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This Aura Protection from Harmful Energies combination essence contains Amethyst, Aegirine, Anandalite, Aqua Aura Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Cathedral Quartz, Chlorite, Emerald, Eye of the Storm Jasper,Fluorite, Goshenite, Helidor, Iolite, Klinoptilolite (Zeolite),Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Nunderite, Nuumite, Obsidian, Peridot, Pietersite, Poppy Jasper, Pyrite, Quantum Quattro, Red Jasper, Satyaloka Azeztulite, Smoky Quartz, Specular Hematite, Rutilated Quartz, Selenite, Tantalite, Tigers Eye and Trolleite gem essences.

The Aura Protection from Harmful Energies gem combination essence is specifically designed to assist people through a difficult, but temporary stage of the Ascension Process. The Ascension Process involves more and move waves of high frequency energies being sent to Earth to fill our beings with higher light frequencies, in order to ultimately raise human consciousness to a higher vibrational level. This process will instigate optimum health, lower the need for much physical food, improve our immune systems, increase intuitive abilities to enable us us to uncover all lies and deceptions, and instil contentment and peace.

At present, as the Ascension process gathers pace, increasing numbers of ordinary people have become more uncomfortably aware of unpleasant low vibration energies emanating from some of those they come into close contact with in the workplace, in hospitals, at social gatherings or in crowded situations. These low level vibrations are exacerbated by exposure to electromagnetic pollution and by incessant bad news promulgated by the media. These low vibrations range from general unhappiness with life, anxiety, fear, high stress levels, aggressive attitudes, poor health, added chemicals, chronic drug dependence, substance abuse and overuse of alcohol; to jealousy, negative intentions, unspoken criticism of one, hatred, ill will or deliberate ill-wishing, that results in empaths, sensitive people and those experiencing expanding consciousness symptoms leave their work place feeling frazzled and utterly exhausted but unable to relax, and suffering from "wired/buzzy” brains, irritation, insomnia, headaches (especially weekend headaches) low immune systems, lack of vitality, depression, and a feeling of being unclean.

This powerful, complex and extensively researched Aura Protection from Harmful Energies combination essence firstly is for bringing help to those empaths, sensitive people and new higher vibration beings who are finding it unsettling and exhausting to be exposed to the lower vibrations of some of the people that they come into close contact with on a daily basis. This combination contains gem essences such as Selenite, Nuumite, Nunderite, Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Chlorite, Klinoptilolite (Zeolite), Aegirine, Labradorite, Tantalite, Fluorite, Rutilated Quartz and Smoky Quartz, to filter out, neutralise and remove negative vibrations on all levels. The essences provide grounding and stability, and multi-dimensional aura protection they strengthen our auric fields and shield our beings and life force energies from the negative effects of any harmful energies that one may come into contact with, including EMF pollutants, hatred, ill-wishing, negative intentions, psychic attack,  personal harmful chemicals and negative constructs of all kinds. The essences neutralise toxins on an energetic level and replenish the aura with purifying energies. They promote the creation of a multidimensional, impenetrable interface at the outer layers of the aura. They are sustaining in times of stress and banish fears and insecurities. They alleviate tiredness, tension, irritability and feeling down that are associated with constantly being exposed to negative energy and  lower vibrations. 

Secondly, this combination contains older and more newly discovered gem essenceshelpers to speed up the rate of consciousness expansion,  so thatwe become immune to the negative effects of constantly being in the close presence of people with lower, negative vibrations. These essencesinclude Satayloka Azeztulite, Anandalite, Cathedral Quartz, Aqua AuraQuartz, Specular Hematite, Pietersite, Quantum Quattro andTrolleite gem essences, some which have beendeliberately introduced to break down barriers to spiritual progress andto promote and facilitate the evolution of humans. They do this within one's subtle being by attracting, drawing in and grounding higher levels of consciousness expanding frequencies, to energise our chakras, subtle bodies and meridianspathways and enable us to quickly move up and past this difficult,in-between stage stage of the Ascension process, so that we canmove up to a vibrationary level where we are no longeradversely affected by lower vibrations, negative energies, EMF pollution, geopathicstress or other local environmental pollutants. Gem essences includedin this combination such as Heliodor, Pyrite, Quantum Quattro,Satyaloka Azeztulite and Poppy Jasper provide us with a sense ofbeing protected and help us to feel more comfortable in socialsettings, especially when in large groups of people. They heighten our intuitive powers, link us to higher dimension guides and infuse uswith a sense of serenity, contentment and positivity.

Linksto tissue inflammation haemoglobin, subtle level tonic, anaemia,blood, liver, spleen, digestive system, immune system , eyes,mercury, toxic chemicals, adrenal soothing, exhaustion, energydepletion, respiratory tract, bronchitis, thyroid, sinuses, insomnia, allergies, parasites, endocrine system, pituitary andpineal glands, lungs, feet, legs, absorption of nutrients, vitality,DNA damage, viruses, asthma, overcoming food cravings.

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This 15ml Aura Repair Spray combination contains Aegirine, Amethyst, Apple Aura Quartz, Aqua Aura quartz, Astrophyllite, Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Elestial Smoky Quartz, Green Tourmaline, Hematite, Kunzite, Kyanite, Labradorite, Malachite, Moldavite, Nunderite, Nuumite, Poppy Jasper, Purpurite, Pyrite, Que Sera, Rhodonite, Rutilated Quartz, Selenite, and Sichuan Quartz gem essences plus a few drops of Helichrysum and Rose Absolute essential oils in Rosewater and a little vodka as a preservative.

 This very gently fragranced spray has been created with a combination of essences that are specifically for energetically repairing tears and holes in the aura and also to strengthen and protect it from harmful energies. They also awaken humanity's yearning towards spiritual growth and enlightenment, and instil the desire to restore one's being to attain holistic equilibrium so that the proper absorption of higher vibration energies can be achieved.

The main symptoms of a leaky aura are experiencing waves of exhaustion without reason, feeling overwhelmed by the everyday tasks of life, waking up feeling tired, fuzzy headed, and as if you've got a hangover, feeling extraordinarily thirsty or hungry (this is your body trying to provide you with more energy) and feeling anxious, irritable, fearful or insecure for no apparent reason. Suffering from a leaky aura also makes it more difficult to adapt to the planned consciousness expansion ("Ascension process”) with higher level frequencies currently pouring into the Earth's atmosphere and our beings in order to raise humanity's vibration.

Essences in this Aura Repair Spray have been carefully chosen to restore proper life-force flow to one's whole being by clearing subtle body, chakra and meridian blockages that have been caused by mental and emotional stress, traumas and memories. They align the chakras and the subtle bodies. They cleanse the aura, release stuck traumatic memories, disperse shock and trauma and clear away emotional wounds and scars from the past. They repair and fill in gaps in the chakras and tears and holes in the aura to prevent energy drains. They remove negative entities, attachments and thought forms and create an impenetrable interface at the outer layers of the aura to effectively keep out energy vampirism and psychic attack. They absorb, neutralise and protect one from emf pollution.

