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Here are the details of the therapies I offer at Rainbow Therapy in Tiverton, mid Devon. Hours of opening are 
from 11.00am - 8pm, Monday to Friday. To make an appointment please telephone me on 01884 259130 or email me at if you have any queries.

After gaining a BSc. Hons. Degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Exeter, I spent eight years working for Reuters as a Data Analyst. It was during this time that I first became aware of complementary therapies, when I finally found a cure through Health Kinesiology for a serious wheat allergy. In 1995 I began learning Reflexology, Crystal Therapy and Aromatherapy, and soon found I had discovered my true vocation. I became a full time professional therapist in 1998 working in Axminster, Exeter and Tiverton. Then I spent over nine years as a therapist in Barnstaple, and opened my own successful Violet FlameTherapy Centre, I finally ended the daily two hour commute and traffic jams when the Barnstaple council pedestrianised the road I worked on. I now work at a more relaxed pace in my home town of Tiverton. Since 1995 I have added considerably to my qualifications, which are listed below.

Gift vouchers may be purchased by sending a cheque of the appropriate amount, with your address details and phone number, to C. Welchman at Rainbow Therapy, 28 Glebelands Road, Tiverton, Devon EX16 4EB. All the treatment sessions last an hour, except where otherwise stated.

Aromatherapy massage
Please note I specialise in aromatherapy/massage for healing and remedial purposes only. I do not offer massage for sensual pleasure, or massage of the buttocks, under the armpits or any erogenous zones.

This is a moderately firm massage, which includes massage of the back, shoulders, neck, legs, arms, stomach, hands and feet, with a wide range of healing aromatic essential oils to choose from. In 1996 I gained the top grade of the class in the I.T.E.C. aromatherapy qualification. Following that qualification I completed extra remedial massage training with the Stewart Mitchell School of Complementary Therapies in Exeter, Fragrant Earth in Glastonbury and with a Cornish massage school, near Penzance. That training has allowed me to offer remedial massage for sore or pulled muscles, back ache and sports injuries. I frequently offer a combination of back, shoulders or leg massage with Bowen therapy for the runners and fitness practitioners in my local area.
Fee - £30.00 per hour.

"I feel so much better and more confident in myself now" - Tiverton runner.

" I feel like I'm floating on air now ... no pain at all" - A public comment made on Facebook, following a combined session of massage and Bowen - Tiverton running trainer.

Bowen Therapy
This is a gentle alternative to Chiropractic and Osteopathy. Fingers and thumbs are rolled lightly over muscles through light clothing, to alleviate muscle tension and pain in the back, neck, legs or arms. It is very effective at alleviating "frozen shoulder", tennis elbow and knee and ankle problems. Qualification gained with Julian Baker at Bowtech UK, and then also with Michael Nixon-Livy in his Neurostructural Integration Bowen technique. £30.00 per hour. (£55.00 in total for the first two treatments, which are taken one week apart).

Maybe you've never heard of Bowen therapy. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try it. It's a very gentle treatment, but it has a powerful effect. I have straightened out spine problems, adjusted lopsided hips, fixed frozen shoulders, cleared away sciatica and relieved runners problems - including Achilles tendon, IT band and calf pain, hamstring injuries, shin splints and plantar fasciatis. If you've injured yourself or are in pain, just check out the testimonials below, which are a small selection of comments from happy, pain-free clients.

"Cathie Welchman my Achilles is 100% better.... you did the job, thank you x x x x" - A public comment on Facebook - Running Instructor, Tiverton, Devon

"My back sends you it's thanks for taking such good care of it! I'm feeling younger!" - comment by Tiverton resident following massage/Bowen treatment.

Go see Cathie Welchman. She is amazing with Achilles - keeps me running. Just been to see her and she described my legs as 'pistons' that never stop working or let me down, that's because I see Cathie Welchman every 2 weeks! Go see her! - This comment was a public recommendation from this lady on a public Facebook Page. Pilates, Running, and Zumba instructor in Tiverton, Devon.

I Second that!! Cathie got me running again!! She's sooo good x - M., Tiverton Ladies Running group member.

"Wonderful, wonderful lady! You're the best at fixing any sports injuries, such as sprained ankles and pulled hamstrings - A public Facebook page comment from a Pilates, Zumba, Kettlercise trainer and cross country runner.

"I found Bowen fantastic!" - H.J., Tiverton.

Woooohooo!!! I have a diagnosis!!!! I'm not imagining it... I have posterior shin splint, which, thanks to some wonderful work by Cathie Welchman is almost better, look out trainers, you're back in business as of next week (albeit nice and gently...) x - M., Tiverton ladies group runner.

"Thank- you . Fab!" - J. freelance journalist for a national daily newspaper, during a Children in Need Well-Woman Charity day)

"I feel FANTASTIC after this morning!!!! Thank you x x x" - Comment on a public Facebook page by Pilates instructor, Tiverton.

