The three aura photos above illustrate some of the beneficial effects of Gaia essences and sprays. The first photo on the left shows my aura before using any essences/sprays. It's colour is mainly yellow, showing that I am generally creative, easy-going, intellectual and optimistic.
The second photo, in the middle, was taken immediately after I had used "Self-Belief" Angel Orchid spray on my crown chakra. It is still predominantly yellow, showing that my general optimism has been retained. But now the colour green has been introduced into my aura, showing that the spray has promoted the feeling of hope into my being. The rather orangy solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra) in the first picture (revealing a degree of worry) has been transformed into a beautiful sunray yellow in the middle picture, providing me with more confidence and gut self-encouragement. In the middle picture the third eye chakra (6th chakra) has changed from a deep reddish colour to a lovely magenta pink (not very clear on the photo), and the pink crown chakra has changed to a pure white colour, showing that the Self Belief Spray has not only had a beneficial effect on the physical mind, but has also drawn in spirtual help to increase belief in myself.
The third aura photograph was taken immediately after I sprayed the Gaia "Leading Light" Angel Orchid spray on my crown chakra. The colour of my aura has changed completely from yellow to blue and green. The "Leading Light" spray has promoted and brought forward the green ray supportive, loving, caring, healer aspects of my being, together with the blue ray authority, calmness and feeling in control aspects of my personality. Notice the huge pink heart chakra (4th chakra) and throat chakra (5th chakra), showing the promotion of the caring, counselling, expressive aspects of my personality. In this third photo the lower three chakras have shrunk considerably compared to the first aura photo, where no spray was used. This shows a much greater ability to clearly express myself, and a greater empathy for others in my leadership/teaching role.


1. They stimulate our own ability to heal imbalances on an emotional, mental and spiritual level.

2. They alleviate stress, anxiety, fear and irritability, and enhance our ability to live in balance, create well-being and stimulate emotional, mental and spiritual growth and understanding.

3. They can be used whenever you feel out of balance, and you do not have to be physically ill to call up upon their assistance to return one to balance after trauma, grief, difficult changes or challenges.

4. They work by balancing one’s unique energy pattern and stimulate lasting changes, rather than just covering up the symptoms like many allopathic medicines do.

5. They can be used by anyone of any age, including babies and the very ill and also by pets and on plants.

6. Contain no noxious substances and have no negative side effects.

7. One cannot take too much of an essence. If the essence is inappropriate for one’s needs nothing happens.

8. Flower and gem essences do not interfere with other healing methods or medication, and the effectiveness of the essences is not effected in any way by other therapies.

9. They provide a simple system of healing that anyone can use.

10. Where it is not possible to take the essences under the tongue or in water, the essences can be added to water in an atomiser on their own or with essential oil, to spray through one’s aura. Essence drops can be gently massaged into the skin or the fur of an animal, rubbed into the palms of the hands or soles of the feet, or put onto chakras or acupuncture points.