The aura consists of all the energies of the subtle bodies and meridian channels. They are energetically linked to the chakras and the physical body. The chakras send life-force (prana) through the the network of meridians and subtle bodies to all parts of our being. The subtle bodies store and transmit to all levels of one's being the mental and emotional feelings and memories experienced through life.When a physical body part has been injured the emotional shock also damages the aura. A mental, emotional or physical trauma, injury or stress can cause a build up and subsequent blockage in the proper flow of life-force through a region of the subtle bodies. This causes pressure in that area and a weakening of the auric envelope (biomagnetic sheath), that if continued with more stress/trauma results in a formation of a little tear or hole through which life-force leaks. Over time these small tears or holes are energetically healed when the stress subsides and  traumatic memories are gradually dissipated via subtle bodies' ability to repair itself. However, once the auric field has been weakened more tears and holes are made by stronger stresses of life.

So by the time we reach middle age, possibly most of us will have suffered at least one big traumatic experience, such as loss of a loved one, losing a job, major surgery or a car accident, or or have had many small frightening/traumatic experiences, even if it is just failing an important exam, or having little accidents, falling over, having teeth pulled out etc., that have led to the formation of several little tears/holes in our aura. These auric holes or gaps can be seen on Kirlian photos of our auras. Normally we put our gradual loss of energy down to the ageing process. In part it is, but in part it is also due to our life-force ( prana), leaking out of our aura through little holes or tears. If you feel frequently exhausted when in the presence of certain people it may be that those people, such as bullies and "poor me - always got a problem” types, or over-demanding relatives/friends are taking advantage of your leaky aura to feed off  your life-force to empower themselves.

This"energy vampirism” is more even severe in people who are suffering from constant abuse, addicted to drugs, or who are frail due to recent surgery, chronic illness, or age related issues.

It has now become even more important to repair, strengthen and protect our auras at this time. This is because our solar system is currently passing through a very wide band of high energy protons surrounding Alcyone, our central sun. These unbonded light protons effect our sun's energies and result in a release of huge M class and sometimes even X class solar flares. These affect the Earth's ionosphere, our biosphere (the sphere that contains all life on Earth) and ultimately our own electromagnetic regulators (central nervous system and circadian rhythms) as well causing great stress, such as poor sleep patterns, fuzzy headedness, forgetfulness, anxiety and insecurity. As well the effect of light protons and huge solar flares there also higher dimension level frequencies being sent to our 3d dimensional  Earth such as The "Oh my God” particle and the most recently discovered Amaterasu extremely high energy cosmic ray reaching Earth from other areas in our Universe, that have baffled scientists. This ever strengthening stream of higher frequency energies has the effect of expanding our consciousnesses and quickening our vibrationary frequencies to ultimately take us into a higher dimension. Since these higher frequencies are taken in through the chakras (particularly the Alta Major chakra at the base of our skulls) and the air we breathe, and then carried through our life-force (prana or chi) meridian network channels to the subtle bodies, instead of a small trickle of life-force finding its way out of auric holes or tears, some people's auras now look like sieves, with their life-force, carrying the high frequency energies streaming out and away from of them as higher frequency influxes continue to get stronger and longer in duration.

Links to: detoxification, operation scars, past sport injuries/sprains,muscle and nerves, muscular pain and cramps, adrenal glands, brain, unexplained weight gain, motor responses of the body, cellular response increase, immune system, pulse stabilisation, bruises, spinal alignment, cell wall boundaries, spleen.

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This Clearing Meridian Energy Blockages combination essence contains Aegirine, Ammolite, Apricot Quartz, Blizzard Stone, Chalcopyrite, Chlorite, Faden Quartz, Fire Agate, Fire Opal, Larimar, Nuumite, Obsidian, Quartz, Que Sera, Richterite, Tantalite, Tourmalinated Quartz, and Zincite gem essences, plus Pink Lotus flower essence.

Keywords: Clearing meridian blockages, repairing and realigning meridians, stimulating,balancing and regulating life force (prana) flow, alleviating causes of meridian blockages, trauma, shock, letting go the past, karmic debris, anxiety, insecurity, shock, post traumatic stress syndrome,fatigue, insomnia, trauma caused forgetfulness, mental confusion,brain fog.

This essence combination is designed to release blockages in one's meridians, and to alleviate and limit the damage caused. It is particularly helpful for overcoming a feeling of feeling "broken”by a trauma, shock, crisis, severe stress or high anxiety, and if you have been experiencing unusual tiredness and fatigue, sleep disturbances, short term memory loss, brain fog,apathy or sudden unexplained pain .

Meridians are sub-molecular, interconnected energy conduits that direct the flow of life force (prana) from our chakras to all parts of our being. Life force (prana) is essential for the well-being of all living things. In humans there are 14 pairs of meridians, all associated with an organ, except for the triple warmer meridian (which is attached to all the major organs by a network of chambers called the interstitium), and the Governing and Conception Meridians, which follow the length of the spinal column. The usual successful therapy treatment for meridian blockages is Acupuncture, but sometimes there is no Acupuncture therapist nearby, and not everyone can afford that therapy. Hence the creation of this new essence combination.

There have always been natural stressors such as earthquakes, fire, volcanic eruptions, floods, hurricanes etc. but at this time there are so many extra man-made stresses that have a negative effect on one's life-force (prana) flow through our meridians, such as war, starvation, air pollution, electromagnetic pollution, incessant fear-making bad news stories in the media, car crashes, pandemics, curbs on freedom, light and noise pollution, poor food quality, overcrowding, lack of security, financial worries, new chronic diseases and surgery.

The essences in this carefully researched Clearing Meridian Energy Blockages combination remove blockages stopping the flow of the life force(prana) through the meridian conduits. They remove the causes of blockages in the meridians, such as trauma, high stress levels, tension, great fear, grief, lack of mobility, psychic attack, psychic hooks, implants, negative entity attachments, artificial constructs ,harmful thought forms, nefarious chemical pollutants, EMF pollution, wi-fi, and self-imposed negative belief patterns. They also protect one from harmful energies, open up narrowed meridians due to stress slowing the flow of life-force(prana), stimulate and regulate the flow of life force through the meridians, realign the meridian conduits with each other and repair damage to the meridians that have been caused by negative energies, inflammation, injury or surgery. This essence sends a message via the Ethereal Fluidium in the etheric subtle body to lessen over-production of adrenaline caused by high levels of  stress, anxiety, fear and panic, that have led to a narrowing/blockage of the meridians, due to the slowing down of the proper flow of life force through them.

Where there is a build up of life force (prana) causing by narrowing or blockage in a meridian, a sudden pain, with no warning or physical reason in one or more spots (often in the shoulders, neck, head, arms or legs) may be experienced. The pain can range from a dull ache to a continual, neuralgia-like, stabbing pain, that doesn't go away with ordinary painkillers. A solid, red patch on the skin may mark the position of the energy blockage, and the area may become very hot. These symptoms are often accompanied by lack of energy or a muscle weakness if the blockage occurs within a meridian in an arm or leg. It is said the Triple Burner meridian is particularly sensitive to stress, because it regulates our stress levels and immune system response. It has become more common in our modern day stress-filled lives to have excess heat in the triple warmer meridian, and this leads to excessive activation of our fight or flight response (adrenaline production), and the setting up of the stage for the development of chronic inflammation and sometimes hot flashes too. At present, due to excess stress, many people seem to be suffering from an unexplained pain in their shoulders or arms which may be due to a blockage within the Triple Warmer meridian, or in their calves,knees, shins or hamstrings which may indicate a blockage in the stomach meridian or its partner, the Spleen meridian. Other symptoms of a narrowing/blockage(s) in the meridians are fatigue, becoming easily exhausted, brain fog, mental confusion, irritability, forgetfulness spaciness, dizziness, digestive disturbances and insomnia.

