Lily Essences

ATTRACTION (Lily and gem essence)
£ 7.35
ATTRACTION - Kaffir Lily (Schizostylis coccinea) and Copper gem essence

Keyword: Magnetic personality.

Associated with imbalances of the base and sacral chakras. Essence helps to fill one with self-confidence. Boosts your message when you need guidance and help from partners, friends, guides, children, relatives, work colleagues or customers. It is helpful to make up an affirmation when you take this essence, so that the universe and your higher self are clear about what you want help with - e.g. "I draw in the person(s) I need for Ö.. purpose." Say the affirmation three times with each dose for as long as you need the essence.

Links to electrical impulses, geomagnetic radiation, left-right brain, red corpuscles and iron.
CASANOVA (Lily and Gem Essence)
£ 7.35
CASANOVA - Arum Lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) and Fire Opal gem essence

Keywords: Sexuality, sensuality, passion, fertility.

Associated with imbalances of the sacral chakra. Harmonises emotional and physical relationships and leads to acceptance of oneís natural sexual desires. Instils respect for loved ones. Helps one move on from rape, sexual abuse, sexual hang-ups and marital discord. Heals the emotional trauma of miscarriage, abortion, hysterectomy or not being able to conceive.
(N.B. If taking this essence to normalize libido, after having ascertained the amount of drops needed per dosage, take one dosage shortly, say for example half an hour before required. Repeat the dosage each time it is required to normalize libido.)
(Angina, blood pressure problems and medication for high blood pressure may limit one's ability to achieve an erection, so this essence is not designed to help anyone specifically suffering from these particular problems.)

Links to libido, reproductive hormones, womb, ovaries, prostate, orgasm, ejaculation.
DESTINY (Lily and Gem Essence)
£ 7.35
DESTINY - Day Lily (Hemerocalis) and Garnet gem essence

Keywords: Decisiveness, order, clarity. Associated with imbalances of the base, sacral and crown chakras.

Essence helps you to use intuition so that youíre in the right place at the right time. Aids in seeing the whole picture or divine plan. Changes indecision into decisiveness. Helps astrologers to decipher the effect of planetary cycles and patterns.

Links to karmic cycles, death and re-birth, general cycles, coincidences, atoms, electrons, lipids, weather.
EQUILIBRIUM (Lily and Gem Essence)
£ 7.35
EQUILIBRIUM - Water lily (Nymphaea) and Sugilite gem essence

Keywords: Balance, understanding.Associated with imbalances of the base and crown chakras.

Essence calms, grounds and centres. Initiates a feeling of "Iím OK, youíre OK". Brings a sense of balance to addictive personality types. Helps "flower-power" type people adjust safely to the heavy energies of living on the earth planet. Helps those who "donít want to be here" to adjust to the loss of "Nirvanha". Mends holes in auras and leaks in subtle energy bodies. Relieves painful shyness. Balances over-sensitivity to external negativity.

Links to depression, drug abuse, cravings, smoking.
GETTING CONNECTED (Lily and Gem Essence)
£ 7.35
GETTING CONNECTED - African Lily (Agapanthus) and Turquoise gem essence

Keywords: Inner strength, filling the void.

Associated with imbalances of the solar plexus, heart and throat chakras. Calms those who live their lives in unwarranted fear of what may happen to them. Helps to release unconscious fears, phobias and tension. Releases fear of being alone. Helps those who even in company feel alone and empty inside, to reconnect to their inner child. Strengthens the link between the physical body and higher levels. Helpful in craniosacral work.

Links to craniosacral fluid, circulatory flows in the brain, oxygen.
MEDICINE WOMAN (Lily and Gem Essence)
£ 7.35
MEDICINE WOMAN - Canna Lily and Aquamarine gem essence

Keywords: Healing the soul, intuition, instinct.

Associated with imbalances of the base, solar plexus, heart and throat chakras. Inspires confidence and awareness of your instinctive healing skills. Boosts conscious understanding about which healing plants, minerals, nutrients and vitamins should be used for personal health. Encourages the desire to be discriminating about what you put in your body. Balances the network between the etheric and the physical body.

Links to immune system, hormones, fertility cycles, menstruation, red and white corpuscles.
RELEASING ENERGY (Lily and Gem Essence)
£ 7.35
RELEASING ENERGY - Lily of the Valley (Convallaria) and Green Jasper gem essence

Keywords: Cleansing, purification, releasing, nurturing, revitalising.

Associated with imbalances of the base, sacral and heart chakras, and the heart meridian. Helps those suffering from spiritual trauma. Promotes spontaneity, and freedom of action. Helpful to those whose lives are dictated by duties, obligations and overcontrol. Emotional tonic. Nurtures carers of long-term sick or disabled loved ones. Essence is for those who constantly desire the unattainable. Brings a sense of wholeness. Centres and grounds, and alleviates emotional extremes. Releases stuck energy and emotional hooks. Stops energy drains. Recommended for use after a healing session.

Links to kundalini energy, dispels bloating, skin disorders, digestive tact, toxicity and inflammation.
THE WISE WARRIOR (Lily and Gem Essence)
£ 7.35
THE WISE WARRIOR - Tiger Lily (Lilium tigrinum) and Amazonite gem essence

Keywords: Feminine wisdom, emotional balance.

Associated with the base, sacral and heart chakras. The Amazonians were the legendary warrior women of South America. This essence helps to balances over-aggression when testosterone levels play a more prominent role and progesterone levels drop in ladies going through the menopause. Essence also dispels apathy and under-aggression, and promotes a "get up and go" attitude. Encourages co-operation with others and dispels irritation. Helps one to keep a clear head when making emotionally charged decisions.

Links to male/female balance, energy, menopause, reproductive hormones, calcium, bones, teeth.
TOTAL CALM (Lily and Gem Essence)
£ 7.35
TOTAL CALM - Plantain Lily (Hosta) and Emerald gem essence

Keywords: Releasing fear, calmness, lethargy.

Associated with imbalances in all chakras. Relieves fright due to injury, especially from puncture wounds. Helps one to sleep after a crisis. Instils courage to cope with a crisis situation. Use before visiting the dentist or having acupuncture. Take by mouth or put a drop or two on the acupuncture points on the inner wrists.

Links to needles, bites, puncture injuries, acupuncture, foreign bodies, vomiting, adrenaline, haemoglobin.
VISION QUEST (Lily and Gem Essence)
£ 7.35
VISION QUEST - Peruvian Lily (Alstromeria) and Coral gem essence

Keywords: Meditation, focus, memory.
Associated with imbalances of the brow and crown chakras. Helps one to focus on the inner self and releases one from external worries. Improves concentration and memory. Stimulates single-minded pursuit of a pre-determined goal.

Links to mediation, past life work, pain, cholesterol, muscular tension.