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This is my first newsletter for the Gaia Essences website.  I will be writing the occasional newsletter with details of any new essences or special offers.
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At the top left of this newsletter is a picture taken using special Russian software, sent in by a client of mine. The chakras are represented as coloured globes. The small coloured diamonds up the centre of the picture show where the chakras should be, if a person's chakras are in full balance. The first picture to the left was taken before Gaia Aura Cleanse and Seal Angel spray was used. It shows all of the chakras are a long way off the central diamonds. It reveals that this client is probably extremely stressed. She is way off balance in mind, body and spirit, and is therefore very susceptible to absorbing any negative energies around her. The second picture on the right shows the beneficial effects of just a one time use of Gaia Aura Cleanse and Seal Angel Orchid Spray. Not only have all the chakras been drawn much nearer to the central diamonds, showing the client is much more in balance now, but all of the chakras have become larger and are of equal size, showing that Aura Cleanse and Seal has rebalanced the energies in each of her chakras, so that she is now better protected from external negative influences. This client told me that she now always uses Aura Cleanse and Seal Angel spray every morning before she leaves the house. 

There are some more "proof of benefit" pictures elsewhere on this website. For instance click on the "Testimonials" section at the very top of the "home" page to see a Kirlian pictures of before and after using "Aura Cleanse and Seal" Spray. Click on "Benefits of using flower and gem essences" at the bottom left hand side of the home page beneath the list of Gaia Essences ranges to see aura photos of before and after using "Leading Light" and "Self Belief" Angel Orchid Sprays.
I have a new product range available now. It is called the Sacred Place essence range. Each essence comes from a sacred site in the world, and bestows its special attributes to the user through the essence. You can find this range by going to the bottom of the product range listing on the left hand side of the home page.

Blessings Cathie Welchman, 
Gaia Essences for the World

<span style='font-family: Arial;color: #000000;'>Newsletter 4 - 12/12/12</span>

NEWSLETTER B - 12/12/12


The new (Elite) Shungite gem essence is now available. The following is some research provided by Cathie Welchman of Gaia Essences if you wish to use raw Shungite stone in your drinking water. My sources are,, and .

Shungite is only found at the Zazhoginskoye deposits, near lake Onega in the Karelia region of NW Russia. It is estimated to be almost 2 billion years old, and is found in very ancient layers of the earth’s crust, that were created when there were no life forms on Earth. The American explorers who first discovered it were awarded a Nobel prize for their research on it. Shungite is similar in appearance to coal. It is the only carbon-based stone discovered so far, with the carbon being present in the form of microscopic Fullerene balls. These Fullerene balls have been found to be powerful anti-oxidants. They remove free radicals in the body that attack one‘s tissues, and are major cause of the ageing process. The energy of Shungite is said to link to the wizard Merlin. It grounds and protects one from all types of negative energies. It infuses the auric field with light and provides an auric shield around one. It protects one against harmful solar and geopathic energies and against electromagnetic radiation, as found in cell phones, computers, televisions and microwaves ovens. It purifies water and infuses it with special healing properties. In water Shungite absorbs and eliminates anything that is a health hazard to human life, such as pesticides, fluoride, chlorine, nitrates, copper, iron and pathogenic micro-organisms, and it enriches the water in potassium. It contains almost all the elements in the periodic table that are necessary and beneficial to humans, and it acts as a catalyst for positive change and growth. Shungite spurs one on to the total healing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It neutralises and disperses lower energies that are lodged within the auric field, and helps one to adapt and adjust to the new higher frequencies coming into the Earth’s atmosphere now. These higher frequencies will be needed by all to raise their vibrational energies. Shungite helps to restore depleted energies that are the result of conflicting energies currently arising from this shift to a higher vibration. Eventually, with regular use, Shungite can also eliminate ancestral memories and negative beliefs, that do not serve the highest interests of the individual.

Shungite can be used for drinking without any prior cleansing. It is said to be helpful to those recovering from illness, and to help alleviate cardiovascular problems, allergies, arthritis, hair and skin problems, respiratory problems and asthma, inflammation, wounds and cuts, musculoskeletal tissue problems, chronic fatigue, anaemia, acne, stomach aches, backache, stress, headaches, migraine, gastritis, dyspepsia, kidney disease, diabetes, gallbladder imbalances, immune system deterioration, pancreatic diseases and common colds. Shungite water becomes a colloidal solution of hydrated fullerenes, and has been shown by Russian scientists to dramatically decrease histamine in the blood stream, thus causing a big decrease in allergies. 

The American researchers recommend that one should drink at least 2-3 glasses of Shungite water a day, to cure or prevent digestive, muscular or neural system illnesses, stomachitis, arthritis, osteoarthritis or varicose veins, and to increase circulation of the blood. Daily use of Shungite to wash the face or body also improves elasticity of the skin, giving it a healthy look. It also helps one to get rid of acne, skin redness and other skin problems. In a final rinse it helps to alleviate hair loss, strengthens hair roots and fights dandruff. External use also helps to heal burns, cuts and calluses. They also say some simple mouthwashs with Shungite water can cure sore throats, colds and tonsillitis.