It is not necessary to know which meridian contains a blockage that is causing discomfort or pain to make use of this essence. Take up to 9 drops of this essence under the tongue 2-3 times daily for as long as is felt necessary. A drop or two can also be rubbed on any painful spot, immediately followed by tapping the tips of the fingers on the sore place for a few minutes at regular intervals. Use moderate pressure to tap the tips of the fingers on the spot in a staccato-like manner. It is also said that sliding the fingers in the wrong direction along the meridian can also help to alleviate the pain of a narrowing/blockage in a meridian. You could put a drop of two of this essence in a little comfrey oil for ease of sliding the fingers along the meridian. For this second method though you need to know the route and  direction of flow of the meridian that has the blockage. This information is too long to detail here, but can be easily found on the internet.

 Links to: shortness of breath, hot flashes, sweaty palms,sudden onset of shoulder, back, arm or leg pain without physical cause, adrenaline over-production, flight or flight response, palpitations, high blood pressures, insomnia, digestive disturbances, genito-urinary problems, dizziness, short term memory loss, varicose veins, lower organ prolapse.

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This  "Energy Combo" gem essence contains a powerful mix of 29 gem essences. They are Blue Kyanite, Chiastolite, Crimson Cuprite, Diopside, Eliat Stone, Emerald, Eudilyte, Green Garnet, Goethite, Healerite, Iron Pyrites, Ironstone, Klinoptilolite, Kaurilite, Limonite, Orange Kyanite, Orange River Quartz, Nuumite, Pakulite, Papaya Quartz, Poppy Jasper, Purpurite, Que Sera, Ruby, Sonora Sunrise, Tourmalinated Quartz, Triplite, Tugtupite, and Victorite.

This Energy Combo essence contain gem essences that are designed to increase energy levels on every level, including the assimilation of higher frequency energies now coming in from higher dimensions. It also contains essences that alleviate, release and stop all forms of energy drains. 

Included in this Energy Combo are not only well-loved favourites, but there are also several powerful new essences made from crystals that have been newly discovered or have become easier to obtain, such as Kaurilite that is a younger form of amber that infuses life force into ones auric field, the light orange crystals of Triplite overcome energetic depletion, the white Pakulite etched with black spider-like patterns, arouse one's life force energies by stimulating the lower three chakras, the sparklingly clear green/yellow Healerite, infuses one with etheric energy from higher realms, Papaya Quartz, (aka Apricot Quartz) named for its attractive orange/yellow hue, clears blocked meridian flows, promotes well-being and helps one recover from prolonged psychic attack, the mottled pink, blue and black Que Sera protects one from EMF pollution,  black Nuumite with striking orange flashes, repels and releases negative energies, curses and sorcery, and the red and turquoise Sonora Sunrise that releases excessive worry and helps the body absorb prana from the air one breathes.

Keywords: auric field repair and strengthener, grounding, clearing meridian pathways, vitality, chakra and subtle bodies vitality, amplification and integration of higher frequency energy,  spiritual evolution, alleviation of excessive worry, psychic protection, clearing curses, clarity of thought, stops energy field leaks, reduces stress, instil wisdom, calms frayed nerves. 

The Earth is currently being bathed in increasing levels of high frequency energy from higher dimensions to assist her and us (as guardians of the planet) on our journey from the 3rd to the 5th dimension. As we near a time of more visible and tangible changes due to rising frequencies, all that which has been hidden by nefarious forces will start to bubble up to the surface, and life on Earth  may seem very chaotic and difficult for a little while.   But this dark stage will pass, The higher frequencies will dissipate heavy energies from the Earth and those who have been assimilating higher frequency energy will gain stability, vitality, stamina, inner peace, compassion, mental clarity and greater personal power, love, joy and resistance to stress.

Soon, for many, there will be a lower requirement for heavier, rich foods, and our bodies will recognise and safely clear out  non-beneficial foods and chemicals, which will lead to better general health.

Assimilating higher frequency vibrations will lead to a major upgrade in our operating software and DNA hardware, and the recreation of our 12chakra system. A heightened sense of smell will be experienced and the ability to see a wider spectrum of light will cause the colours of the World to look stronger and brighter. Amazing synchronicities, miraculous manifestations, divine guidance, increased telepathy,heightened ability to sense dark energies in the environment, seeing lights/portals/layers of energy in the sky and 5thdimensional beings and knowing we have their beneficial support as we go through the changes in our being are all positive benefits of raising one's vibrations.

However, whilst this energetic increase in one's frequency is taking place many are currently experiencing uncomfortable side effects due to higher vibrations bathing the Earth. Common symptoms include fatigue,sudden exhaustion, headaches, loss of memory, fuzzy headedness, blurry eyes, ringing in the ears, insomnia or waking up between 2 and 4am feeling wide awake, bloating, weight gain, dizziness or clumsiness. Some people have found they need extra minerals whilst an upgrade of their physical beings is taking place . "Gentle, non constipating” Iron, Magnesium and Manganese supplements have been helping to alleviate their symptoms. Drinking more unpolluted/natural spring water is also  a must at this time.

This powerful Energy combo gem combination has been created to increase one's energy levels by boosting life- force on subtle body levels, removing energy blockages, releasing and blocking energy vampires, and also to help one more easily integrate high frequency energy and full spectrum light into one's being, so alleviating the side effects of the increase in frequency.

This Energy combo essence helps us to assimilate higher levels of general energy by enhancing the flow of life force (also called prana or chi) within our being. Life force is what creates and keeps each person alive. Life force travels from spirit through our chakras, subtle bodies and meridians into the physical via the etheric fluidium, flowing from the etheric body to the interface between subtle levels and the cells and organs of our third dimension being. Our life force or prana is what will carry the new higher frequencies to all parts of our being. Several of the gem essences in this combination such as Crimson Cuprite, Green Garnet, Pakulite, Kaurilite, Triplite, Healerite, Blue Kyanite, Orange Kyanite, Que Sera, Orange River Quartz and Goethite, act as well-springs to increase the flow of prana through the meridians, in order to enhance our vitality, stamina, endurance and resistance to stress. They help one overcome unusually high levels of inertia, apathy, exhaustion, fatigue, irrational anxiety, fear or insomnia that are side effects of the current changes in Earth frequency energy and/or blockages in subtle bodies caused by trauma or a build up of negative emotions due to negative or harmful decision-making instigated by those in powerful positions. Emerald, Eliat Stone, Kaurilite and Que Sera gem essences impart wisdom from higher dimensions to help everyone use to use their energy wisely, and Chiastolite guards against over-extension of one's energy resources. 

Good quality food and air can generally maintain our life-force/energy levels, but there are many causes of life force loss on subtle, mental and emotional levels, particularly as we age. This carefully researched gem essence combination is designed to clear, remove, repair and prevent life force energy drains, blockages and damage, and protect and bolster prana/chi against all nefarious sources. It realigns the meridians and clears blockages to prana flows in the meridian pathways. It flushes out (with Tourmalinated Quartz that acts as a psychic vacuum cleaner) karmic/psychic debris, long-held hurt, resentment, trauma or loss that are lodged in the subtle bodies to restore and enhance proper, beneficial energy flows through them. It stops energy leaks, repairs auric holes, and stabilises and boosts the strength of the auric field (aka the biomagnetic field/the aura) against negative energies.

