Almond & Yarrow CLEARWATER

Almond & Yarrow Clearwater
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Almond and Yarrow Clearwater Contains: Almond, Wild Garlic, Holy Thorn, Hyssop, Lotus, Rose, Yarrow, Black Tourmaline, Halite (Rock Salt), Herkimer Diamond, Peridot, Petalite, Shungite, Smoky Quartz flower and gem essences.
This combination of flower and gem essences is specifically for those people suffering from the after-effects of an environmental disaster.
The European Union does not allow essence makers living within its member countries to make claims for medical cures with essences. However, those essence manufacturers from countries not under the jurisdiction of the EU, such as Australia, the USA and Cuba for instance, can claim and prove that their essences alleviate and offer protection from negative environmental influences, such as Radioactive pollution of the atmosphere.Almond blossom essence is said to strengthen the etheric sheath around the body says the author Gurudas, and he also states that this tree was developed by the Atlanteans to protect against radioactive pollution, arising from advanced technology systems. It may be helpful to plant Almond trees in areas with higher than average radiation levels. Gaia Essences does not make any claim to heal physical illnesses arising from nuclear radiation pollution. But Gurudas did write in his Flower and Gem Essence books, before the EU ruling was put in place, that Yarrow flower essence and Smoky Quartz essences offer protection against radiation. Smoky Quartz also cleanses the aura. On a subtle level, radiation affects the crown, third eye and throat chakras the most. Lotus works to balance the interaction between the elements of air and water, acting as a bridge between the multiple levels of energy. Lotus essence helps to balance the crown chakra’s interaction on an energetic level with all the other chakras, to release toxicity and bring them back into a state of harmony. Through their research, Dr. Atul and Dr. Rupa Shah have found that Lotus essence also helps to transform the non-physical DNA or "epigenetic" template, which has previously been damaged by trauma and extreme emotional experiences. Black Tourmaline, Petalite and Peridot strengthen the emotional body and alleviate anxiety, excessive worry, disorientation and stress, caused by adrenal overload. Peridot also instils an inner sense of warmth and well-being. Herkimer Diamond eases stress and tension, and cleanses the subtle bodies of the effects that environmental pollutants have on the emotions and mind. Holy Thorn essence relieves extreme stress and grief, and is said to have wonderful powers of regeneration. The velvety, reddish-pink French Rose essence was made in a natural earth energy vortex, which takes negative energies harmlessly up and out of the crown chakra. Hyssop alleviates tension and guilt, and Halite (rock salt) relieves irritability, misery, melancholy, hysteria and grief. Wild Garlic neutralises fear and paranoia, and also calms anger.
Almond and Clearwater essence links to the lymphatic and endocrine systems, pituitary, pineal, spleen, tissues, liver, heart, red and white corpuscles, thymus and skin.
Directions for use: Depending on the severity of the problem, add around two drops of Clearwater essence to a glass of water, or two to eleven drops of the essence to around 1 - 2 litres of domestic cooking and drinking water, before use. The minimum time the water should be used after adding Clearwater essence to it is approximately 15 minutes, or after 25 minutes if the water is to be heated. Once the essence is added, the water should be used up according to the length of time it normally stays fresh for. A few drops of the essence can also be added to bathwater, or to a facial spritzer or moisturising cream. One to three drops can also be placed under the tongue, or on the crown of the head, for extreme stress, fear and worry.
Masura Emoto has suggested the following prayer for alleviating radioactive pollution of the earth’s waters. As well as adding a few drops of Clearwater essence to your drinking water vessel, you may like to write Emoto’s message on a piece of paper and place it under the water glass or jug for at least half an hour before drinking."The water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, we are sorry to make you suffer. Please forgive us.We thank you and we love you"