The Russians recommend putting some Shungite stones on the bottom of a container holding 3 litres of water. After 48 hours the water is said to be biologically active and is ready for external and internal use. Put the Shungite stones out in sunlight every month, and replace the stones altogether after six months. With just one piece of Shungite it is recommended that you put the Shungite in a glass full of water and leave overnight. Upon rising remove the Shungite stone and drink the glass of Shungite-empowered water. Put the Shungite back in the glass and refill the glass with water. Drink that water before lunch and repeat the procedure above and/or at bedtime. Repeat this daily routine for around one month, or continue daily if you are constantly exposed to electromagnetic pollution. You may need to leave the stone out in sunlight once a month, and you might need to replace the stone after six months, but dowse to find out how long you can continue using the same stone for. 

Have a good Christmas. 


Cathie Welchman

<span style='font-family: Arial;color: #000000;'>Newsletter 5 - 5/9/13</span>


Hi Everyone,

August has been a very busy month for essence making, and there's quite a number of new products either available on this website, or planned for imminent arrival.

I am particularly excited about the new range of 10ml Fragrant Colognes. There are five in the range, Aura Protector, Calm Seas, Golden Rays, Love and Gratitude and Mint Zing, all chock-a-block full of a complex range of essences and wonderful essential oils. They had their first proper public outing yesterday evening (4th September) at my talk for the Wessex Research group in Frome, Somerset. I am delighted to say they were most enthusiastically snapped up, with Calm Seas and Golden Rays being the most popular. The equivalent essences are on the site as well now, for those who prefer to use just essences, without the oils. 

Also new, in the Angel Orchid and Gem Essence range, is "Joy". This is for those who often wake up feeling a bit out of sorts,  grumpy, snappy or irritable, The "Joy" Orchid and Gem spray  includes the wonderfully uplifting essential oils of Rose and Champaca.

The latest addition to the Gem Essences range is Adamite. Check out the details under "Adamite - Enthusiasm" in the Gem Essences section, on the left hand side of this home Page. I have been exceptionally lucky in obtaining a good sized piece of this beautiful pale lemon coloured crystal. Good sized crystals are expensive to obtain, without being attached to a huge lump of matrix. Love it! Am going to be using a lot.

<span style='font-family: Arial;color: #000000;'>Newletter 6 - 21/3/2014</span>

NEWSLETTER D - 21/3/2014

Another Spring, and us Bach Flower remedy makers are all busy making our new year's essences for his range. This year I am delighted to say that my own seven year old male Aspen tree had catkins for the first time, (see photo above) and that a local source of the female Aspen trees were absolutely dripping with catkins. They must have appreciated the extremely wet start to the year! My own 11 year old garden Hornbeam is bearing catkins for the first time too, and I also had a bumper crop of sweet-smelling Cherry Plum blossom. Roll on the Chestnuts, Elm, Oak, Beech, Pine and Larch.

I've also added a few more Gem essences. That range is slowly getting bigger and bigger! From the Robert Simmon's range of gems comes the Astaraline, Guardianite, Merkabite Calcite and Tibetan Tektite essences.

Enjoy the Spring season!

Cathie Welchman

<span style='font-family: Arial;color: #000000;'>Newsletter 7 - 2nd August 2105</span>


I've been very busy taking advantage of a bit of sunshine these last few months making quite a number of new essences. The gem picture above shows some of my new purchases. They are from left to right, starting at the back Bumble Bee Jasper raw slab, next row from the left - Titanium Quartz, Chohua Jaskper shield, Owhee Painted Desert Picture Jasper, next row - Aqua Terr Jasper pendant, Poppy Jasper pyramid with Gaspeite right in front of it, Shell Jasper, front row - Eye of the Storm Jasper, Bumble Bee Jasper (polished), Silver Leaf Jasper, Lazurine, Kambaba pyramid. Other new gem essences include Cerrussite, Diaspore, Richterite and Triphane, Victorite, and the rare and the hard to find Valentinite and Stibnite combination and (Full details in Judy's Hall's Crystal Bible 3) Some of these are now for sale and details can be found in the gem essences range. Please contact me by email on  if you would like one of the essences made from the above gems that are not listed in the gem essence range at present. I might have a mother essence available to make a stock essence for you. 

The details of Asiatic Lily Lionheart and Streptocarpus "Wow" essences are now detailed in the Exotic Flower Essences range.

<span style='font-family: Arial;color: #000000;'>Newsletter 8 - 12/01/16</span>

NEWSLETTER F - 12/01/16

You may be wondering why I have included my piece on "Why Cut out Wheat Products" below in my Gaia flower and gem essence newlsetter. Here's why.