This Energy Combo essence removes, neutralises and blocks ill-wishing, sorcery, curses, psychic manipulation and emotional blackmail. It removes negative entities, heart energy vampirism, tracking devices, hooks, artificial constructs, negative attachments/implants, hypnotic commands, energy-draining belief patterns and self-imposed negative obligations. It helps one recover from prolonged psychic attack. It screens out destructive energies such as electromagnetic and environmental pollution and negative geopathic energies.



Our life force or prana is what will carry the new higher frequencies into all parts of our being. When the meridians, chakras, and subtle bodies have been repaired and re-aligned, blockages in the meridians and subtle bodies have been removed by the Energy combo essences, the etheric body has been aligned with the physical body, and the Diopside essence has has synchronised one's personal and planetary fields, it will be much easier for higher frequency, full spectrum light energy to enter and be assimilated into one's being to achieve unimpeded spiritual evolution. "Crimson Cuprite (essence)can initiate and augment the etherisation of the blood through linking the etheric body and base chakra with the body, for the transfusion of high frequency patterns into the bloodstream from higher dimensions” - Robert Simmons – The Book of Stones. This is an essential aspect needed for assimilating higher frequency energy. Other essences in this combination aid the flow of higher frequency energy into one's being by opening the five higher chakras above the head, and stimulating all of the chakras to more easily accommodate downloads of high vibration energy. 

Links to: heart, blood circulation, blood pressure, cardio-thoracic system, red blood cell strength, anaemia, insomnia, insulin regulation, brain, pulse stabilisation, adrenal glands, female hormone system, water retention, excess weight due to feeling unsafe, immune system, sinuses, nerve fortification, chromosomal damage, blood oxygenation, stamina, cellular memory, circadian rhythm, lactose intolerance, blood sugar, Alzheimer's, SAD, overcoming food addictions, incontinence - due to blockages in the base chakra.

GEM RESCUE (Combination)
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GEM RESCUE (Combination essence)

This powerful gem essence combination is for those who prefer to use gem essences instead of flower essences.
It contains Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Blue Chalcedony, Chiastolite, Dioptase, Emerald, Eye of the Storm Jasper, Jet, Lepidolite, Lithium Quartz, Magnesite, Malachite, Obsidian, Pearl, Rhodonite, Richterite and Tibetan Black Quartz gem essences.
Gem Rescue is deeply calming and grounding. It is especially helpful to use during/after emotional or traumatic emergencies, or extreme stress, or after a fright or an accident, where shock, panic, hysteria, anxiety, fear, grief or mental confusion are likely to be experienced. It is a nerve fortifier. It places a shield of protective light around those who are feeling vulnerable or frightened, and helps to dispel fearful thoughts or incessant worry. It will also assist in restoring one's emotional equilibrium. 
Links to danger, fight or flight response, panic, fear of going mad, crying, sleep disturbances, nightmares, post traumatic stress, nerves, exhaustion, appetite loss due to trauma, irrational fears, nausea due to fear.
Directions for use: Take a few drops under the tongue or in water every 20 minutes until a state of comparative calmness is reached. Stroke it over the skin/fur if the person/animal needing help is unconscious. Put around 20 drops in a glass of water by the bedside, to be sipped as needed through the night. 
GO GETTER! (Combination essence)
£ 7.35
GO GETTER! (Combination essence)
"I am active and successful in what I want to achieve."
This essence contains Almond, Ametrine, Bastnasite, Benitoite, Blackberry, Botswana Agate, Bougainvillea, Comfrey, Covellite, Empowerite, Erythrite, Eudialyte, Fluorite, Guardianite, Orange Calcite, Penstemon, Petrified Wood, Petunia, Poppy Jasper, Pua Pilo, Pyrites, Rhodochrosite, Ruby, Sardonyx, Sonora Sunrise, Smoky Quartz, Strontianite, Sunstone, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tiffany Stone, Titanite, Tremolite and Zincite essences.
Go Getter essence stimulates the ability to manifest one's full potential. From personal experience, this essence does a brilliant job of instilling absolute determination to reach an attainable goal, particularly when the goal is a physical challenge. It promotes self-belief, willpower, courage, enthusiasm, motivation, co-ordination, self-confidence, focus and perseverance. It enables one to overcome obstacles that are preventing success, particularly in sport, when one always seems perform much better in practice than in the actual competitive event. Recently it is also being used by Lightworkers to provide protection, and promote mental strength, perseverance and belief in their work in overcoming Worldwide negative situations. The essence helps one to release unrealistic expectations, and to overcome nerves/anxiety/tension, sluggishness, fear of failure/of the unknown, irrational fears, self-criticism, and ingrained belief patterns, such as "I'm not good/smart/quick enough". It blocks subtle energy leaks and encourages one to really look after one's bodily needs, such as finding the right diet for success, getting enough sleep, doing enough exercise practice before the event to achieve success, and sorting out any food allergies. It helps one to rebound after setbacks and also helps one to become less sensitive to stressful situations, the environment or other things that have previously caused upset. Go Getter essence is helpful in increasing one's will-power and determination to achieve a work deadline. It increases one's tolerance to stress and encourages a higher performance rate by enhancing one's organisational skills, focus and mental acuity, sustaining concentration, and providing the ability to avoid being sidelined by petty distractions.
Links mentally and emotionally to high demands on one's energy reserves, stamina, oxygen assimilation, dexterity, vitality, energy flow, lungs, shortness of breath, asthma, bronchitis, heart, blood, blood vessel dilation, muscles, muscle spasms, ligaments, joints, skeletal system, nervous system, dehydration, water retention, disc and tendon elasticity, mineral content, teeth, sinusitis, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, adrenal glands, nerves, energy leaks, mouth, throat, vertigo, altitude sickness, abdomen, hips, legs, fungal infections, vertigo, altitude sickness.
£ 7.70


Subtle Bodies Repair and Reconnection essence contains Almond, Lotus, Pink Yarrow and Rose flower essences, and Amazonite, Amblygonite, Anandalite, Banded Agate, Biotite, Blizzard Stone, Crimson Cuprite, Empowerite, Eudialyte, Infinite Stone, Indicolite Quartz, Klinoptilolite,Obsidian, Paraiba Tourmaline, Poppy Jasper, Shattuckite, Sichuan Quartz, Silver, Silver in Bornite, Smoky Quartz, Stellar Beam Calcite, Tantalite, Tourmalinated Quartz and Turquoise gem essences.

This important and carefully researched flower and gem combination essence includes a number of exciting, newly discovered gems that have only recently become available. It is designed to repair, re-align, reattach, revitalise, strengthen and protect our subtle bodies, which are being damaged by increasing levels of electromagnetic pollution.

