Liquid Light

£ 10.75
15ml SPRAY with essences and essential oils.
This 15ml Liquid Light spray contains a combination of flower and gem essences to promote optimism, perseverance and hope. It is presented in a 50/50% mix of mineral water and Vodka and a combination of warm and uplifting exotic essential oils. It includes Acacia, white Phalaenopsis orchid, Rosemary and Spanish Broom flower essences, and Ametrine, Botswana Agate, Danburite, Diamond, Gold, Herderite, Herkimer Diamond, Iron Pyrites, Smithsonite, Sunstone, and Topaz. The spray is enhanced with Cassia, Frankincense, Lime, Mandarin, Marjoram, May Chang and Myrrh essential oils.

Liquid Light is especially designed to assist lightworkers, therapists, carers and other special beings through the current dramatic and often difficult times of transition. It seems, as James Redfield says in his Twelfth Insight book, that a stage has been reached where some people are aiming to evolve towards a higher personal level of spirituality and understanding, whilst others are stuck in fear, resentment and anger. Lightworkers seek to pull their fellow humans up a higher evolutionary frequency of harmony and co-operation, but others seek to pull down these special people through fear-based manipulation. So, many lightworkers are finding it difficult to stay balanced and detached from all the current challenges of everyday life and world drama, that is exacerbated by the media and those with negative expectations of the future. Liquid Light is designed to keep one balanced, to help one to stay above fear-based manipulation, and to remain detached from the general worldwide morass of unpleasantness and negative experiences that one cannot change. Liquid Light encourages one to focus on personal goals, to remember to nurture oneself and to avoid wasting one's energies on things that cannot be changed. It helps one to be intuitively aware of those who can be helped, and those who would use one's sympathetic nature to drain one of energy, light and hope, in order to fuel their neediness, apathy, anger, resentment or malicious intentions.Liquid Light spray contains four different Acacia essences, from France, Hawaii, Australia and Tunisia. Acacia is an inspirational flower essence, which brings the feeling of sunshine into one's being, as well as instigating an optimistic outlook and a reconnection to the abundance of the Universe. Acacia also helps you to listen to and act upon your own needs. In addition, Koa, the native Hawaiian Acacia, opens one's crown chakra to the highest solar realms, filling it with high frequencies of light. These instil a feeling of deep peace, and gently ease away the problems of daily life, that can have such a stranglehold on one’s consciousness. The pure white Phalaenopsis orchid essence brings in the energy of Archangel Michael, for protection and the removal of negative influences. Rosemary essence revitalises one, brings clarity of mind and overcomes confusion. French "Spanish" Broom promotes hope, and instils strength, tenacity and perseverance through difficult times. It also banishes misery and pessimism. In general the gem essences in Liquid Light have been chosen to protect one’s subtle bodies from harm, to cleanse away negative energy, alleviate stress and tension, repair energy leaks in the aura and draw high frequency energy into the subtle bodies, that are so needed when in the presence of negatively focussed people. Herkimer Diamond activates the light body and aligns meridians. Ametrine supports taking control of one’s life, and instils a feeling of well-being, that is not disturbed by external influences. Smithsonite helps to form a buffer against life’s problems, and heals the inner child and experiences of abandonment and abuse. Sunstone re-instigates joie-de-vivre when life has lost its sweetness, or when life is all work and no play. It helps one to remind one to nurture oneself, and is beneficial for tie-cutting, especially when one feels compelled to continually make sacrifices for others. Sunstone promotes confidence, self-worth and self-empowerment, and detaches one from a feeling of being discriminated against, disadvantaged or abandoned. Danburite is an essence for emotional rescue. It soothes the heart and releases stress, worry, grief, fear, resentment, anger and anxiety, whilst bringing in high frequency light and facilitating assistance from one’s highest guides. Gold is one of the greatest of heart chakra balancers. It overcomes emotional paralysis and fear, lifts one out of dark thoughts, and quickens the desire of the intellect towards reaching enlightenment and illumination of the higher self. It is especially useful to use when one feels overburdened with responsibilities. Herderite activates the higher chakras to facilitate the gathering of higher light frequencies. It helps one to maintain an objective perspective when dealing with emotionally charged situations, and prevents the triggering of fear of what might happen in the future. It also prepares one to be ready for a step up in vibrational frequencies. Botswana Agate helps one to see the bigger picture, and removes dualist conflicts of the mind, as well as a tendency to dwell upon problems. Diamond promotes fortitude, imparts fearlessness and instils a feeling of invincibility. It activates the crown chakra, releases insecurity and aids enlightenment. It also assists in blocking geopathic and electromagnetic stress. Topaz is an emotional and mental re-charger. It attracts helpful and like-minded people to each other, bestows confidence and pride in one’s abilities, and strengthens one's faith and optimism. It is recommended that this Liquid Light spray be used daily for as long as necessary, together with healthy mood-enhancing foods, to ensure that spirit, mind and body are kept from being pulled down into the realms of grief and fear. Mood-enhancing foods include: -
1. Omega 3, found in fish such as salmon, sea bass, sardines, pilchards, mackerel, swordfish, herring, tuna and trout, fish oil and also in flaxseed oil. Low levels of Omega 3 can lead to depression and headaches.
2. Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) found in fortified cereals, bananas, oatmeal, cabbage, milk, eggs, brewer’s yeast, wheat germ and cantaloupe melon, for coping better with daily stress and tension.
3. Vitamin C, from fruit, for combating stress, boosting the immune system and instigating a positive outlook. Vitamin C is especially rich in citrus fruits, melon and berry fruits.
4. Fibre, found in vegetables, whole fruits, oatmeal, apples, beans, celery, cucumbers, carrots and brown rice. When eaten with a meal the consumption of fibre helps to prevent a drop in blood sugar, which can lead to irritability and sluggishness after eating a large meal.
Also aim to get enough sleep (7-8 hours per night). Enough sleep, laughter, sunshine and exercise on a daily basis are important for raising the level of the mood-enhancing body biochemical called Serotonin.Liquid Light Spray links to all miasms, all chakras, the pituitary, pineal and amygdala, metabolism, circulatory flows, etherial fluidium, endocrine system, digestive tract, gall bladder, liver, lungs, skin, sleep, energy, S.A.D. and the removal of energy hooks.

Directions for use: Spray a little on your hands. Lightly rub your hands together. Cup your hands over your nose and mouth and inhale three times. Then sweep your hands through your aura. You can also spray a little Liquid Light on the soles of your feet. If you can, find someone to spray a little Liquid Light on the base of your spine. Then ask them to place both thumbs on the spine and lightly pass them up the spine, through the spray, to the base of the skull, and then drop the thumbs back down to shoulder level and run each thumb outwards across the top of the shoulders to the top of the arms, in one flowing movement. This can be repeated two or three times per day if required.
Do not ingest Liquid Light spray! Avoid getting Liquid Light Spray in the eyes, nose or mouth. Quickly wash eyes, nose or mouth with lukewarm water if you inadvertently splash the spray over these sensitive areas. If you have sensitive skin, try a small amount on the insides of the wrists or soles of the feet first. Avoid using this spray if you are pregnant/suffer from eczema, unless you have taken advice from a qualified aromatherapist that you will be ok to use it.