Boxed 10ml Jasper Essences selection
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Boxed 10ml Selection of Ten Jasper Gem Essences

In most recent times, especially after the 8.8.8 "Lion Gateway" portal opening), many people have been experiencing the downside of the recalibration that is required for each of us to resonate at much higher frequencies, for the purpose of greatly expanding our spiritual consciousnesses, wisdom and understanding. The great central sun, thought to be in the centre of the Pleiades, has been pulsing out stronger energy waves since 21.12.12. that have led to our sun increasing its frequency and strength of solar flares. This has led, not only many of us experiencing strong power surges followed by deep energy drops, but also to poor sleep patterns, unusual dreams, nausea, body aches, pains, dizziness, spinning sensations, visual disturbances, confusion, suddenly not recognising where we are, buzzing in the ears, and throat and thyroid issues. These symptoms will pass, but in the meantime many of the jasper varieties seemed amazingly appropriate for helping get us to get safely and sanely through these present adjustments to our frequencies. All Jasper stones are composed of a microcrystalline form of quartz, that may include up to around 70% of other multi-coloured foreign materials, either laid down in water-formed, striped sedimentary layers, or all jumbled together in a combination of volcanically-formed substances. Many of the newest exciting discoveries, such as Aqua Terra, Bumble Bee and Polychrome jaspers, are particularly energetic, coming from the seashore or volcanoes on the island of Madagascar. Brief details of all of the ten 10ml Jasper essences selected for this boxed selection follow on below.

AQUA TERRA JASPER - (The Supreme Nurturer)
Aqua Terra Jasper is a most attractive light turquoise to azure blue mineral, that was laid down on the ocean floor, along the coast of Madagascar. This essence is the supreme nurturer, being deeply soothing and calming, even to the busiest of minds. It aligns the subtle bodies, neutralises negative energies, and is especially helpful to those needing protection and reassurance during traumatic circumstances. It also enhances dowsing skills, dream recall and shamanic journeying.
Links to sacral, heart and solar plexus chakras, and on a subtle level to the nervous system.

BUMBLE BEE JASPER - (Achieving the Impossible)
This Madagascan jasper has black, yellow and oranges stripes, like a bumblebee. It instils a strong inner belief in being able to achieve what seems impossible. It is sustaining and supporting through difficult times, overcoming grief, helping one to start afresh, and to rise again like the phoenix, to tackle problems and transform ideas into reality. It helps one to overcome hatred, jealousy, and resentment. It promotes quick thinking and organisational abilities.
Links to sacral chakra imbalances, and on a subtle level to menopause, intestines, circulation, throat, convalescence.

CHOHUA JASPER - (Dragon Energy)
Chohua Jasper is a gentle, light grey stone covered in deep red-brown spots and blotches. This essence stimulates love and passion, and the raising of kundalini energies. It balances Earth's dragon energies, and helps one to balance one's own four inner elements of fire (energy), water (flows), wind (movement/inspiration) and Earth(stability/grounding). It restores self-belief, self-trust and one's good name, helping one to regain one's reputation where it has been lost.
Links on a subtle level to immune system, heart, circulation, arteries, veins, blood pressure, kidneys, skin.

CINNABAR JASPER - (Anger Management)
This essence assists those who are irritable, hyperactive, tetchy or short-tempered, to channel these strong energies into energetic physical challenges, and to transform that excess energy into dynamic assertion. It releases fear and resentment, assists those unable to deal with life's challenges, and re-energizes those lacking any "get up and go". It also protects over-sensitive people from being affected by other people's anger.
Links on a subtle level to liver, genitalia, circulation, blood, spleen, anaemia, iron, vitamin B12, Folic acid.

This essence is for when you want to "stop the world and get off" for a while. If you are surrounded by the chaotic and discordant energies of other people or a situation, this essence puts you into a space of dynamic stillness beyond fear or panic, where you can make calm, pragmatic and objective decisions. It relieves stress, instils a sense of invincibility, and makes the world seem a brighter, lighter and more balanced place. Balances Earth, sacral, heart, solar plexus and thymus chakras.
Links on a subtle level to blood pressure, adrenal glands, cells, DNA, kidneys, internal energy changes, etheric blueprint harmony.

LEOPARDSKIN JASPER - (Good Vibrations)
A most attractive stone, covered in pink, chocolate, white, orange and beige circles. This essence draws in beneficial influences and the appropriate helpful people into one's life. It clears ingrained beliefs and assumptions. It is deeply protective and stabilising. It overcomes guilt, insecurities, fear and emotional stress, and is especially useful following trauma, problems, deep concerns or negative experiences. It encourages success in work or business, and also attracts what is truly required for happiness and balance, rather than what one thinks one needs. It helps those who invite disharmony into their lives, because of their need for attention or inherent pessimism, to stop attracting negative experiences and to attract harmonious vibrations instead.
Links on a subtle level to regulatory functions, 12 strand DNA, cellular memory, tissue regeneration, excretion, abdominal pain, skin imbalances, kidney, gallstones, body odour, insomnia.

Owyhee Picture Jasper is a truly amazing mineral that naturally forms cream, brown and orange landscape pictures, complete with blue sky. It is found the desert region bordering the Owyhee river in Idaho. This essence enhances initiative, creative visualisation, higher self communication, visionary abilities and soul recall, Earth harmony and environmental consciousness. It overcomes writers' block, dispels apathy, and lethargy, and a sense of being disconnected from reality.
Links to base and brow chakras, petrochemical miasm, and on a subtle level to pituitary, kidneys, thymus, bowels, hernia, prostate, constipation, bones, skin, premature ageing, immune system, skin, brain hemispheres, hallucinations, disorientated states.

- (Happy Energy)
Polychrome Jasper is an attractive combination of browns, creams, blues, reds, oranges, pinks and mustard-coloured, fossilised sediments. The essence strongly promotes a happy outlook on life. It instils exuberance, vibrancy and courage, and offers support and emotional stamina. It brings one a sense of calm in times of stress or conflict. It harmonises and stabilises one’s personal energies and auric fields. It helps one to adjust to change and diffuses negative emotions. It protects one's energy fields during mediation, trance work or astral travelling.
Links to all chakras, and on a subtle level to allergies, circulation, stomach, liver, gallbladder, sexual organs.

- (Zest for Life)
Poppy Jasper has blood red poppy like circles on a deep, earthy brown/red background. It is a real "get up and go" essence, that promotes action, and encourages a positive, joyful and courageous attitude to life. It balances the base chakra, soothes an over-active libido, and disperses sexual frustration and strong negative emotions. It promotes quick thinking, and instils motivation and determination to see projects through to completion. It strengthens one’s subtle boundaries and cleanses electromagnetic and environmental pollution from one’s subtle bodies.
Links to navel chakra, and on a subtle level to birth processes, cell walls, circulation, digestive and sexual organs, liver, allergies.

- (Core Strength)
This attractive jasper stone has silvery-black leaf-like markings on a caramel-coloured background. This essence promotes independence, will-power and discipline. It grounds and centres, balances all chakras and promotes a sense of inner equilibrium. It instils core strength, to provide one with the capability of standing up for one's beliefs, and also to be able to say "no" to excessive demands upon one from others. It enhances mental acuity, especially where there is a tendency to get muddled, confused, or to lose focus.
Links on a subtle level to liver, gallbladder, stomach, energy levels.

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