Our whole being consists of varying vibrations or frequencies, from the physical right up to the finest level of our being.  A recently introduced, genetic material and an inorganic substance, plus stronger electromagnetic frequencies are having a more and more detrimental effect on our natural regulatory frequencies within our being. These damaging EM frequencies include those emanating from cell towers,mobile phones, computers, VDUs, TV and radio satellite transmitters,and more recently include the much more powerful higher frequency 5G transmissions, together with ultra low frequency transmissions that are (it is said) now being sent out(intermittently?) with the regular broadband transmissions from cell towers. Also, as well as the exterior assault upon our natural frequencies, varying amounts of a magnetic nano-particle substance have recently been inserted to our bodies. This nano-particle, not only acts as a receiver of external electromagnetic frequencies and digital information, but its own magnetic frequencies are "excited”and made more powerful by external electromagnetic frequencies plus our own bodies' biomagnetic frequencies. It is already known that this level of electromagnetic pollution can cause damaging effects on the physical body's well-being, but it is less well known how much damage they are also causing to the finer subtle levels of our being.

Within and surrounding the physical body are seven main subtle bodies. They are collectively called the aura or the biomagnetic sheath. These subtle bodies are energetically attached by a silver cord between the part of our spirit that remains outside our physical bodies and the chakras and chakra column. The chakra column, running from our coccyx to the top of our skull, carries seven main chakras which determine our spiritual, mental and emotional characteristics. Each of the seven subtle bodies is energetically attracted and attached to the appropriate chakra(s), according to their individual frequencies. Of these, the etheric, emotional and mental bodies have frequencies that are closest to the physical body, and are commonly the most damaged by electromagnetic pollution. See the details of these three below.

The Etheric Body is a higher frequency double of the physical body. It is most closely energetically aligned to the frequency of the physical dimension. It is connected to the base chakra. The etheric body and the base chakra are associated with basic human needs. When one's being is subjected to any kind of mental, emotional or physical trauma our vibrational frequency is lowered so the gap between the frequency of the etheric body and the physical body increases. This makes it more difficult for our life force (prana) to be replenished at the physical level. The will to live is usually extremely strong and the body will use all its reserves to survive a naturally caused trauma. However, at the present time, there are several factors that are causing a continual drop in one's physical frequency. These are the introduction into the body  of a nefarious genetic addition and life-threatening substances, heavy metals, with the added stress from electromagnetic pollution from cell towers and mobile phones, wi-fi, vehicle exhaust fumes and cost of living rises. Unfortunately the etheric body is easily disturbed/loosened by these factors, causing misalignment with the physical body and leakage of its ethereal fluidium through its fabric. This damages its role in aligning, balancing and sustaining a dynamic equilibrium with all the other subtle bodies and chakras. The etheric body is  energetically attached to the physical nervous system, the organs and the glands, plus it links at the interface of all the cells in the physical body. The etheric body contains a most important subtle level liquid called the ethereal fluidium, also known as the immunofluidium. It transports life force (prana or chi) from spirit through the silver chord, chakras and meridians into the body via the  etheric body's interface with the physical, in order to nourish each organ and cell with the necessary life-force. The ethereal fluidium is said to supply information to the cells of our body to guide it through its automated processes, such as growth and development, repair and healing. The ethereal fluidium can also transmit a warning to the etheric body when any physical cells are being attacked by external forces. Then, whilst the physical body sends out antibodies to fight off a disease,the etheric body sends more prana through the ethereal fluidium to sustain the life-force of the cells under attack. If the etheric body is unable to carry out its normal functions due to the continual lowering of the body's vibrational frequencies caused by the ongoing production of artificial genetic substances, the introduction of a tissue- damaging, inorganic magnetic material, and ever-stronger, multi- electromagnetic frequency pollution it may lead to a mal-alignment of one or more of the other subtle bodies and chakras, causing chronic fatigue, loss of energy in the limbs, feeling scatter-brained, spaced-out, ungrounded, anxious,and insecure. In extreme cases it has been known for the etheric body to become detached from its energetic link with the base chakra or from its energetic links to parts of the physical body, resulting in an inability to move normally, a zombie-like physical state and the eventual breakdown of all physical processes.

The Emotional Body is linked to the solar plexus and heart chakras. It is responsible for our feelings and relationship to situations and to external energies.It is closely linked to the etheric body. Together they balance the emotions and provide a strong sense of emotional security and stability. When this body is put out of balance it results in self-doubt, fear, depression, insomnia, mood extremes, neuroses and an over-concern for the self, but little empathy for the feelings of others.

The Mental Body enables one to think clearly and rationally. It is a store for one's experiences and what one has learnt. It is attached to the heart chakra. Damage or imbalances caused by electromagnetic pollution, as well as other causes, can lead to confusion, irritability, brain fog,memory loss, inability to make decisions, apathy, paranoia, insomnia,mood swings,aggression,lack of drive, nausea, sweating, indigestion or depression. Mental body stress and tension can also block the organs of elimination,especially the kidneys, that leads to a buildup of toxins which is often linked to allergies, muscular pain and tension headaches.

The Schumann Resonance -The Earth's heartbeat, also known as the Schumann Resonance, is in resonance with the human aura, mind and body. It regulates our brainwaves and also has a role in regulating our circadian rhythms.Strong high and low EMF pollution and other nefarious machinations can interfere with the frequency and also confuse our innate connection to the Schumann resonance.Sensitive people can often suffer from an inability to relax, nervous exhaustion, irritability,hypertension, muddled thinking,inappropriate decision making, ADHD,indigestion, depression,clumsiness and being accident-prone. In this essence combination is Indicolite Quartz, that heals out of balance subtle Earth energies, Eudialyte, that energetically harmonises brainwaves, and Empowerite, that marries one's energy fields with beneficial Earth energies.

Benefits of this essenceThis Subtle Body Repair and Reconnection flower and gem essence brings higher frequency celestial and earth energy into the subtle bodies to raise one's vibrational frequencies, expand one's consciousness and prepare the nervous system for a vibrational uplift to enable us to overcome the assault of damaging inorganic electromagnetic pollution. It facilitates the integration of light energy into the physical vehicle to boost one's life-force. It neutralizes electromagnetic smog and counters the effect of exposure to focussed electromagnetic fields. It grounds the soul and spiritual forces into the physical plane. It strengthens auric boundaries, and shields and protects one's being from electromagnetic frequency pollution. It neutralizes internal magnetic nano-particles, overcomes mental and emotional poisoning,and seals ethereal fluidium energy leaks in the etheric body. It repairs and strengthens the silver cord that carries life force to the physical body via chakras, subtle bodies, meridians and nadis,where it has been weakened by nefarious magnetic nanoparticles. It strengthens biomagnetic boundaries. It cleanses, repairs, stabilizes,re-aligns,balances and strengthens the subtle bodies, and energetically reattaches any subtle body that has become disconnected from its appropriate chakra. It draws misaligned subtle bodies back within the boundaries of the aura or biomagnetic sheath, alleviates clumsiness and harmonises the subtle bodies with each other, the chakras and the physical. It energetically strengthens the immune system, strengthens etheric forces in the blood, eases all miasms and repairs damage to the etheric blueprint. It shields one from dark forces and stops negative entities from attaching to one, especially where one's subtle body energies have been weakened by EMF pollution.It aligns all the chakras and meridians so that prana can flow more freely between the subtle bodies. It dissolves tension and blockages in the subtle bodies, releasing stress, fear and anxiety. It promotes mental clarity and focus, calms frayed nerves, overcomes mood swings and paranoia, and promotes feelings of peace and calm. It balances the emotions, enhances one's physical endurance and improves one's tolerance to stress. It empowers one to get back on track when feeling disorganised, disheartened or out of control.


