastonbury Chalice Well water etc. The essence helps those who are inflexible, rigid narrow-minded, over-disciplined or very hard on themselves. Essence releases tendencies to self-denial, masochism or martyrdom. It encourages spontaneity, flexibility, kindliness towards oneself and receptivity to change. Links to tight muscles, ligaments, constipation, efficient removal of body waste.
SCLERANTHUS - Indecision, erratic behaviour, mood swings, lack of equilibrium, dithering, reliability, stability.

Essence brings qualities of decisiveness, balance and inner resolve. It banishes uncertainty, dithering, confusion, vacillation, mood swings and hesitation.
STAR OF BETHLEHEM - Shock, past or present trauma, grief, inability to cope.

Essence is for shock, grief and past or present trauma. It brings relief and comfort to those who are unable to get over emotional pain, trauma or loss.
SWEET CHESTNUT - Extreme despair, all hope abandoned, bereavement, anguish, desolation, dark night of the soul.

Essence is for those who feel they have reached the utmost limits of their strength. It initiates courage, comfort and inner strength to those experiencing the dark night of the soul, extreme despair, anguish or hopelessness.
VERVAIN (Bach Flower)
VERVAIN - Over-enthusiastic, workaholic, impulsive, opinionated, hyperactive, stressed, fanatical, bossy, exhaustion from over-striving.

Vervain is for those who find it difficult to relax. They are the classic over-achievers, advising and directing others, needing recognition for their talents and wanting to change the world all at once. They suffer from exhaustion from trying to do too many things at once. Essence promotes moderation and balance, and acceptance of the need to relax.
VINE (Bach Flower)
VINE - Domineering, tyrannical, ruthless, unscrupulous, controlling, bullying.

These types are domineering, tyrannical, controlling and bullying. Essence encourages balanced social interaction and tolerance of others.
WALNUT (Bach Flower)
WALNUT - Held back by others' opinion, vulnerability, coping with change, protection, moving on, breaking with the past, flexibility.

Walnut is for those who are creatures of habit and who hate change. They are often held back by other's opinions. Essence brings release from limiting influences, and stimulates the ability to accept and cope with key life changes and challenges.
WHITE CHESTNUT - Incessant mental chatter, repetitive thoughts, worry, internal arguments.

White Chestnut types are plagued with repetitive thoughts, mental chatter and worry. Essence promotes a calm, clear head, and restores peace of mind and emotional calmness. It discourages worry, nervous habits and un-resolvable internal arguments.
WILD ROSE (Bach Flower)
WILD ROSE - Resignation, indifference, giving up on life, apathy, hopelessness, emotional shut-down.

Wild Rose helps to re-kindle hope and joy in life in those who never complain, but have resigned themselves to failure, resulting in sadness, indifference, dissatisfaction, and a lack of vitality. Essence instils courage, renewed hope and joy in life, and a determination to overcome adversity.
WILLOW (Bach Flower)
WILLOW - Resentful, bitter, victim mentality, feeling unrewarded or mistreated, inflexibility, holding grudges, optimism, understanding.

For those who feel that life is unfair. They are resentful, bitter and spiteful, and blame others for their situation. Essence stimulates a more positive attitude to life, and the taking of responsibility for one's own actions.