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Country UK


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My name is Cathie. I research, locate and make all the essences on this Gaia Essences site. Over the many years I have been making essences my husband, Goff, has taken me on trips to Hawaii, France, Egypt and various UK places to source the flower and gems I need to make essences.

My introduction to essences began after I had succeeded in gaining a Biological Sciences university degree as a mature student. Due to having no appropriate A levels, the stress of the degree course had most probably led to a severe wheat allergy. But a scuba diving friend introduced me to a Health Kinesiolgist. She cured my allergy, and a little later I joined her two year crystal therapy certification course, part of which included a section on flower essences. At the time I was in a full time job collating professional information on drugs and chemicals for a local company. Fortunately I could work flexi-time. So, becoming increasingly interested in complementary therapy, I trained and qualified in massage/aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Shamanism, Hynotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, and Health Kinesiology as well as in Essences and Crystal Therapy and then finally in Bowen Therapy. I was able do my training practice and case studies, with permission, on staff members in my lunch hours. The training took me around 10 years in all. During that time I began travelling round to MBS shows all over the UK at week-ends, with Goff selling angel goods, essential oils and my essences, and me offering Reiki, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage treatments I also taught Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Crystal therapy after I gained an Adult Education Teachers' Training Certificate, After leaving my full time job, which by then had become part-time, I finally got to set up my own therapy centre in Barnstaple from 2000 to around 2008, and very much enjoyed working there until rising costs made the business unsubstainable. I caried on offering therapy treatments in Devon, but I also was able to attend esoteric talks and workshops given by other essence makers, and on meditation, mediumship, astrology, dowsing and meeting Ascended Masters etc. Until that time I didn't have a fully operational website to sell my essences on. I just did a lot of talks and slide shows on my travels across the World to find flower and gem essences, whilst continuing to sell my essences at therapy workshops, essence gatherings and MBS fairs. A few years later, as my essences grew in number I set up a proper website, and nowadays I enjoy creating essences to solve and alleviate certain situations as they arise, using scientific, esoteric, dowsing, internet and book research and linking up with higher dimension guides when necessary.


Click on the search button at the very top of the home page to find an essence that matches your needs.  Match your emotional/mental state to an essence(s) that fits your problem. There is also a "links to" section at the bottom of many of the essences listed on this site. In the "links to" section there is a list of body parts/imblances, but these just serve as a guide to emotional and mental imbalances, and are not meant to suggest that essences can cure physical imbalances.  There is a "guide to Products" at the top of Gaia Essences home page, and I do send out a general guide to essence use with each order. I offer brief advice on choosing a suitable essence, but  I do not offer free consultations by phone or email, or specifically test for how many drops a client should take. 

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