Links to: ADHD,Alzheimer's, bladder, blood pressure, blood sugar, backache, bloating, birth defects, brainwaves, bowel, cellular memory,calcified pineal deposits, cancer, circulatory flows, corpuscle coagulation, cosmic radiation, dementia, detoxification, Diabetes,digestive problems, disorganised cellular patterns, DNA, eating disorders, gall bladder, hair loss, hardened arteries, headaches, haematoma, inorganic material damage, poisoning, mental breakdown, heavy metal detox, hyperactivity, IBS,inflammation, immune system over-reaction, insomnia, intestinal tract tension, joints, ligament and tendon damage, limb problems, liver, maintenance and order of natural information, menstrual discomfort, mitochondrial mitosis stimulation, muscle spasms, nausea, neuralgia, nerve and heart tissues, oxygenation of the red blood cells, Parkinsons, pain, PMS, link  to Scuhmann Resonance, shoulders, sinusitis, tissue regeneration and water retention.

TAKE IT EASY (Combination Essence)
£ 7.35
TAKE IT EASY (Combination essence)

"Take It Easy" flower essence combination was made in on a snowy March day in 2006 by a group of Flower Essence practitioners at Buckland Hall, in the Brecon Beacons, not far from Crickhowell, where Dr. Edward Bach made several of his original flower essences. This essence is designed to help and prepare us for some big changes on Earth that have already begun to affect us, and that are expected to accelerate after 2012.  The essence helps us to detach ourselves from all the turbulent emotions, negative thought patterns and hype presently happening around us. It encourages us to go with the flow, and adjust to the many changes occurring now, from increases in the Earth’s naturally occurring Schumann frequency to the promotion of fear-based emotions by the media about worldwide financial problems, political issues, weather changes and pandemics. In particular, Snowdrop flower essence is helpful for releasing fear, as well as alleviating confusion and frustration. Hazel flower essence helps us to let go of self-imposed limitations and restrictions, so that we can advance and allow the inherent potential of our subtle DNA to unfold as the earth frequencies change. This is a very soothing essence that frees one’s mind from stress and frustration at the end of the day, particularly when one is over-tired, worrying too much and unable to switch off the mental chatter.
Take three to six drops under the tongue or in a glass of water at bedtime, for as long as is required.
It links to insomnia caused by changing geopathic energies. 
£ 7.60
This Fire Serpent combination essence contains Aegirine, Amazonite, Anandalite, Auralite 23, Black Tourmaline, Cathedral Quartz, Chohua Jasper, Crimson Cuprite, Crocoite, Blizzard Stone, Danburite, Fire Agate, Fire and Ice Quartz, Green Serpentine, Heliotrope, Hematoid Calcite, Infinite Stone, Indigo Gabbro, Kyanite, Lepidolite, Pietersite, Red Fire Azeztulite, Red Garnet, Selenite and Triplite gem essences.
The Chinese Fire serpent is a representation of the fiery, snake-like kundalini subtle energies that usually lie dormant in the sacrum area of the body. When kundalini energies are fully stimulated they rise up from the base chakra to the crown chakra through two subtle levels channels in front of the spine, causing a state of enlightenment. Benefits of gaining enlightenment are control over ageing processes,  hugely enhanced intuition, re-awakening of the 10 dormant subtle level DNA strands, greatly enhanced immune systems and sometimes an immediate cure of chronic conditions,

In the past, before stronger higher frequency energies started coming into the Earth's biosphere (the area containing all living things) in order to initiate enlightenment, those who wanted to activate their dormant kundalini energies would be required to fast, meditate and remain celibate for often many years to be able to raise their kundalini energies and achieve enlightenment. But with the start of the biological physical ascension process that began around 2012, increasing numbers of people are suddenly experiencing the start of a natural kundalini rising, without having to do anything at all to deliberately cause it to rise. However, the awakening of kundalini energies is causing some weird and sometimes uncomfortable sensations inside their bodies. 

As stronger and more intense waves of higher frequency energies enter the Earth's atmosphere due to our solar system  passing through a many light years wide band of high energy protons (particles of light) around Alcyone, the central sun in the Pleiades constellation. These protons cause our sun to emit waves of high solar flares, and together with the protons entering the Earth's biosphere, plus some other high frequencies beams, such as the recently discovered "Amaterasu" extremely high energy cosmic ray, there is an electromagnetic stimulation of our electromagnetic systems, leading to  the raising and expanding of humanity's consciousness within the Earth's biosphere (called the noosphere). These high frequency energies restore subtle level DNA codes and cause 3rd dimensional frequencies to vibrate at a faster and faster rate towards higher dimensions. It is said as humanity's subtle bodies are succeeding in absorbing and assimilating more and more high frequency energies but our physical bodies have not caught up with the change in frequencies. The 3d body knows that something invisible is happening within it but doesn't know what. It responds by triggering the primal flight or fight fear response, which releases large amounts of adrenaline. In some cases one's subtle body self stimulates the rise of the kundalini up two subtle level channels in front of the spine, with the ultimate goal of achieving enlightenment, so that it's 3d self will clearly understand and respond positively to what is happening to it. However, high stress levels may have caused chakra misalignment or subtle level channel blockages that prevent the rising of the kundalini. This leads to uncomfortable symptoms as the kundalini energies build up behind the site of the blockage.

This  extensively researched Fire Serpent combination essence is designed to alleviate and clear the uncomfortable "Ascension symptoms" in our bodies, that are caused by the increasingly intense higher frequencies, particularly if the kundalini energies are stimulated to naturally start to awaken and rise up, but come up against a subtle level blockage in one of the lower chakras. One of the primary symptoms of a subtle level blockage in the lower chakras, that have prevented Kundalini energies from rising, is the sudden onset of backache with no known physical cause. Other symptoms of a blockage to rising kundalini energies, include a tingling feeling along the spine, inner heat that radiates out beyond the surface of the skin, night hot flushes, strange vivid dreams, feeling overly emotional, heart palpitations, tinnitus, bloating, feeling jittery, overwhelmed, dizzy or nauseous, feeling like energies in your head are swirling around like a washing machine (often due to high stress levels), suffering from insomnia, feelings of intense hunger or thirst, extreme fatigue, inability to concentrate, waves of exhaustion and temporary memory loss. The essences in this Fire Serpent combination are specifically chosen for their ability to energetically alleviate these symptoms. The essences align the chakra column, remove chakra and meridian blockages and clear etheric body blockages and debris. To mention all the benefits of the essences in this Fire Serpent essence would make these details far too long, but here are the benefits of a few of the crystal essences that one may not have heard of before. Pietersite is a really important essence as it links everyday consciousness to the spiritual, so helping the body to understand what is happening to it on a subtle level. It removes beliefs and conditioning that keep one held in the ignorance of being a spiritual being on a human journey. It also clears and energises the meridian pathways. Hematoid Calcite stabilises the emotional field, ameliorates mental confusion, restores peace and harmony, and is an excellent stone for grounding and assimilating strong influxes of energy. Auralite 23 has a gentle, sedative effect on the mind, stilling it so that a conscious connection with higher dimensions occurs.  Red Garnet, together with Black Tourmaline and Cuprite essences steer a gentle and ordered rise of kundalini energies through the calmest of flows, if that is what the body needs. Red Fire Azeztulite (from New Zealand) is said by Robert Simmons "to carry its enlightened energies through the blood to every cell of the body", promoting confidence and vitality to all levels of one's being 
Links to backache, joint and muscle pain, inflammation, memory, self-healing, memory, mentally soothing and calming, blood cleansing, oxygenation, protection from EMF pollution, biomagnetic field strengthening, restoring peace to the mind, immune system, stimulation of the third eye, releasing past life vows and promises, pituitary gland, promotes absorption of food nutrients, vitality.   
THE HUMMINGBIRD - Adapting to Higher Frequency Energies
£ 7.70

