Dowse, muscle test, use intuition or your own method to find out how many doses of an essence should be taken daily. Then find out how many drops per dose should be taken. In general the usual recommended dosage is 2 - 5 essence drops, two to four times daily.

Dowse/muscle test etc. to find out what time of day the essences should be taken. If two doses are to be taken for instance, the times are often before breakfast and last thing before bedtime.

Dowse/muscle test etc. to find out how long the essence should be used for - a week/more than 2 weeks/one month etc. Some people prefer not to dowse/etc. for the length of time an essence should be taken. If you choose you can continue to take the essence until the desired effect is achieved, or continue to take the drops until the bottle is finished. A 15ml essence bottle contains up to approximately 220 drops, but this very much depends on whether the dropper top is squeezed gently or squirted strongly.

Avoid taking the essences at mealtimes. If a mealtime is coming up and the essence drops have not yet been taken, leave around half an hour at least after the meal is finished before taking the drops. Normally one would take the drops at least half an hour or more before eating a meal.

The essence drops can be taken under the tongue or in a glass of mineral water. If several different essences are to be combined together in one dosage, it is best to add all of the drops to water at one time. Avoid mixing essences that "stimulate" and essences that "calm" together. Try to combine essences together that complement each other or are similar, and are working on the same issue/problem.

A drop of two of an essence can also be rubbed into chakras, the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet. This method is especially useful where nothing can be taken/allowed by mouth. In emergency or where the person is unconscious, rub a drop or two of essence on the crown of the head, and a drop or two at the base of the spine. For animals/birds put a drop or two of essence on your palm and stroke it into the animal's head/coat where possible.

Around 12 essence drops can be added to an atomiser with water to spray through the aura, over a animal, or around a particular place. This is especially useful to do where one needs protection quickly from negative energies, where walking through an unsafe or dangerous place has to be undertaken, or where you want to use the essence on a young baby. It may also be helpful if you are not using one of Gaia Essences' ready-made up sprays, such as Aura Cleanse and Seal Spray, to add a couple of drops of Lavender oil to the essence and water in the atomiser.

Young babies love to have their tummy area massaged gently in a clockwise direction. Essences can be added to neutral, un-fragranced creams or lotions for a massage.

Store essences out of direct sunlight, and not in very warm places. Do not store your essences in the fridge. Once opened your essences will still remain viable for some considerable time, providing the above directions about storage are followed, as they are preserved in brandy.

All Gaia essences can be taken by mouth or rubbed on body parts. Do not take any of the Gaia Essence sprays by mouth. They all contain essential oils and are designed for spraying through the aura/over a place only.