Personal Essence Choice combination (2-3 Essences)

Here is the opportunity to choose between two to three essences of your choice, to be combined together in one 15ml bottle.
You may choose your essences from any of the SINGLE essence ranges, including the Bach Flower, English Country Garden, Gem essences, Hawaiian flower essences and the SINGLE Magdalene flower essences.
When you place your order either please type in your essence choices in the shipping note section, or if you prefer, please let me know your choices by email at
Please note that Gaia essences combination essences, such as the Almond and Yarrow Clearwater, Angel Orchid essences/sprays, Blessing essence/spray, the Gem Essence combination essence, Lily Essences, Liquid Light, Miasm essences, Overcoming Blocks to Happiness essences, Pet Essences, Rest Tonight, Magdalene Freedom essence, Liberation cologne, Aura Glow, Aura Shine and The Magdalene Gift Spray, Sacred Place essences, So Beautiful spritzer/spray, Take It Easy, and the Velvet Skin Spritzer should not be included your personal essence combination choices.