THE HUMMINGBIRD – Adapting to Higher Energy Frequencies

This Hummingbird combination contains Red Hummingbird Quartz, Amazonite, Ametrine, Anandalite, Black Tourmaline, Blizzard Stone, Champagne Aura Quartz, Crimson Cuprite, Cryolite, Danburite, Datolite, Fire and Ice Quartz, Fluoropatite, Garnet, Golden Azeztulite, Golden Healer, Green Serpentine, Heliotrope, Hematoid Calcite, Holly Blue Agate, Indigo Gabbro, Infinite Stone, Blue Kyanite, Kunzite, Lapis Lazuli, Mtrolite, Peridot, Pietersite, , Richterite, Selenite, Trolleite and Tsavorite garnet gem essences.

It is said our solar system is currently taking a 2000 year long journey through a proton-rich, exceptionally wide band that lies around the Alcyone star in the Pleiades constellation. Millions of unbound proton light particles are causing our sun to release waves of M and sometimes even the rarer X class very high energy solar flares. The high level solar flares carry and project proton light particles and intense light code frequencies from higher dimensional sources to create a high level consciousness expansion in all life on Earth. This consciousness increase, now called the "Ascension Process”, is a totally natural and universal evolutionary spiritual process. This stage of our evolution is said to be complete around 2032. During this Ascension process the new high frequency light codes speed up our frequency vibrations that are necessary for re-activating our 10 subtle DNA strands that lie dormant in all modern day humans. Changes are beginning to occur on all levels of our being as our vibrations gradually rise in frequency up to a state called enlightenment, where one's whole being moves from being  in a 3D physical carbon state of existence to a 5D crystalline state.

This combination essence is called the Hummingbird essence because this tiny, feisty and splendidly colourful bird is unique to the bird world. It can fly forwards, backwards and upside down. It feeds only on golden nectar and yet it has the magical strength and endurance to hover so fast in one spot whilst feeding that the human eye cannot see the amazingly fast figure of eight movements of its wings. In native American folklore the hummingbird represents freedom, resilience, restoration and rejuvenation. Mojave folklore includes a story of the first people living underground in darkness until the humming bird came and found a path for them to the Upper World of Light. This represents freedom from the darkness of ignorance until the people were able to gain enlightenment through their vibrations being increased exponentially, like the fantastic wing speed of the hummingbird.

Also, a large, unique, cherry-red crystal, consisting of a very sparky mineral combination of quartz, lepidolite and mica was discovered in 2020, above ground on Masai land in Tanzania,  coincidentally the same year as the pandemic and lockdowns began. It was named 
Hummingbird Quartz or Cherry Tanzurine. It instils resolve, endurance and emotional balance, and is a vital stimulator for transformation, and a source of enlightenment, determination and creativity, instilling one with the  motivation to turn dreams into reality. It is said to be especially useful for "those who know they are not here to fit in, but are here to stand to out from the crowd".  

This Hummingbird Combination essence is designed to accelerate the positive benefits of the Ascension process. Gem essences in this combination help to absorb and integrate into our being the flows of higher vibration energy codes and multi-dimensional light particles via our Alta Major chakra (at the base of the skull), and through the life force prana in the air that is absorbed through the spleen chakra, which are needed to switch on the 10 subtle level DNA codes. This essence facilitates deep change, helping one to release and leave behind past negative experiences. It offers a wonderful feeling of deep contentment, security and well-being, felt most often between the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra when one is just sitting quietly or preparing for sleep. It grounds higher frequencies into the physical body and provides comfort and stability during the Ascension process. It instils self-love, compassion and  empathy with others. It energetically purifies the subtle bodies so that higher states of awareness are reached with ease, allowing easy connections, via meditation, to higher dimensional beings, departed loved ones,  members of one's soul group, and access to past life information and one's Akashic records.

 This essence promotes the development of intuition,  increases telepathy and  the ability to see and feel subtle energies, auras, elemental and angelic beings and spirit guides. It helps one to have fascinating lucid dreams where one becomes consciously aware of travelling through different dimensions. It provides the answer to  one's soul purpose, instils motivation to make dreams become a reality,  and attracts people of similar frequencies to help in achieving one's soul purpose. It improves manifestation abilities and promotes the need to be positively creative. It lessens one's desire for food as light energy starts to be used as nutrition. 

However the Ascension process is currently also having some less than pleasant effects on us, and this Hummingbird combination essence is also designed to alleviate, overcome and clear negative Ascension process symptoms. This essence helps to overcome one of the most common Ascension process side effects which is of experiencing one or more waves of sudden exhaustion (often in mid-afternoon) over the space of a few days, with no physical or mental causes, plus experiencing the need to sleep for much longer than usual. This usually happens whenever solar flares are projecting intense light code frequencies down to Earth. This combination essence helps one ride out energetic perturbations with equanimity whenever higher vibrations energies cause temporary energy spikes in the Schumann Resonance frequency that regulates our circadian rhythms (sleep and wakefulness patterns) via the pineal gland.

There are gem essences in this combination that absorb, remove and protect one's being from electromagnetic pollution, such as from cell phones, computer terminals, low level satellite emanations, mobile phone masts, 5g, tv and wi-fi that interfere with our own electromagnetic functions and rob us of life-force (prana)energies, as well as being thought to partially block the incoming subtle level, higher frequency, consciousness expanding Ascension energies. The Hummingbird essence releases toxic emotions that slow down our consciousness expansion, and it also clears subtle energy blocks in the chakras and meridians  in order to allow a free flow of life force (prana) through the etheric body's Ethereal Fluidium and into the physical cells of the body which assist functions associated with creating energy and stamina. Other negative Ascension Process side effects that the Hummingbird essence alleviates and clears are difficulty in getting to sleep, waking up between 2 and 4 am, feeling spaced out or mentally "wired”, having temporary memory slips or senior moments, finding it hard to focus, making silly mistakes, being accident prone, feeling temporarily under the weather with flu-like symptoms, suffering from more frequent  headaches and having sporadic periods of feeling over-emotional.
 It balances emotional ups and down, overcomes confusion, feelings of disorientation or spaciness.  It calms intense hunger pangs  that the body thinks it needs to fuel the Ascension process, but which make one put on weight, especially in the abdominal area.  But it is more life force (prana) that is needed,  not food. By freeing up the subtle life-force carrying channels (meridians) the gem essences in this combination stop the desire to eat more at this time.  Also, sporadic shortness of breath may be experienced as one needs to breathe in more life force (prana) to fuel the Ascension process, so the freeing up of blocked meridians alleviates that symptom too. The essence instils mental stability and banishes anxiety and fear, and a feeling that one is going insane because of the new sensations being experienced, due to heightened awareness. This essence combination also alleviates and clears weird Ascension side effects such as running sinuses, increased sneezing and waking up with a very dry tongue. 

