XB THE MAGDALENE GIFT (15ml Combination Spray)

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XB THE MAGDALENE GIFT (15ml Combination Spray)This is a combination of Freedom flower essence (Blue Gromwell, Calendula, Cistus, Fleur de Valdieu, Globe Rampion, Pink Bindweed, Rose, Rosy Garlic, Spanish Broom and White Peony) in spring water and vodka, with Cistus, Benzoin & Frankincense oils, and Anise, Atlas Cedar, Cinnamon, Cypress, Lime, Myrrh & Sandalwood oils.
Keywords: Channelling, Linking heart and mind, raising spiritual frequencies, far memory, shifting emotional bocks, deprogramming behavioural misinformation, calming nerves, courage, overcoming fear, reintegrating soul fragments.

Please note that this beautiful and warm herbal-fragranced Magdalene Gift spray is for inhaling through the hands, and for anointing various parts of the body, such as the crown chakra, base of the spine and soles of the feet. Designed for healing the mind and balancing the emotions, it is rich in essential oils at a higher concentration than the oil mixes used for massage. Therefore avoid spraying The Magdalene Gift Spray around the face, and avoid all contact with the eyes, mouth or sensitive parts of the body. Do not use on babies or young children, or if you are suffering from skin rashes.

The Magdalene Gift spray is rich in precious Biblical oils, which together with the Freedom essence combination, build a bridge between the heart and mind, to open the door to higher frequencies. We have found through aura photography (see photo in the "About the Gaia Magdalene Flower Essences at the top of this page) that Mary's energy promotes the fuller opening of the pineal gland, to enhance clearer channelling abilities and access to past lives and The Akashic records. I use it for all my channelling sessions and trance work, and on clients before their past life sessions with me. It promotes spiritual growth, far memory, unfettered intuition and unbiased logic. The Magdalene Gift's unique combination of essences and Biblical essential oils releases misinformation and belief patterns that have become in embedded in the behavioural DNA, due to negative personal or ancestal life experiences.This combination removes fear-based programming that has disempowered one with emotional paralysis or apathy. It overcomes victim consciousness, which has built up over lifetimes of persecution. With intention, it also promotes the reintegration of lost soul fragments. The Magdalene’s Gift has a releasing and detoxifying effect on the emotional body, with Benzoin dissolving emotional blockages and Frankincense removing fear-based programming constrictions in the subtle bodies. Cistus (Rose of Sharon) reprogrammes behavioural DNA, promotes cellular regeneration and calms nerves. Cinnamon restores self-confidence and instils the courage to create the changes one needs in life. Atlas Cedar and Sandalwood oxygenate the cells, promoting mental clarity and de-programming cellular misinformation. Cypress promotes feelings of security, and overcomes fear of threats to survival. Myrrh has a positive effect on the amygdala, promoting a feeling of well-being, as well as reprogramming the cellular memory, to keep one balanced in mind and body.

Directions for Use:
Put a little of this powerful spray on your hands. Rub your hands together and inhale deeply through your hands. Then pass your hands over your aura three times. Repeat twice daily for 28 days. This spray can also be used for anointing non-sensitive parts of the body, such as the soles of the feet, but because it contains a stronger amount of essential oils than is used for massage, avoid using it on body parts that are likely to be sensitive or easily irritated. If any irritation occurs apply any vegetable oil to dilute the spray first, and then wash off with soap and water.