Blessings Essence

Blessings (15ml Essence)
This potent flower and gem combination essence includes Pink Lotus (from Hawaii), Madonna Lily, Magenta Rose, and White Peony (from Languedoc), and Star of Bethlehem (from Devon, UK) flower essences, with Blue Tourmaline, Chalcopyrite, Chrysoprase, Diamond, Erythrite, Eudialyte, Fluorite, Garnet, Green Calcite, Lepidolite, Pink Calcite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Smithsonite, Topaz and Turquoise gem essences.
Keywords: Release of destructive childhood beliefs, inner child healing, emotional cord removal, overcoming emotional blockages, victim consciousness, self-hatred and self-sabotage. Instigates forgiveness, self-confidence, self-worth, self-belief, self-acceptance, personal empowerment and the ability to succeed.Links to dizziness, Nystagmus, cellular oxygenation.
Blessings Essence is a carefully researched, potent combination of flower and gem essences, that is designed to be a powerful remover of insidious and damaging self-belief patterns. Deep in our psyche is a set of coded instructions, which some would call subtle DNA and others would call mind programmes. This subtle DNA holds records of our strong experiences from childhood. These are created to remind us how behave in society and how to protect ourselves from getting hurt. The child's memory banks also start building up a programme on judgement of our abilities by others. Repetitive negative emotional, mental or physical abuse/misuse builds up certain belief patterns within a small childs subtle DNA/mental data banks, whether or not they are really true, such as their being stupid, useless, bad, clumsy, ugly, fat, silly, etc. However Blessings essence is not just for overcoming hurtful name calling. It is particularly aimed at neutralising the most damaging deep-set belief patterns, which scientific research is showing are created when the naturally nave, pre-logic mind of a young child is unable to understand the reason why a unpleasant emotional, mental or physical experience is happening to them. They may then assign an incorrect reason for their experience, such as "my mother didn't want me so there is something wrong with me", "I must be bad/unworthy of love because my mother/father left me", or "I must be bad/have deserved this/be of little value because this person is doing something harmful/unpleasant to me" etc. Because the subconscious mind works in present time only, and not in past time, those childhood memories, together with the incorrect pre-logical reasoning, then become destructive, repeating programmes that continue to negatively affect and sabotage that person's behaviour patterns, relationships, desires and ability to succeed throughout life, no matter how hard the conscious mind tries to overcome them. In fact those people affected may not even be consciously aware of their subconscious sabotage programmes. There is also a certain group of humans that are currently being particularly affected by these damaging subtle DNA childhood belief patterns. Past life hypnotherapy research has revealed that higher frequency beings have been being born into human bodies in greater numbers since the early 1970s. A good number are here to help overcome damaging dysfunctional family traits during these challenging times. Not being used to the kind of emotional and mental misuse commonly experienced here, these compassionate and sensitive beings are often particularly negatively affected in childhood by the behaviour of family members towards them, before they get to reach an age where they might begin to understand the real reasons for their family's behaviour. They grew up wondering why they were so different from other members of their family, whether perhaps they were adopted, and with no understanding of why their closest relatives were so unpleasant to them. Blessings is particularly helpful for these sensitive lightworkers, and it also helps them to comfortably accept being different or unique.
*For examples of destructive childhood belief programming scroll down this page to "some examples of destructive childhood belief programming." 
Blessings contains a potent combination of essences that overcomes any resistance to shifting the self-sabotage programmes. They open the heart chakra and align the chakra flow to connect mind and spirit with the emotional body, to bring about a profound reorientation and cleansing of anything shrouding ones true inner self. Together they strengthen the inner core energy to create unshakeable confidence, assurance, balance, dexterity and personal re-empowerment. These essences alleviate past shock and trauma, and cut emotional cords that perpetuate the past. They neutralise the effects of emotional, mental and physical abuse and misuse, thus allowing one to achieve their full potential and soul purpose. They remove lack of self-worth, self-hatred or low self-esteem, and replace them with healthy self-love, self-confidence and self-belief. This essence combination instils fearlessness and fortitude to help one to break through barriers and limitations. It banishes victim consciousness and dissolves festering resentment, dissatisfaction, jealousy, animosity, guilt, martyrdom or self-directed anger, that might manifest as future disease or block ones ability to receive love and abundance. The essences promote forgiveness and a willingness to change. The essences chosen also provide a support structure to ensure that the client avoids a healing crisis whilst the incorrect past beliefs are being neutralised and cleared away. Blessings promotes self-acceptance and overcomes the feeling of not being good enough. It clears away bitterness, disappointment and despondency, and helps one to learn from ones mistakes. It helps one to move away from fear-based emotions and reactions, thus breaking the cycle of abuse for future generations. It neutralises the emotional pain of those who were betrayed, abandoned or felt unloved or unwanted in childhood, and helps one to disengage their sense of identity with those past negative experiences. Blessings releases insecurity, useless regrets and obsessive thoughts, and removes blockages to abundance and success, as it teaches us to honour ourselves as a creation of the divine source.The essences in Blessings link to the adrenals, balance coordination, bladder, circulatory system, cranial plates, digestion, elasticity, fatty tissue, fluid, Earth, base, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras, etheric and emotional body realignment, heart, immune system, kidneys, meridians, optic nerve, pineal gland, pituitary gland, pulmonary system, red blood cells, right/left brain, sleep.

*Some examples of destructive childhood belief programming. An example given in "The Healing Code" Book by Lloyd and Johnson told the story of a young, highly gifted American lady, who was expected to be a higher flyer on Wall Street. However she continued to keep sabotaging her chances of promotion, and was desperate to overcome the cause. It was found that just one small incidence triggered the self-sabotage. As a small four year old girl her mother told her she couldnt have a lollipop like her sister, until she ate a good lunch like her sister. Her pre-logical reasoning put into her memory banks that her mom loved her sister more than her because she didn't like her lunch like her sister did, so there must be something wrong with her. That "something wrong with me"/lack of worthiness kept being reactivated subconsciously as "when others realise there is something wrong with me Im not going to be loved, so Im not going to be successful". Her subconscious therefore constantly sabotaged her efforts to gain career promotion in order to protect her from expected failure and hurt feelings. Another example from a "Rainbow Therapy" client was the effect on a six year old girl who was prevented from moving up a class with her school friends at the end of her first year at primary school. With no explanation given she was forced to endure another year with a teacher who detested her. Her subconscious mind said that she was being punished for being bad/less worthy/less able/slower than any of the other forty odd children in the class. In reality, it was most likely that being ignored and not encouraged in any way at home, plus getting a lot of childhood illnesses in that first school year, were the real reasons for her lack of success in reading and writing. As an adult, although intelligent and full of potential, whenever she was just on the verge of being successful in something she was trying hard to excel in, she would either make a mistake, upset an employer or boss, get mysteriously ill or have an accident, as her subconscious kept replaying the message that she was bad and wasn't clever/good enough to succeed.
Directions for use: -
Blessings Essence can be used on its own (take three drops three times a day in a little water until the bottle is finished), or combined with following the instructions for healing given in "The Healing Code" book. Or you could just buy The Healing Code book on its own and follow the instructions given, but then you would miss the opportunity to try out this very special Blessings essence!