Links to: grounding  energies, vitality, stamina, strength of mind, endurance, mental calmness, emotional balance, circadian rhythms regulation, hot flashes, cellular swelling, disorders of the immune system, bruising, sprains, brain functions, stomach, intestinal and neurological problems, shortness of breath, indigestion, IBS, irregular bowel movements,  energetically removes heavy metal, including fluoride, pineal gland decalcification, chakra column alignment.

£ 7.35


"Once more unto the breach dear friends once more, or close this wall up with our English dead.

In peace there's nothing so becomes a man than modest stillness or humility.

But when the blast of war blows loud in our ears then imitate the action of a tiger.

Stiffen up the sinews, summon up the blood and lend fair nature a terrible disguise....

Follow your spirit, and upon this charge Cry God for" the World,  Harmony and Light

Henry V Speech before the Agincourt battle – by William Shakespeare (except for the last 7 words)

This powerful combination flower and gem essence has been created to help those who seek truth, harmony and freedom to be able see through and release the machinations of politicians, the media and other dark forces at this time. It inspires, empowers, energizes and fortifies one, and provides one with the the ability to maintain high vibration spiritual awareness,mental and emotional stability,and the means to ward off and block dark forces operating from within and without one's being.

Amazon Sword Plant Hawaiian flower essence slices through lies, deliberate misinformation, media hype and hypnotic control, to reveal the truth.

Aspen Bach Flower essence banishes fearfulness, overcomes panic attacks, and provides one with a sense of inner calm.

Chlorite gem essence resonates with Raphael, the Archangel of healing and purification. It removes artificial constructs, entities, attachments, energetic implants and subtle level negative cultural/religious/race templates, to completely purify and realign all levels of one's being with optimum soul energy. It helps one to maintain mental and emotional stability.

Heliotrope gem essence (Bloodstone) banishes evil, keeps out undesirable entities, strengthens the blood,improves circulation, promotes courage and wisdom, dispels mental confusion, and helps one to confront threats but also to know when to strategically withdraw when it is more appropriate for one's safety.

Lapis Lazuli gem essence contacts spirit guardians to block psychic attack and return the dark energy to source. It reverses curses. It releases stress, promotes serenity and inner balance. and opens the third eye to access inner truth.

Nuumite gem essence is known as the Magician's stone. It shields the aura and brings light into dark places. It aligns the subtle and physical bodies, turns back curses and releases one from karmic entanglements, mental imprints and psychic manipulation. Links to the brain's limbic system, cellular structures, energy flow and triple burner meridian.

Stromatolite gem essence breaks apart and disperses all dark forces, energetic implants and attachments, and any limitations placed on/in the human vehicle.

Silver gem essence is for preventing energy vampirism.

Tibetan Black Quartz gem essence calls in Archangel Michael to protect you against evil and dark forces.

Empowerite gem essence is for empowering you with high vibration white light, and to help you make the right mental and spiritual decisions for yourself and for the World around you.

Limonite gem essence (Iron) is for strengthening and fortifying and one's energy levels. Links up uptake of oxygen.

Pyrites gem essence blocks out negative energy and pollutants on all levels. It deflects harm and danger to protect ones' being. It improves memory and overcomes emotional fatigue. Links to increased blood flow to the brain, energy. 

THE SOUL STAR CHAKRA - Gateway to Higher Consciousness
£ 7.55


Gateway to higher Dimensions

The Soul Star Chakra (aka Starchild Chakra) - Meditation Aid

This magical mix of 22 high vibration gem essences includes Anandalite, Lemurian Seed Quartz, Charoite, Kyanite, Tremolite, Stellar Beam Calcite, Selenite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Merkabite Calcite, Celestite and Libyan Gold Tektite, together with newly sourced Starbrary, Lightbrary,  Beta, Golden Healer and Shaman's Dream Quartz, essences, Ussingite, Datolite, Himalayan Red-Gold Azeztulite, Green Ridge Amethyst, and Trolleite.

Keywords: meditation aid, spiritual awakening, mental focus, enlightenment, connection to to soul groups,higher dimensions and the "divine”, activating and balancing the Soul Star Chakra, enhanced intuition, expanded consciousness, soul purpose, spiritual growth

The Soul Star Chakra is known as the gateway to the divine and higher dimensions. It is the eighth chakra and is sited above the Crown chakra at around 6 inches above the head. The Soul Star Chakra is known as the gateway to the divine and higher dimensions. When this silvery-white coloured chakra is open it acts as a bridge between the physical self and the spiritual realm. This Soul Star Chakra gem essence combination is an excellent meditation aid, as it instils deep peace in one to enable the mind to enter the the alpha brain wave state. It removes chakra blockages and realigns the chakras, which are essential for opening and activating the Soul Star chakra. It also blocks out everyday worries, distracting, extraneous thoughts and it dispels brain fog to bring the mental focus of the meditation to the forefront of one's awareness. Essences in this gem combination keep you grounded and protected from negative energies whilst you are meditating. When open, the Soul Star chakra expands our consciousness beyond the limitations of the physical World, and allows us to tap into higher conscious states to find our soul purpose, open our Akashic records  and obtain universal knowledge and guidance from ascended masters, higher dimensional guides, angels and soul group members. When alive, Judy Hall who researched beneficial attributes of hundreds of crystal was studying the Soul Star Chakra as being a portal link to one's soul group. Beings in this soul group were originally created from one larger higher dimensional being. Members generally have a main soul purpose, and it is thought most have experienced life as a human. Over time many other non-soul group members have sometimes temporarily joined a soul group, such as mythical creatures such as unicorns and centaurs, beings from the fairy realms, power animals, ascended masters and beings from other soul groups. They teach and impart wisdom, learn from the beings in the soul group they have joined and assist them in their soul purpose. When wanting to link into ones' soul group ask to be given the name of a soul group member who can, for instance, help with providing historical facts, one's past lives, relationship issues, hidden knowledge, healing, diagnosing illnesses in unwell pets etc.

Meditation with The Soul Star Chakra essence
Wear comfortable clothing and then settle down in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Take a few drops of The Soul Star Chakra essence under the tongue, and also rub a drop or two of the essence onto the third eye chakra in the middle of the forehead. If desired, around 11 drops of the Soul Star Chakra essence can be added to spring water in a small atomiser bottle to spray around the head.

Close your eyes. Relax and slow your breathing a little, and then imagine a ball of white or golden light around 6 inches above your head. Visualise a beam of white light connecting with the ball of light that is your Soul Star chakra. Imagine your Soul Star Chakra getting brighter and brighter with every breath you take and ask to be connected to your Soul Star Chaka. Call on higher dimension guides or (Arch)angels for their support.

If it feels right repeat the mantra "I am divine light” and then imagine the light from your Soul Star Chakra radiating down to all your chakras, balancing them and aligning them with the Soul Star chakra.

When you are ready, ask to be linked to an ascended master, an angel, higher dimensional spirit guides or a member of your soul group. State the purpose of your meditation and ask for answers for your question and guidance from them.

When you have finished the meditation imagine the beam of white light slowly dissipating back into the Universe until your next meditation through the Soul Star Chakra.

Links to: emotional and mental well-being. spinal column alignment, circulation of fluids improvement, psychic and immune systems, unclumps red blood cells, brain, throat, prana improvement, adrenal glands, yin yang energy, thymus