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Aura Cleanse and Seal Angel Spray is our number one best seller in this range. It is highly effective in protecting and sealing your aura and personal space from undesirable energies, thought forms and emotional garbage emanating from others. Zadkiel works through the Violet Ray (crown chakra) together with St. Germain, to bring mercy, and instigate freedom and transformation. He specialises in alchemy, ritual and sacred geometry. In the Old Testament Zadkiel was said to be the Archangel who held back the hand of Abraham, to prevent him from sacrificing his son. Spray a little Aura Cleanse and Seal on one hand, rub your hands together and breathe through your cupped hands three times, before sweeping your hands through your aura. For general use and when working in environments such as prisons, hospitals, care homes, or rehabilitation centres, use once or twice a day when needed, upon rising and/or at bedtime. You can also use this spray on yourself and on clients before and after therapy treatments to safely seal the aura. It combines the uplifting aromas of Grapefruit, Violet, Spearmint and Frankincense oils, together with Purple Wanda, Dendrobium and Zygopetalum orchid essences, to cleanse, seal, and protect the aura. Blue Chalcedony essence closes up auric holes formed through trauma, surgery, drugs, alcohol or negative intention. Obsidian and Black Tourmaline gem essences remove subtle attachments, hooks and cords. They also purify, protect and strengthen one’s subtle energy bodies.

Please look in the "Testimonials" section at the top  of the Home Page, to see photo proof of the beneficial effects of using Gaia Aura Cleanse and Seal spray.