"I can NOT stop coughing and it is driving me insane....however, went to see the magical Cathie Welchman yesterday for her healing massage and Bowen, and today....BINGO! I am feeling much better and have me sights on running the Dalwood 3 Hills Challenge." - Comment on a public Facebook page by a runnng instructor, Tiverton.

"Thanks again for today, once again you gave me fantastic advice! You're amazing! I'm feeling wonderfully relaxed and have NO back pain at all, already!!" - JK, Tiverton

Crystal Therapy
Crystals have a therapeutic effect on the body’s electromagnetic energy, which governs brain waves, muscular tone, circulation and emotional balance. Gemstones are placed on and around the body in a specific pattern to alleviate emotional and psychological imbalances, pain, hyperactivity, insomnia, depression, bereavement or toxicity. Crystal Therapy and Anatomy and Physiology Certificates gained with Sue and Simon Lilly at the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapy. £30.00 per hour.

Health Kinesiology/ Allergy Testing
Health Kinesiology combines muscle testing with holding and balancing points on specific meridians, to bring relief from a wide range of health problems, such as allergies, asthma, hyperactivity, IBS, fertility problems and other emotional and psychological imbalances. Health Kinesiology is best known in the profession for testing and ridding up to 70% of all known allergies. Qualification gained with Jane Thurnell Read in Health Kinesiology and Touch for Health.
£38.00 per hour and a half.

"I don't completely understand what you do, but I seem to go off into a kind of dream state for a bit, whilst you're doing the healing. ...I feel better already." Comment by S. V. Tiverton, on receiving a Health Kinesiology allergy correction for respiratory problems.

Hypnotherapy helps to dispel many psychological problems such as phobias, and also addictions such as nail biting or smoking, exam nerves and self-confidence issues, etc. Hypnotherapy is generally more successful than counselling, as the gentle trance techniques used to change the brain waves from beta to alpha put the mind into a relaxed state, which is much more receptive to the acceptance of therapeutic suggestions. I specialise in releasing stuck childhood belief patterns instigated though mental, emotional and physical abuse, and also in weight loss stemming from emotional , but not physical - such as Diabetes - or drug prescription related causes. Weight loss and releasing childhood emotional trauma is combined with one or more one and a half hour sessions of Health Kinesiology. Contact Cathie for details. Qualification gained in hypnosis and hypnotherapy with Wilf Proudfoot at the Proudfoot School of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, Scarborough.
£70.00 in total for two sessions, lasting one and a half hours per session. Further single sessions are £40 per one and a half hour session.

Past Life and Regression Hypnotherapy/Quantum Healing.
My training in Advanced Past Life Regression Therapy and Quantum Healing was was completed with Dolores Cannon in in 2010. Her special techniques are used to resolve problems that arise from childhood and past lives, and also to alleviate trauma, sexual abuse, phobias or soul loss. They can also be used for inner child healing or research into past experiences in the current or a previous lifetime. Clients are asked to bring a set of up to 10 personal issues that they need help with to solve, and during the session their subconscious is asked to provide answers and initiate any healing needed in the current lifetime, arising from the past life they have experienced in their session. Clients are helped to remember the details of their experience, but their sessions can also be taped if they require a record of it. 
The fee is £68.00 for a two hour and a half hour+ session.
Please call me on 01884 259130 if you require further information
Testimony from a grateful client - "Thank you so much - you've made my day - in fact you've made my lifetime!" - G. D. G., Winscombe, Somerset.

Indian Head Massage
This is a delightfully vigorous massage over the shoulders, neck and head, and finishing with a more gentle massage on the face. It relieves muscular aches and pain, tension, headaches, insomnia and sinusitis. It is carried out on a chair, over clothing and without oil. An extra scalp massage with oils is offered at the end of the treatment if requested. Qualification gained with Narendra Mehta, the originator of the Indian Head Massage technique in this country, at the London Centre of Indian Champissage.
£18.00 per half hour, or £22.00 to include an extra scalp massage with oils.


Precision Reflexology is a soothing massage with the thumbs of specific points on the feet, which equate to body parts, circulatory systems and organs. It helps to alleviate high blood pressure, arthritis, tension, insomnia, anxiety, circulation problems, IBS and infertility problems. Certificate of the Association of Reflexologists gained with Heidi Keep in Kingsteignton.
£30.00 per hour

Usui and Karuna Reiki
Reiki is a gentle, holistic Japanese hands on healing technique, where universal healing energy is directed through the practitioners hands into the client. It alleviates anxiety, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, depression, heartache or illness. It also relieves inflammation and helps to speed up post-surgery healing. Usui and Karuna Reiki master qualifications gained with Allan Sweeney and William Lee Rand.
£30.00 per hour.