THE HATHORS (Sacred Space Essence)

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THE HATHORS (Sacred Space Essence)THE HATHORS ESSENCE (Joy Bringers) (Sacred Space Essence)

This Hathors essence contains a programmed Hathors crystal essence from Dendera temple in Egypt, together with Green and Pink Aventurines, Blue Chalcedony, Cherry Opal, Citrine, Peridot, Pink Danburite, Seraphinite, Sunstone and Green Tourmaline gem essences and a Dorothy Perkins rambler rose flower essence.
Keywords: Light heartedness, smiling, laughter, fun, joy of living, grace, goodwill, gratitude, optimism, warming, positive attitude, heart-soothing, emotional recovery, goodwill, generosity, self-love. Dispels melancholy, gloom, misery, grief, desperation, heartache. Releases emotional baggage.
About the Hathors
The Hathors are an extraterrestrial, fourth dimension race of beings. They travelled through the Sirius star portal in ancient times and settled on Venus and Marduk. Channelling reveals that on one of their visits to Earth they came to help the Egyptian civilisation around the time of Ahmose, the first pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty. At this time, between 1550 - 1500 BCE, the Egyptian and Hyksos settlements in the Nile delta had been buried in a blizzard of ash and pumice from the eruption of the Santorini volcano in the Mediterranean. Much of the rest of Egypt experienced a giant tidal wave, heavy rain and floods, resulting in a catastrophic loss of life. The Hathors created third dimension bodies for themselves and brought highly nutritious, hydroponically grown food (manna) from their crafts to feed the survivors. They also bought animals, foods and seeds from other lands that were not affected by the ash cloud, such as Ethiopia. The Hathors taught those who would become the future priestesses how to stimulate the essential qualities of the Goddess Hathor. The Goddess Hathor offers grace (selfless service without the expectation of repayment) to stimulate the frequencies of love, gratitude and joie de vivre within human hearts. The Hathors came to restore joy and enhance intuitive skills needed for survival, through singing, making music, dancing, toning, monatomic gold powder, chakra balancing, subtle body balancing and other intuitive healing methods. They taught the females how to promote love and enjoyment of life. They instilled determination and resourcefulness in them and taught them advanced midwifery and healing skills They taught them how to overcome grief and trauma, and to how to heal mental, emotional and physical imbalances. The Hathors came to restore civilisation. They taught the men how to survive using intuitive skills to hunt for food, how to find suitable land for crop growing, how to call in rain, and how to write with a new form of simplified pictograph hieroglyphs, so that they could record these methods and techniques for future generations. Food crops such as millet underwent genetic modification to increase the yield. The Atlanteans and the Egyptians had kept wild animals such as lions and cheetahs as pets in earlier times, but later on some genetic modification was carried out on wild cats and other creatures by earlier extraterrestial visitors, to make them more suitable for domestication. The Hathors encouraged further modification and breeding of these domestic cats to create a very much smaller creature, more suited for the much needed companionship role in those times of scarcity and loss. The symbol of the Hathors became the "Bennu bird" or the phoenix, which rose again from the ashes, after it was thought to have died. It is believed that most Egyptian temples, at least all of those dedicated to goddesses, would have originally had a side temple dedicated to Hathor, where the knowledge gained from the Hathors could be taught and applied. Each of the Hathor temples had had a birthing chamber above ground and an initiation chamber below ground. Some temples, like Dendera in upper Egypt, which is where the essence for this Hathors essence originated, also had a healing pool as well. The goddess Hathor is is associated with childbirth, due to her function as a goddess of water and the breaking of the amniotic sac at the moment of birth. Most of the statues and carvings made by the Egyptians show the Hathors with enigmatic life-like smiles. The Hathors say that gently turning up the corners of one’s mouth has a beneficial psychological effect upon one’s feeling of well-being. They had a little saying too. They taught the children who survived the cataclysm at that time to say "Little smiles every day makes the pain go away."
What to use the Hathors Essence for
The Hathors essence is designed to create a light-hearted and uplifting effect upon the emotions and nervous system. It opens the heart chakra to instil feelings of optimism, enthusiasm, courage, joy, gratitude, stability and zest for life. It cleanses and balances the etheric, emotional and mental subtle bodies, to dispel gloom, dark moods, desperation, melancholy and fearfulness. It discourages apathy, self-destructive tendencies and victim mentality as it absorbs, transforms and dissipates negative thoughts and emotions, and dispels bad dreams. The Hathors essence promotes an understanding of the need to create of a harmonious balance between work and leisure time to create a full and true enjoyment of life. The essence cleanses the chakras to dispel touchiness, grudges and resentment. It promotes success, fun, laughter, love, good will and benevolence. It counters fear of change and helps one to overcome thorny problems with fortitude, but with no unnecessary drama. It discourages one from making life more difficult or complicated for oneself or others. It promotes clarity and resourcefulness when making decisions, and it deters one from expecting the worst outcome.
The Hathors "essence links to the adrenal glands, amygdala, cartilage, cholesterol, red/white blood cells, bone marrow, circulation, ductless glands, endocrine system, eyes, gall-stones, heart tissue, iron, liver, lymph, menopause, menstruation, mucus membranes, muscle tension, pineal gland, prana/chi flow, nervous system, radiation, S.A.D., sinuses, spine, spleen, thyroid, thymus and vitamins, A, C , E and K.
Directions for Use
A few drops of The Hathors essence can be taken under the tongue or added to a glass of water to drink. Dowse or muscle test to find out how many drops and doses per day should be taken, and for the length of time the essence should be taken for. A drop or two of the essence can also be put on the crown chakra on the top of the head and/or on the heart chakra. You can also rub a few essence drops into the middle of the soles of your feet. Try placing the index finger gently above the middle of the top lip and the thumb gently below the middle of the bottom lip, immediately after you have taken the Hathors essence. And then smile for an immediate uplifting effect!