WHITE GINGER - (Awaphi ke-oke'o) (Combination) - Integration

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WHITE GINGER - (Awaphi ke-oke'o) (Combination) - IntegrationWHITE GINGER - (Awaphi ke-oke'o) (Combination) - Integration

This White Ginger Hawaiian flower essence combination also includes White Lotus, Yellow Ginger and Thunbergia essences. It encourages the return and harmonious integration of lost soul parts from any lifetime, any realm and any dimension, whether the cause is physical trauma, confusion, genetic manipulation, misalignment, deprivation, emotional or mental abuse, torture, curses or black magic.
The White Lotus essence on its own is now available to order. It's benefit are detailed at the bottom of the Lotus (pink) essence details in this Hawaiian essence range. If you would like to buy this essence please go to the Lotus (pink)flower essence and let me know in the shipping information box or send me an email ( that you would like the White Lotus essence instead.