Scientific research has shown modern wheat flour has some highly undesirable effects on human health. Flower and gem essences were never designed fix problems associated with eating foodstuffs that are harmful to one's health, but they can assist one mentally to change habits of a life-time and take positive steps towards eating a healthier and safer diet. As well as my regular essences I have many new essences on my website, that can help one to do this, including BASTNASITE - a soft orange mineral that is a catalyst for change, BRUCITE - a sky-blue crystal for helping one to take decisions and make changes, LINARITE - an azure-blue crystal that provides a key to a brighter future and helps us to live with limitations, ACTINOLITE - for moving forward in life, BUMBLEBEE JASPER - an orange, yellow and black mineral for achieving the impossible, POPPY JASPER - for increasing zest for Life and GO GETTER - a "get up and go" combination essence for increasing activity and success.

Large amounts of ingested carbohydrates and sugar cause the body fluids to become too acid for the body to function properly. Too much acidity in the bloodstream prevents the proper uptake of oxygen by the red blood cells. Oxygen is needed to create energy from food, and for cellular renewal and repair. Cancer cells love an acid environment, as they can function using a non-oxygen(anaerobic) pathway to thrive and increase their tissue mass. Wheat contains a unique form of gluten called gliadin, that is not present in any other grain. Gliadin in pre-war old-fashioned grains was relatively harmless. But, with the cross-breeding and genetic modification that was carried out it in the 1950s, it has been discovered that at least some of the 15 modern gliadins contained within our modern "strong flour" provide the body with an instant hit of sugar. So wheat flour is not therefore a slow-release carbohydrate like other grains and starch containing foods. Two slices of whole-wheat bread can immediately increase blood sugar by more than two TABLESPOONS of pure sugar. (Hence also the huge increase in Diabetes). Because modern wheat provides an instant "high", (like coffee, cola, sugar and alcohol) it is highly addictive and is often eaten at every meal as well as being in most snacks. Cancer cells love this constant supply of instant sugar, but the pancreas/liver cannot cope with this daily onslaught of sugar for long periods of time, so because of increasing acidification normal functioning cells then die due to lack of oxygen, or are themselves turned into cancer cells.

Because wheat has addictive qualities it makes one want to eat more of it, so it is an appetite stimulant, which together with its ability to enhance the production of certain body substances within visceral (belly and hip) fat, it also actively stimulates weight gain. Over-consumption of wheat products can also lead to IBS, Coeliac disease, Diverticulosis and Colitis, due to Gliadin's inflammatory effect on the lining of the gut.

Arthritis is caused by glycation. Glycation is when the blood glucose increases to a level that causes inflammation in the tissues. Gyclation causes an irreversible modification of proteins in the bloodstream and in body tissues, including joints, such as the knees, hips and hands. The cartilage in joints is extremely susceptible to glycation. When cartilage proteins, such as collagen and aggrecan become glycated they become abnormally stiff, making the cartilage brittle and eventually causing crumbling.
Information extracted from "Wheat Belly" book by William David MD,

Cathie Welchman

NEWSLETTER G - 15TH March 2018

In a recent local flower essence group meeting I was asked to find out why Dr. Edward Bach chose to boil his final 19 new essences. Some essence practitioners think it might have been because of the lack of sunshine at the time of year many of the 19 new essences were made. Others think that it might have been to do with the lack of time he had left to make them before he died. I don't know whether anyone had thought of contacting him in spirit before. However, I was fortunate enough to be able to contact him through my spirit guide. Below are the results of my conversation with him.


Dr. Bach said "The 19 new essences are made using the boiling method in order to release saps, resins, oils and phytogens (immunity substances made by the plant), by breaking open the cell membranes (walls). For this reason they are more like homeopathic remedies, in curing "like with like", although, because they are not as diluted as homeopathic remedies, they still can be considered as being true vibrational flower essence remedies."

He said "The 19 essences are for negative inherited/ancestral personality traits. They work at the interface between spirit and body from the moment of birth, where spirit talks to the physical body via a set of subtle DNA messengers. Subtle inherited genetic mutations lead to malformed personality traits, that can adversely affect the mental, emotional and physical well-being of a person. Some would call these malformed inherited personality traits miasmas (miasms). These mutations also stem from the combination of genes with a species other than what was meant for the original Earthling eg. over-aggression and the desire to kill." (In his opinion)

He said" Bach flower essences work best when administered in pairs - one for the outer personality that is presented to the World, and the other for the hidden, inner personality.

He said "In some cases it is helpful to combine Star of Bethlehem essence with any of the 19 new essences, in order to bring the problem to the surface." (conscious awareness).

Dr. Bach said "he worked with the four elements of water, fire, earth and air and so season and place were important to him.  He also worked with different earths; clay, bog, iron-rich soils, limestone, sandstone and granite." So that is why, in some cases, he chose certain flowers to make essences from in particular regions, when they were relatively common throughout the country, eg: He chose to make Impatiens, Mimulus, Gorse, Heather and Rock Water in the Brecon Beacons, where the uplands are frequently old red sandstone.


Cathie Welchman